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    Recommend a 40-50" monitor for a software developer

    I'm currently using two 24" 1200p montors (HP ZR24w's). The main monitor is in landscape mode and the other is in portrait mode (which works well displaying large text files, and wide tables), plus a 19" for communication and media. I've had the setup for five years now! I was waiting for OLED...
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    RX 480 won't boot!

    Hi, my rx 480 arrived today, but... when I plug it in, no screen(s) turn on and there's no beep codes. The fans spin, but they do not spin right up (which normally happens when I reset the machine). I've tried re-seating it in a known good slot, with different power cables. I have a 700w Ocz...
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    Is COD Black Ops 3 PC worth buying?

    The game videos look quite good, the fast pace and jumping reminds me of Quake3. I've heard the game is buggy on the PC, how bad is it and is the game worth getting? (It's on offer) I'm more interested in the multiplayer mode, rather than single player.
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    Is the Nexus 6 still worth getting?

    I've just seen the price reductions for the Nexus 6 64gb, £310 (the 64gb Nexus 6P is £500). I've had a look at both on my screen side by side and the old version is just a few mm wider (same height, due to the 6P having wider bezels top and bottom). Both are quite a big size increase from my...
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    Xeon D's

    I came across these by accident when reading a comparison with Xeon E3 v4 chips from Anandtach. Xeon D-1540: 8x 2.0Ghz (16 with HT and 2.6Ghz speed boost). 12mb of cache. Support for up to 128GB of ECC RAM (4 slots, 2 channels). 45watts! They do look interesting, especially with 2x...
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    Angular.js: What's the best way to do this?

    I'm currently working on a project, it handles editing lots of different types of items. It has some lists of items on the left-hand pane (currently 4 different lists) and tabs in the centre. Essentially an IDE. Editing some of these items needs to update the list (renaming, creating) or...
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    Cordova & Apple App Store rejection

    Hi, I'm currently working on a mobile app. I'm really liking cordova/ phonegap, it's great being able to write cross platform(ish) code. My question is this, how much can you store on a server (which can be changed in seconds) as opposed to bundling code within the app and posting it off for...
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    Has Moore's Law stalled?

    I was going through some boxes yesterday and found the box and OEM heatsink for my i7 K2700k, it was dated 2010! :eek: I looked at CPU's online and prices have hardly changed and nothing like the performance increase of going from a Q6600 to 2700K. Same goes for GPU's too, STILL haven't...
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    Gaming/ Music headset for £150/ $200

    Hi, I'm playing more FPS's and I could do with more directional sound. My existing system is Audio Engine A2's with onboard (yes, I'm a little a shamed) Realtek ALC892. The number #1 headphones on my list are Sennheiser PC320's, which do seem to be pretty good value, compared to it's more...
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    So we all know that stored procedures equal performance..

    I came across this little gem (over 1000 lines) after a client came to me saying their CMS was running slow. This is the stored procedure to pull the text for each page.:rolleyes: I'll leave it to you guys to find any issues with it, enjoy! USE [POS_CMS_DB] GO /****** Object: StoredProcedure...
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    Wow, I can't believe how much an SSD has degraded after 2 years.

    I just ordered a new SSD (a Vertex4), as they're pretty cheap now and the newer drives are virtually running at the wire speed of SATA3. Just for kicks I benchmarked my existing 240gb Vertex 2 which I brought two years ago (to get a before and after). I'm pretty surprised by how much slower...
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    GPU Throttling?

    Is it possible for FAHControl to limit the GPU utilisation? SMP folding is fine but the GPU folding is killing the performance of Visual Studio (and other tools), so I need to either turn it off or put a limit on it...
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    OK Genmay, I need your help...

    Oops, wrong forum. Please delete. PS: Keep up the good work!
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    Recommend a Full HD laptop, ideally IPS

    I hate laptop shopping. It is soo hard to find one with a decent screen. I went into a large retailer earlier and the sales assistant was useless (but she did have a nice arse), she didn't know what HD was (not that 1366 x 768 shit that seems to be everywhere:mad:) and the shop didn't even list...
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    About to buy a HTC Sensation XE, yay or nay?

    As the title says, I about to pull the trigger on this as I have found a pretty good deal and can get this for pretty much next to nothing (24 month for £5 more than I pay now, sim free) and I sure I can work in some cashback too. But before I commit is there anything else out/ in the...
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    Help me get BF3 to work.

    I've emailed EA's ""experts"" on Friday and I chased it again yesterday with more details of the problem, yet still no response. I am getting the error "We're sorry an error has occurred, There is a problem with your games setup. Please reinstall the game." when I try to run the game. There...
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    Great: Artificial shortage/ price fixing coming up.

    If this is anything like what recently happened to DRAM prices this is going to suck, and how is it legal? Fudzilla
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    Recommend some good speakers for music

    As the title says really. I've tried some different 2.1 speakers over the years and haven't been impressed, they just seem to push out loads of bass at the expense of everything else (even a set of throwaway in-ear headphones provide more detail). I was/ am interested in the Corsair SP2500's as...
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    Database is suspect mode but CheckDB reports no errors

    This is a weird one, a client of mine restarted they're server to install some updates. When it booted up their main database was in suspect mode. The strange bit is that when I run CHECKDB (with ALL_ERRORMSGS) I get this: I don't see what is going on here, it's checked out fine but still...
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    Another new mower on our team

    He's shown up in my mirror doing 104k ppd, but he dropped over 400,000 points yesterday:eek: (and 280k today) Welcome Rick5127, go easy on me. PS: I NEED moar hardware!
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    I miss one bigadv and get 6 people on my threat list

    Long story short, I killed a bigadv unit by trying to be cleaver/ lazy, using powershell to end the processes so I could run it again on the computer account that I use for work. It didn't like it, unspecified errors kept showing up in the log and it started to grind to a halt. I tried to...
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    I've been under a rock for 5 years..

    [If you don't won't my life story please skip to the last paragraph] Yes, as the title says. I have been away from pc gaming for quite a while (the last pc game I brought was Half Life 2). I used to be heavily into gaming (I put a deposit down for a voodoo5 6000 lol). Just over 5 years ago, but...
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    Quadcore 'Gulftown' Xeons

    Since Intel doesn't seem to be in a hurry to launch the 32mn quadcore i7's. Is anybody else greatly anticipating these? Hopefully they over-clock easier with better temps, I just hope they really are available on the 16th. Only 10 days to wait...
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    Group Policy: loopback processing

    As the title says im having trouble getting loopback processing to work (on windows08), it (group policy modelling) is applying the computer config but not the user config of the GPO. What I am trying to do is apply some user settings (set the desktop pic) to a group of computers, to do this I...
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    Has ATI gone MAD?

    I done get ATI at there moment, I am sure they hard a boardroom once a week and go "lets release another 4xxx!". I thought MS got carried away with vista, but ATI seem to be unstoppable. Surly releasing some many SKU's isn't doing anybody any favours:- Costing ATI/ AMD loads of money to...
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    0.15v vdrop/ vdroop on a Q6600 and the vid's jumping!

    Hi guys I've just put together a system that consists of a Q6600, It's clocked @ 3ghz effortlessly but it needs 1.45v (let me explain) in the bios, which results in 1.38 in windows (idle) and 1.29v (load). I've seen other accounts if large vdroop cases on the net but nothing as long as this...
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    How do I get this sql to work in Access?

    I'm doing some work in access and it is starting to bug me, what I want to do is display a calculation (from a database) in a text box on a form. What is the best way to do it? I'm comfortable just writing sql, here is what I want to do if that helps:- SELECT sum(pettyCash.Amount) AS...
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    Can't boot after install

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    Can't boot after install

    I'm fixing a computer for a friend of the the family. It slowed right down and there was some crap ware on it (cheers limewire). So I thought I'd format the drive and reinstall windows 2000, sounds simple right? No. After I ran the the first part of the install but then when it comes to...
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    Can't boot, can't install

    I don't know what else to do. I friend of the family phoned said there pc wasn't booting. From what they described if sounded like the hard drive corruption. Tried booting no luck not even safe mode, tried the xp cd, copied the drivers across the froze when it said installing windows. So I...
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    Regex problem

    Hi guys, I'm trying to extract Test Page from Title="Test Page". However its coming out with et Page (cutting the T and the e, notice the e in Page is fine). My assumption is that these letters are being cut because the regex parser (.net) is treating the [^Title=""] as a list of characters...
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    Making a really simply cookie via javascript

    This is really bugging me. All I want to is store a word "test" in a cookie that exists for 6 months. Sounds simple, heres the code. expireDate = new Date expireDate.setMonth(expireDate.getMonth()+6) document.cookie = "Test; expires=" + expireDate.toGMTString()
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    Tape Problems?

    Hi guys, What is the terminology used to describe a tape that has been used in only one drive for a long time frame and is only readable by that same drive? I'm suffering a memory blank. lol
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    IIS Folder security settings

    I’ve a site that needs to log some data to text files. The problem is that I can’t write to the folder. I’m logged on as admin I have read/write enabled for the folder in IIS When I try to un-tick the read-only attribute in NTFS and click ok, it reverts back to read-only What am I missing?
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    (Dell ram prices)

    I'm just buying a pc for a family members business. And I'm looking at the dimension 3000 , looks good, cheap & and a free laser printer. Now I noticed the price shot up quite a bit when all i added was some ran (256 - 512), upgrade to winXp pro (the pc will handle accounts) and Norton AV. I...
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    Is HTML code?

    Here you guys have a blast. And if it is or isnt what about PHP, ASP and Coldfusion? Where is the line between programming languages and markup languages? While were at it, what about SQL?
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    Changing text size of websites

    Hi I'm trying to find an elegent way to resize text using javascript or CSS. I've Googled around and they all seem very ott. All I want to is have two buttons to increase the text and decrease the text, much the same way as in the browser menu (View > Text Size > Increase / decrease). Theres...
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    Whats wrong with this (javascript noob)

    Hi Guy, today is my first day in the wonderful world of javascript. It was going well - its quite easy to pick up. Below is the code I'm trying to get to work but I keep getting an error (tried 3 browsers). Copied it from the text book exactly! office at <A...
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    Cisco CRWS will not load.

    I trying to setup a cisco 97 router, but it keeps hanging on the "loading cisco router web setup please wait..." it was working fine before but i forgot the password so i, tried to clear it by changing the configuration register, then whipping the startup-config and generally playing about with...
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    Point me in the right direction(linux noob)

    Ok I have a spare pc lying around (well a few) and want to install and learn Linux. I have a good knowledge of working with windows and command prompt/dos. In my day job i support applications that run on UNIX, so there are times when i do have to access unix via telnet, so im not a total...