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    What vga to throw in this rig?

    LoL too funny.
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    Wide Phone Phobia?

    I might be wrong, but aren't phones designed with one handed use in mind? The reach of the thumb across the screen for example.
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    Why Android phones have so little flash space?

    maybe a couple reasons based around "most" consumer thoughts.. don't really care if it's 16gigs cheaper to buy a larger sd card (sticker shock 16 vs. 32)
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    Windows 7 activation.

    I just did this last week, very easy. it's an automated call, so no one will bug you about your license.
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    Best Gaming Headset thread. What are your recommendations?

    they actually sound pretty good, was surprised myself.
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    Best Gaming Headset thread. What are your recommendations?

    A pair of these Takstars with a zalamn mic.
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    trade s5 for note 3?

    Touchwiz is horrible. I have a Note3, it's great hardware, but you need a good rom for it. I installed wicked on mine then I just ripped out every piece of bloat I could find. I would suggest reading up at XDA forums for more info.
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    Improving sound quality on a laptop

    how about something like this? I've seen it cheaper on ebay, but it looks promising.
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    been awhile since.. "look what i dragged home" audio gear thread, enjoy or don't

    yea great work rescuing those speakers. didn't realize they were that bad. at least now they are in a good home :)
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    been awhile since.. "look what i dragged home" audio gear thread, enjoy or don't

    hey those look nice. i really need a set of speakers.
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    Why do they make PC laptops look like Macbooks?

    apple design looks, basic, clean and unintimidating. most folks don't want flashy and glossy, and the stainless steel design looks really good.
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    Best Gaming CRT that is NOT FW900

    do they still make them? sony trinitron or lg flatron used to be pretty good.
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    T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

    well if you get it give us a review.
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    Cable for old x-fi extreme music...

    if you want to clean up the cables, monoprice sells an adaper for that 3.5mm plug. I bought one too when I had my x-fi music for that same reason.
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    Moto Atrix HD - deleted the native text messenger

    you can't use handcent? that's a pretty popular app. or just restore the original apk
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    Build Your Own 80,000 Volt Thor Hammer

    I laughed at his suit, but the hammer is cool!
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    Post your opinion of games as you beat them!

    Vanquish :cool:
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    Razer Electras HURT my ears?

    roll up a towel and put them on the towel length wise. Maybe that will stretch them out for you.
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    my latest $5 decent pc speaker options Teac LS-MC80s

    I thought i was the only one that watched meters and visual equalizers :) (spectrum analyzers) nice deal on the speakers too
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    sharp 32" 4k monitor - who else is planning on getting it?

    good luck getting one. spec sheet says 1,500 production monthly.
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    Windows Phone 7.8

    I just updated my unlocked HTC Titan as well using the Seven-Eighter tool. was pretty easy. just let it run ad do its thing.
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    Revolutionary fix for those of us that can't seem to finish a good game!

    that's a good idea, I tell my kids that. they buy a new game before finishing the previous one. Hell I have 4 games I have yet to finish.
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    China Has A World of Warcraft Theme Park

    that place's missing murlocks
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    Dell S2740L - $250 Free Ship - BestBuy

    price went up to $299, but still a good deal. I was looking to buy a 27" monitor today too.
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    which G.Skill 16GB kit?

    personally I use these from gskill. a bit more expensive, but they are stable. I'm running 32gigs in an asrock motherboard. I was the first to review on the newegg site)
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    4,500 ladybugs 14.99+7.28 shipping

    also good for aphids on roses...sorry..just saying
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    Gigabyte EP35-DS3L Problem... Help Please

    maybe you are drawing too much power on the usb ports.
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    How do I delete the "show desktop" button in Win7?

    whoa!.....three year necro.....i did try that util though and it did work..
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    How do I disable Metro in win8 consumer preview version?

    that is really silly. you can still use Win7.
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    Fostex T50RP for gaming and a list of mods

    I thought about getting a pair of these some time ago, but I just don't like the design, coupled with FOTM sydrome, I decided agains it... I like the more streamline design of the Sennheisers. My favorite pair though are my beyer 770's
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    amp for pc? awesome? or not awesome?

    back to my second post.....if you look closely at the back plane of that card it says "speaker out" for the banana plugs, and "line out" for the 3.5mm connection. unless I am reading it wrong, or it's labeled wrong. in any case a good external solution is probably your best safest solution.
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    Explosion At Apple Supplier Injures 57 Workers

    they use powdered aluminum in fireworks, the big fancy fireworks.
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    amp for pc? awesome? or not awesome?

    If you look closely at the pictures on the card, they show audio out connectors. kind of strange. maybe something like this might be better.. just a recommendation. I've never had a Muse Amp.
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    amp for pc? awesome? or not awesome?

    i've never seen anything like that. it looks like its for cd-rom/dvd analog audio connection only.
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    Worst designed MOBO ever?

    you should really be kicking your friend around for buying that system. PC Chips made some real winners back in the Socket 7 days.
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever: LCD Monitor Edition

    that is lame.. why should I be "super nice" to someone for doing their job. especially If I pay to have the package shipped. My using them as a preference to ship should be "miraculous" enough reason for them not to toss around my packages.
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    Is Wildfire Tmobile a decent phone?

    no, it's not a good phone. it's slow had low memory and cannot be rooted. don't buy thru best buy, go to t-mobile and get one of the better free phones available.