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  1. les_garten

    Domain Controller Down Need access to Domain user Desktops

    I have a windows 2008 Domain controller that is down hard and the drives are out for data recovery. We are having issues with using Local accounts. Even the BuilIn administrator account(it is enabled, and we can login with it). For instance, I cannot change the RDP access for the local...
  2. les_garten

    Need Advice on Data Recovery

    I have a Windows 2008R2 Server that just got nailed hard. The drive is not recognized by the controller(LSI 2308 onboard) This is a Supermicro X10SL7-F Motherboard. This drive was part of a RAID1 on that controller. One of the drives shows failed. The other shows ok, but trying to resync...
  3. les_garten

    Monitor Ghost Question

    Hello, I have a monitor question. I have a Monoprice 28" 4K CrystalView monitor. I am running it at 4K with an Nvidia TitanX card When I scroll the screen I sometimes notice text lagging behind. It is really noticable in a Forum with a Gray background and Black text whcih I will show...
  4. les_garten

    Windows 2012 Essentials Question

    I migrated an office from 2003 to 2012 Essentials. I admin'd the box fine setting it up at home with RDS and installed REALVNC on it. Everything was groovy. Took it to the office and migrated all the workstations to this new domain controller, migrated profiles, etc, moved files...
  5. les_garten

    Best 32" TV for PC Monitor?

    I have a Dentist's office that wants to put some TV monitors up so that they can show Patients "stuff" like Videos and Xrays and what not while they are in the chair. The "TV" needs to have a Vesa mount and be 32". It will run off of a PC. Would like to get the best "TV" that would do PC...
  6. les_garten

    Proliant ML330 G3 Rear Case FAN substitute

    I have an old ML330 G3 that I am using as a pFsense FW. The rear fan is not that impressive and is making some noise. I would like to change it out for a Noctua or something. Problem is, it is a 5 pin header on the MB, but 4 wires to the fan. These Fans are expensive to boot. Does...
  7. les_garten

    Motherboard Upgrade for IBM ThinkCentre S50?

    I have a little IBM thinkCentre S50 8183-VR4 in my garage. It is a P4 with a decent Video card in it hooked up to a 32" LCD TV that does really well at 1080P over HDMI. Problem is, it has some issues trying to do Youtube videos that I use for Garage kinda stuff like home or auto repairs or...
  8. les_garten

    LSI 300-8X Windows 7 Drivers?

    Has anybody been able to get this card working in Windows 7?
  9. les_garten

    Klipsch ProMedia 4.2 Wiring Diagram Help

    Hello, I have a few sets of ProMedia 2.1s. There was a way to wire them in a 4.2 arrangement. I cannot find the DOC/PDF for that. Does anyone have that document or remember how to do it? Thanx! Les
  10. les_garten

    HOT 30" Monitor Gateway XHD3000 I have one of these I bought for $1800 last year. Awesome monitor!
  11. les_garten

    4870 x2 and Gateway XHD300 Scale? or no Scale?

    Hi, Just bought a New card. I went from a HD 2900XT to a 4870 x2. I have a Gateway XHD3000 30" Monitor. The GW monitor has a great scaling chip in it. So here's my question. Should I run 2560x1600 on high settings and no AA with a "barely acceptable" Frame rate or run the res down lower...