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    I can't boot

    Problem description: The system is unable to find the boot device Attempted fixes: Resetting NVRAM, Resetting PMU, Option Booting, "x" booting Recent changes: Harddrives died, replaced both. System specs: Dual 2Ghz G5 PowerMac Revision 2, 6GB RAM, many graphics cards installed Operating...
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    Exceeding 1M SATA 3.0Gbit/s?

    I'm in a situation where I'm considering using a few cables to make a series about 1.254M long (10in past spec) I can't find anything online where someone has actually experimented with this. Does anyone have any idea what will happen? Is this long enough to cause problems? What sort of...
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    New build, two questions

    I'm building a new computer for myself and I'm a bit confused on a few topics. I'm planning on getting a Q6600 which as I understand it is a 64 bit processor. I was thinking of getting Asus P5W DH deluxe for my motherboard, but I'm a little retarded and can't tell if it supports 64 bit. I went...
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    Is this the right case for me? CM Stacker

    I'm planning out a new NAS box and I'm having a hell of a time finding an appropriate case for it. I need an ATX case with at least 9x5.25" external bays, but the more the better. Some relevant information: I'll be using a couple SATA Hotswap backplanes (Will take 8x5.25" Slots) with at least...
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    Adding two gigantic numbers [C++]

    I have two text files, they all have 0.[alot of numbers]. I need to add these two numbers. I don't have a good idea how to do this. I can think of a way to do it really inefficiently, but it won't do. I was thinking that I could load the files into an array, every 4 or so numbers would be a...
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    Adding a 2nd video card

    I am looking to add a Radeon 7000 Mac Edition to my PowerMac G5 but I am not sure if it will work correctly. If I add a 7000, will my primary video card loose any performance? Will it disable some features to match the 2nd one? I know I am pretty poorly worded, so go ahead and ask for...
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    I won an 1GB iPod Shuffle

    So at my local CompUSA they had a drawing for this 1GB shuffle for their Tiger thing on the 29th, I entered and won :D I already have a 60GB iPod Photo, my dad a 40GB, and my sister has a 20GB, so I'll end up giving it to my friend's girlfriend who wants an iPod.
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    Other PowerMac G5 owners, question

    I am having the problem with the buzzing noise coming from my headphones. I have read about the Ground Loop problem with the G5s, and I am wondering how well the ground loop isolators work. Should I get the Radio Shack one linked to by Apple? Is it any good?
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    mysql + php question

    I have a script which I had working at one point, but I upgraded MySQL now I am getting this error Could not connect : Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client I have read that I can add oldpassword to the my.ini file, but is there...
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    Mac people, can someone test this?

    I want to know this AppleScript I wrote to create a config file for FAH works. When I get it totally working and bug free, I am going to package it with the rest of my my installer (see sig). My question... Can you go out to and download...
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    SNMP client?

    I have been googling and I can't find a SNMP client that is graphical, built for osx, and does not suck. Can anyone help?
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    PHP and functions.. This works, is it supposed to?

    So today I was changing some stuff around with my MySQL queries on my website. I was cutting/pasting the queries into my include.php and writing the function calls into the page where I cut them from. Without thinking I had something like this in my include.php...
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    Another PHP question

    I have a MySQL database with information in it that I want exported to a CSV file. This will work in Safari and FireFox, but not IE. Hep? <?php session_start(); header("Cache-control: private"); // IE6 fix include('../MyResources/include.php'); $WHD_DB = WHD_DB_CONNECT(); //Login...
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    PHP + MySQL help

    Hey all, Ill get straight to the point. When run this php script, I get a table seven rows high, but only data in the first row. I am not sure what is wrong, but I think mysql_fetch_row does not do what I want. I don't know what to use in its place. Or maybe the problem is unrelated, I don't...
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    The boss button.

    You know in some games they have a 'boss button' that you push if your boss walks by, and it will pull up a spread sheet full of fake data? Today while playing with the latest Tiger build (I'm a dev, don't ask), I realized something. F12 is like a boss button. I was playing Solitaire (3rd...
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    Read the value of the last row in an array? PHP

    Hey all, I have an array with an unknown number of rows in it. I want to read the value (into a variable) of the last row in the array. It will be a integer. The data for the array comes from a MySQL query, if that is relevant at all. Any idea how I can do this? edit: I was able to...
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    2 PHP questions (MySQL related)

    Hey all, I have two questions. I am pulling 3 columns from my MySQL database which I want displayed in a table. Three across and not limited down. I want to hyperlink the text in the first column of boxes, with all different links... For example, the first column of boxes will have a...
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    Broke my 23" Cinema HD Display :(

    First of all, it is not as bad as you think, the LCD itself is still intact. How it happened: I was sitting playing World Of Warcraft when my display started to slowly angle down until I heard a loud and startling crack noise. At this point I jumped up and caught the display before it took a...
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    Hide referrer?

    Situation: I have a php script that will take a URL and hyperlink it. This is useful for when someone sends you a link in AIM that is some type of media that you do not want to stream, but download. Problem: Some sites block referrers, making the page useless. Is there a way I can hide the...
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    Does backup preserve file permissions?

    I need to put a backup on a network mapped NTFS drive, and I need to keep permissions. Will Backup.APP do this?
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    'piping' text to an application that reads from the cli

    Hey all, I have a problem, I am trying to pipe text to an application that tries to read from the cli, but I want its input to come from a script .. Confused? well here is an example crappylappy:~ matt$ /Some/File.ext Asking for user input: 2 You typed '2' I want to be able to...
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    Do I have this setup right? (DNS config)

    Now, I don't totally know what I am doing, so I need a little help. I am running MacOSX server and some services are failing to start. (KDC, LDAP acting screwy) etc. Anyway, I have done all the configuring though the GUI to save time so I have no experience with the config files themselves...
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    Setting processor .....affinity?

    I have been reading and it seems like it is kinda hard to implement. Anyone been able to do it? How? Config: G5DP2.0/1536MB400/160/SD/R9600/PCI-X
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    What kind of speeds will I see with .11G?

    What kind of speeds will I see with 802.11G with less-than-optimal conditions? Anyone have any real life speeds they have observed themselves? I currently have 802.11B (BEFW11S4 V2) and MAX I will get ~50K w/ 2 clients on. One idling and one trying to stream a TV feed (850KB/sec at standard...
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    10.3.6 is out, get it while its hot!

    10.3.6 is out. More informaion can be found here Working fine on my server, havn't tested it myself for client, but it should all be good.
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    Doom 3 for MAC! First thought that came to mind was "finally" The system requirements are a little high, and will leave my PB in the dust. Lucky I have a Dual 2Ghz G5 :D I am going to have a hard time waiting for this to come out Discuss
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    help with run F@H on startup

    Well, I gave this link out in the DC forum hoping to get some replies on how it worked, but it seems no one in the DC forum uses macs... So, would someone be so kind to go to and running the installer for their system (Dual or single)...
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    If FAH fails to get ID from server... will it?

    Will it keep going till it gets it? Or will it give up eventually?
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    Beta testers for mac service installer?

    Never mind about the beta, its working fine and is in final release. It is available for download at
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    So I just got an email from WDRP... and im confused

    So, I just got a auto generated email from WDRP compliance, and now I am a little confused. In it, it said that I MUST have valid info in my whois for my domain. In reality, I have total bullshit in there except for an email, because I want to be fairly private with my personal info. I...
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    receipt of work assignments avg ram useage?

    How much ram can FAH eat up when receipts are enabled? Or on average? Mine are doing like 100MB real memory a pice. With all my other stuff running, that leaves me with ~25MB free :eek: Dual 2Ghz G5 with 1.5GB PC3200 running 10.3.5...
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    iPods internal temp?

    So today I was playing in the diagnostics mode, and I saw that my iPod had a seemingly insane temp. DRV TEMP: CUR: 28C (82F) MIN: 17C (62F) MAX: 76C (168F) How can this be possible? 76C? Or is this totally normal and I am just overly worried? edit: Put the Fahrenheit conversions in
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    moving a raid0 set to a different controller

    Hey all, Is it possible to move a RAID0 on my current hardware raid controller to a new hardware controller while keeping the data on it intact? Can I just unplug it from my current one to a new one? What would be necessary to do keep all my data? I would be moving from a 'Silicon...
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    possible to reorder install cds? (10.3server)

    So, I scratched the hell out of my server 10.3 install disks, and it refuses to install.. wonder why :o Anyway, does anyone know if it is possible to just reorder the cds? I still have my 10 client key, so I just need the install disks. Possible, or do I have to fork out $500 again?
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    iTunes: Removing single songs from a smart playlist

    Well, The title sums it up pretty well, but let me explain a little more. I have created a smart playlist that filters out stuff that is not music (Freeplay stuff etc), but I want to remove a single song without creating a rule for it. Anyone have any ideas?
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    457.124ms lag on a local network?

    Um ok.... So I am getting HUGE lag between boxes. --- ping statistics --- 55 packets transmitted, 55 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max = 18.124/457.124/915.635 ms I dont know where to begin with this one. I rectently bought a 10/100/1000 card for my...
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    multi-OS/architecture network speed test?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any applications that would allow me to see how much data per sec I can push from two boxes on my network. Heres the catch, One box is windows, and one is Mac OSX. (only 2 with 10/100/1000) Now, I can compile -most- linux/unix apps on the...
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    Why cant I rm -rf / my system?

    I know this sounds weird, but I can not 'rm -rf /' my system... So what is going on here? I want to run that command with those options, but it wont let me. How can I get around these security measures built in for my protection?
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    safari:, doesnt work?

    Hey all, I have a strange problem.... If I try to load in Safari I will sometimes get a "Cannot connect to ''". But then, If I go to IE on the same computer, within seconds of using safari, it works fine. This will happen to me on my network with my G5, or...
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    Putting slower ram in my system?

    Hey all, I have a 12"PB g4, the newest revision. Totally stock config, and I am hurtin from this little ram. Anyway, I have a spare stick that is PC2100 (200 pin SODIMM), but the PB calls for PC2700. My question is, if I stick the older stick in, and it works, what are side effects...