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  1. Wizzard

    Any pelican case builds/mods?

    I thought about the same thing, to make a durable ad portable system. My one shared idea is to keep the system SEALED from the outside - It's easy to build the system such that all ports are accessible at the top surface and ventlation is sufficient, once the case is open. Breaking the seal and...
  2. Wizzard

    Cutting out IO ports in the back of case

    Why not just have a custom CNC milled replacement slot cover - 3 slots wide, 3 ports on each slot, with a single fold for mounting just as those single-slot covers do?
  3. Wizzard

    Ncase M1 or Zotac EN908 SE or MSI Vorte

    SN970 / EN970 would be my recommendation - Save some money. You don't seem to require as much performance as those VERY expensive units deliver. But, with that budget, save up for the Zotac 10-series, being released soon. ZOTAC's new Mini PC feature GeForce GTX 10 series GPUs
  4. Wizzard

    DARPA Wants A New Anti-Drone Weapon By 2020

    Actually, just flinging kevlar (or even biodegradable) string at them will take them down. I don't see why people need complex solutions when simple ones will suffice.
  5. Wizzard

    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    X99 can do ~20GB/sec bandwidth with good DDR4 dual-channel, going by my recent Memtestx86+ testing mishap. 1 DIMM DDR4-3333 17500MB/s 2 DIMM DDR4-3333 19500MB/s 3 DIMM DDR4-3333 21000MB/s 4 DIMM DDR4-3333 22500MB/s
  6. Wizzard

    Micro, battery-powered AC.... Might be fun!!

    Track Drew That's with the battery pack, which is ~12v 12A capable for some number of hours - It's a beefy pack with a beefy charger. But I don't disagree - I'm eyeballing the $500 price point for the unit without the battery.
  7. Wizzard

    Micro, battery-powered AC.... Might be fun!!

    Ocellaris It's possible, but many Kickstarters have gone through without a hitch. I don't let a few bad eggs spoil it for the masses.
  8. Wizzard

    Micro, battery-powered AC.... Might be fun!!

    I'm not affiliated with or selling this KS, but I might support it. Might be VERY fun as a chiller, these micro rotary units are very effective - I don't know what model it's using, but it does say it's a scroll compressor with R134a and 150W rated. It also runs on 12V.
  9. Wizzard

    Zotac EN10 Series Mini PCs Announced

    No prob, I'll likely post about it :) I have an aluminum waterblock from an MXM rig, I have been considering going that direction as well. Just for fun :) I think (but have not measured) the processor heatsink mount is also standard square for the socket... I could almost go with one BIG fan...
  10. Wizzard

    Zotac EN10 Series Mini PCs Announced

    I only purchased my SN970 for it's fully socketed build - I've swapped out the i5-6400T for an i7-6700T, swapped out the memory for 8GB of PC3L-2133 and slapped some AS5 on the 970m (GTX960 lol) , but I may upgrade it further if I can get my hands on a 980M (not N 980) or an N 1070, sometime...
  11. Wizzard

    Zotac EN10 Series Mini PCs Announced

    Ah dang it, I just got situated and upgraded my SN970!
  12. Wizzard

    Too bad Intel forced mobo makers to recall bclk bios's for non k processors. Still have my bios

    I think Asrock was the only company *daring* enough to keep the BCLK o/c BIOS.
  13. Wizzard

    Tiny loop!

    It's a dual 40mm (an 80mm radiator is a completely different thing... Poor naming conventions!) and they are actually great - The noise is the problem, and without a proper res, going warmer than normal (high of 60*C) causes some expansion of the working fluid.
  14. Wizzard

    Tiny loop!

    i7-2920XM processor, not overclocked (stupid industrial embedded board) 8GB Kingston DDR3-1600 EVGA 750TI OC PicoPSU 120W with a pair of RAM heatsinks on the backside Dual 40MM Rad with dual 40MM server-grade fans (and yes, in synthetics they wake the dead. Idle it's quiet enough, gaming...
  15. Wizzard

    Tiny loop!

    You guys and your "tiny loops".
  16. Wizzard

    command&conquer red alert

    Check out MiniRA (you'll have to find it in a torrent), it's a full portable installer for RA with all packs, minus the cutscenes, and is only a few MB.
  17. Wizzard

    The Superbook - $99 laptop powered by your Android device!

    I signed up for one. I've got 1 successful CF under my belt (IR Blue Thermal Imager), but 2 unsuccessful ones - One underdelivered (Powerup 3.0 RC Paper Airplane), and one vaporware (Robot Dragonfly).
  18. Wizzard

    Fixing Dead Pixels On Your PC Monitor Or Smartphone

    I've fixed dead pixel on laptop displays with massage - IMHO I believe it was because laptop displays are much thinner than desktop displays, and of course phones have protective glass over the front. It's far from 100% effective, but I'll always give it a shot.
  19. Wizzard

    how long has your monitor lasted you?

    My main work monitor (PRO-series 22" CRT) is vintage - 2002! SInce I acquired it in 2007-2008, it's been working at least 40 hours a week with me.
  20. Wizzard

    "Ooops" moment broke SATA data connector off SSD - Fixable?

    Pay a professional to do it - A capable "mom and pop" shop should be able to fix it for less than $100. Don't attempt it yourself if you want your data back - It's do or do not, trying and failing can make it much worse.
  21. Wizzard

    Project Orthrus - Smallest SLI mATX case (V2)

    Lack of a res in a DIY AIO system is a problem because, as the system heats up, the working fluid wants to expand - Less than perfect seals and joints will weep; this cycle can deplete enough of the working fluid to cause failure. Also, the radiator introduces more thermal mass to the cooler.
  22. Wizzard

    Help me finish my idea of 20l case

    For 4 DIMMs, more board options, better cooling / layout, more socket options (How many X99 ITX are there?) and even SFF (2-slot, 2 cards) SLI (which isn't possible on most ITX boards).
  23. Wizzard

    Help me finish my idea of 20l case

    SFX power supply could fit right over the lower, disused PCIe slots. That'd save you quite a bit of space.
  24. Wizzard

    Is it possible to get a Windows 10 upgrade key without actually upgrading?

    Clone your system to an external drive, as an image. Upgrade to 10. Restore the image. Voila.
  25. Wizzard

    Project Orthrus - Smallest SLI mATX case (V2)

    jjsyht - That would require a totally different case from this concept / design, but would be really nice. I'm a huge fan of ITX and single, normal length GPU. This existing design, although larger than your ITX idea, can still fit an ITX board with any length GPU.
  26. Wizzard

    Project Orthrus - Smallest SLI mATX case (V2)

    Love it! Unsolicited feedback: You may have even saved a bit more space putting the PSU flat above the PCIe slots, and lowering the height of the case. Would also lead to shorter runs for the ATX cable. Does it also need all those fans in the front? May have been good space for a dual/triple...
  27. Wizzard

    You Have 7 Days To Kill Gary Busey In Hitman

    You have to locate and kill Matt Damon. Then you find out, after your target is dead, you ARE Matt Damon.
  28. Wizzard

    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    I've got it! Install on a IDE/SATA industrial SSD, with the SLOWEST throughput available - I think one can get them on Ebay with something like 10MB/s throughput. It'd take hours just to transfer the 15-20GB Win10 requires, if they short-cut the process and installed on a faster drive to clone...
  29. Wizzard

    We need a completely new open form factor (Actually, just a small change)

    I'd love to see 1/2 length PICMIG 1.3 platform take off for SFF units. It's cheap, and modular AF! This is a carrier board with (essentially) PCIe slots as a riser, with the "motherboard" as a single board, and the riser supporting a number of PCIe slots. Could also interface with m.2 / mPCIe /...
  30. Wizzard

    Nano buster incoming

    I can't wait for the custom waterbocks for this. I'm going to go all out on my build.
  31. Wizzard

    Cooling solution for an inconveniently located GPU in SFF case?

    Install a 60MM fan with some holey 1/2 slot covers, and REVERSE THE CPU FAN. Suck air in the back, shoot it out the front. You'll have bad case pressurization (negative)... BUT you won't be dumping the processor's air into the case for the video card to choke on.
  32. Wizzard

    Interesting Optiplex 7040 deal on Ebay

    Store_wolf had then for less than $600. I was hoping for the i7-6700t variant, which they showed in the mATX-sized box. No such luck, ended up having to cancel purchase.
  33. Wizzard

    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    cirthix - Let me know if you need another tester. I'll disassemble my screen in a heartbeat towards a 4k60p goal. I only use it with PC, so HDMI/DP/DVI without audio/onscreenOSD/USB anything goes. I'm also a repair tech with good electrical background (as I'm sure many here are). I'm 100% on...
  34. Wizzard

    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    Is this work of any use to the owner of the 70" with the V-by-one 16-lane interface? I'd love to run higher than 4k30 and 1440p60.
  35. Wizzard

    blurry text anyone seen this?

    Plug it into another LCD and see if it does the same thing.
  36. Wizzard

    How to start a SFF pc building business?

    Why not specialize in SFF PCs, but build anything your customers want? SFF alone is too small a market, even if you have a unique and special product.
  37. Wizzard

    Asus 4k @ 144hz at Computex

    Is everybody overlooking the productivity increase a 4K screen offers at any reasonable refresh rate, and then using the onboard / GPU-based scaler to run 1440p/144 or 1080p/144 when one wants to game?? It's 4k and 144Hz capable, but one isn't being forced to use both at the same time.
  38. Wizzard

    Thin Fan Mod (Cooler Master XtraFlo 120mm)

    Nice mod! I have a system using an even thinner 92mm fan - Hadn't looked at options for a while, your mod makes me consider upgrading!
  39. Wizzard

    The Evolution Of 'Alien' Video Games

    Never even knew of the DS Aliens game. I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday!