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    Upgrade advice

    Howdy, I've been on AMD rigs since the thunderbird so I'm way behind on intel. I've decided to jump ship since AMD is sinking. My rig right now is: a64 venice 3000+, 1gb ddr400, 6600GT AGP. It's getting very outdated. So far, I selected these parts below, trying to keep costs down. I want...
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    Modifying car radio for line-in RE:iPod

    Hi, Does anyone know of sites that show you how to modify the stock radio of your car to accept a line in? If it helps, I'm trying to get my iPod working in an '04 impala. I've tried several FM transmitters without good results. The car does not have a cassette deck. TIA
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    The Virtually Indestructable Keyboard (VIK) $24.99

    Microcenter B&M in Houston has the VIK for 24.99, $15 under retail ($39.99). It's a very rugged keyboard, apparently.
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    Firefox Shortcuts Find

    I doubt anyone has this peeve but whenever I use the find function in Firefox, I want to be able to close it after I'm finished. Is there a shortcut for this? I like to use shortcuts a lot. Oh and please don't tell me to RTFM unless you've found it in there, and care to direct me to it; I've...
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    Extremely low 3dmark scores..

    Hi, I've just set up a rig over the last couple weeks and the hardware and drivers are as follows: 3000+ Venice @ stock 1.8ghz 6600GT AGP xfx stock speeds MSI Neo2 Platinum 512MBx2 Crucial Value CL2.5 80gb Maxtor Diamondmax10 Windows XP Pro SP2 Drivers: on the video (yeah...
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    Tagging in ID3 questions

    I've been using CD-Tag to tag all of my mp3 files. It's great, but there's one thing I'd like to be able to do.. back up my id3 tags. I have old mp3 backups that I wish I could update with a database of some sort. Does anyone know if there is software that can do this? Thanks. If there is...
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    CORSAIR 1GB matched TWINX1024-3200LLPT $129 shipped

    Corsair TWINX1024-3200LLPT $129 shipped. Low latency series ram. Dual channel matched pair. Some details: "# Benchmarked using both Nforce2 and Intel "Granite Bay" chip sets # Plug-n-FragTM Auto-Configuration Boots automatically using low latency values # Tested at ultra-low latency...
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    Using optical out on Time Warner Digital Cable boxes

    Hi, Does anyone use the Optical out on their Time Warner digital cable boxes? Or does anyone know if it works? I know the SPDIF out does not work, so I'm not sure if it's worth buying a optical cable just to check. Thanks
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    Using PC's with Rear Projection Television

    I've been thinking about hooking my pc up to my new rear projection television, but I worry about damaging the screen. The manual tells me not to, but it'd be nice to see what those hdtv television recordings would look like. Does anyone use their HTPC with a rear projection?