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    Experience with AOC LCDs?

    I'm planning on buying a 210V 22" from them (specs here: since it has decent specs, and comes at a good price and I think it looks great. I've just never had any experience with AOC as a brand at all, so I would appreciate your help. I should...
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    Crackdown DLC Content Revealed :eek: If this kind of stuff becomes the norm, I will buy a 360 as soon as I have the money, guaranteed. I'm eagerly looking forward to the pricing of the Premium Pack. This is how DLC is meant to be done.
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    Arcade Sticks for PS2

    At the moment, there are two I'm looking at, a "Ltd Edition King of Fighters Arcade Stick", apparently a collectors edition item, and a "InterAct ShadowBlade Arcade Stick". The game they'd be used for is Virtua Fighter 4: Evo (I have a huge desire to play it, but I can't really get into it with...
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    Who got Lunar Knights (DS)

    I'd seen some screens around previously, but had made sure not to watch anything or get too involved before it was released. I just watched two videos on youtube of it ( and ) and I'm quite glad I didn't. It...
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    Xbox (original) and PS2 wireless controllers

    I've been using the wired controllers for years now, but my entertainment cabinet has changed recently and I can't set the consoles up how I want to since the controller cords get dragged over the TV screen. Ideally something that has a good battery life (never having had a wireless controller...
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    Wii and Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

    Do they work together? I've been wondering this for a while now, so now that the Wii is finally out, surely there is somebody out there who can confirm this right? >.<
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    Victorious Boxers 2 help

    I've started the Story Mode, and am up to Act 2. But, now I've decided I want to create my own boxer. I've looked at the FAQ on GameFAQs, but it seems to be about the Japanese version of the game, and there are some differences in the menu options compared to the version I have. Is there...
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    Dark Cut I know I know, Newgrounds, popups whatever. But this game, it's great while it lasts. Apparently it's a bit like Trauma Centre, but I can't back that up not having played it. But if it is anything like this, boy do I want to. have fun
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    Xbox VGA Cable?

    Is there one available for the Xbox, first party or otherwise? If there is, but it is hard to get, or there isn't one anyways, is the Xbox 360 one compatible with the original Xbox? Thanks very much
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    How is the Anime forum in Genmay?

    Yeah, pretty much the same deal as Hulk's thread. Is it dead or what?
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    Duck Hunt, Wii style.

    Duck Hunt Saw this on the IGN forums. Thought I should post it here. XD
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    Neat idea for DS

    I got to thinking about how to carry multiple games around with me for my DS. Then I though, multiboot. An addon that plugs into the original port, then spans out with a flexible type thing to cover with movement of the clamshell, then along the DS top, have about 4-5 cart. slots. The thing that...
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    CRT 'shimmering' question

    So, for a while, when my CRT gets knocked (Philips 202P4 for those that want to know), it will sometimes 'shimmer'. Lines (that distort the picture) going in from both sides, eventually meeting the middle (from the left and right, nearly as tall as the monitor is vertical) then disapearing. I...
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    Forum CPU usage problem Firefox

    This has been really ticking me off for a while, so I updated my firefox to the latest version, but to no avail. While on [H]ard|Forum, with only one tab open, my CPU usage for firefox will go to 30. One freakin' tab. I'm not sure if it's the ads, or something wrongly configured in my browser or...
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    FlyFF- Fly For Fun! Free MMORPG

    FlyFF Apparently if you go through the redirect on Fileplanet (Go to download section, click the fileplanet one) you get a free item when you reach the required level. So make sure you sign up through there, just incase. ^_^ Later on you can get hoverboards or brooms and fly around...
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    StarForce Facilitates Piracy

    Article Good grief. : / Really, I'm speechless. ;x :rolleyes:
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    Thread disapeared

    I posted a thread in here last night, and I come around to check on it, and it's disapeared completely. It was only last night, so there's no reason it'd be on page 2, if it wasn't suitable for this forum, it would have been moved, and if I was breaching boundries it would've been locked. But...
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    Cinema 4D animation

    Okay, so I'm just wanting a simple setup here. I have a faucet, with an emitter. I want to be able to rotate the knob, and when that is done, the emitter is activated. Are there any tutorials out there for this type of thing? No strike that, I'm sure there are, but are there any ones that...
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    P4 2.8 w/ HT vs current AMD

    My nephew is upgrading his computer, and I have the chance to buy a 2.8ghz P4 with Hyperthreading (it could possibly be 3.0, even) and his motherboard, an Asus P4S800, for a pretty good price. Recently i've been getting into 3D modeling and all of that, and I know that AMD's aren't too good...
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    Which DS game to buy (quick responses appreciated)

    I've got about 5 hours to decide which game I want, so I can make the payments at the same time tomorrow (buying off trademe(ebayishtypeofthing)). Three games I'm looking at: Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney Trauma Center: Under the Knife Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time I'm looking for a...
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    Anyone played Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unm?

    I'm a huge fan of the Bleach anime/manga (which I should get to downloading a bunch right now. >.<) so naturally, I'm curious about this. 1. Does it deserve the Bleach name? 2. How much japanese would be required to play it? ^_^
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    Linux LiveCD

    I got a couple from my uncle, and since booting 3 of them up, I've been having this weird problem. First winamp wasn't opening...well it was, but it just wasn't there....(start bar menu thing, but not onscreen) Then I started getting this "Found new hardware" crap. I haven't changed...
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    Finally started it.

    Okay, so I downloaded the console client, followed the guide on the hardfolding webpage and i've got it running. Two questions: Can I minimize it to the taskbar (with all the other icons)? And how long does it generally take to do a step? It's been running for about 40 minutes and...
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    Video background too high, voice too low

    There's this one video on my computer that, as the title says, the background noise (explosions, banging and whatnot) are far too loud, and the voices are far too low. I have no idea about audio settings, so I don't know what to change them things to. Anywho, I'm using CCCP and the players...
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    Final Fantasy XI Beta Xbox 360

    Searched, didn't find a thead, so I'm making one. Was just looking on trademe (NZ's equiv. to eBay) and saw an Xbox 360 (imported, mind you) with Final Fantasy XI Beta included in the package. I got to wondering how many people know about it, or maybe even you've played it? This could perhaps...
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    Nforce2 Memory Controller

    I'm purchasing some new RAM very soon, but I've never really looked into the memory controller with what chip combonations it can take (don't know if I used the right term there...>.> But hopefully you get what i mean) Anywho, my Mobo is a MSI K7N2- (something something), the RAM I'm...
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    Mouse feet alternatives

    Well, two of my mouse feet on my MX510 have come off, and the mouse is all wonky. However, my prefered e-tailer doesn't seem to sell them...So, I'm wondering about good alternatives that i could maybe even find around the house. Mind you, whatever it is has to be inexpensive. Thanks
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    TV tuner +xbox/ps2

    I want a TV tuner, one with the composite video input. I'm assuming I can rig my ps2 and xbox up to it, and use my PC monitor for console gaming too...However, I want to know if this will actually work properly, and if so, will there be any lag? Thank you, Nuzz.
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    Hdtv Crt

    Well, I'm looking to get a new TV since my ole 21" Mitsi is packing up... I'm looking to spend around $1,200 NEW ZEALAND *MAX* Y'see, with new years coming around, there should be some nice specials on and whatnot. Okay, now, what I'm really wanting is a widescreen, 28-32", At least 3...
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    So, as you do, I was looking at the back on my monitor....SOG Switch???

    Okay, so I was this SOG swtich thing for the first time. "ON" and "OFF" choices. What the heck does it do?
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    Help identifying amplifier! (pics)

    Edit: If this is in the wrong forum, sorry. ^_^ I think I got it right though. xD This was given to me by my uncle, and it's been a good little fella. But i'm looking to upgrading the speakers, and I want to know all the details about each channel etc... And even if I don't need to know...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    So what is it? :p Edit: Any specific pictures you want done to help identify, I'll be more than happy to provide them.
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    9800Pro Trade Offer (not from me, this is a dilemma of mine)

    Okay, so I've been offered a 9800Pro, BF2 (case, manual, etc) and a 400w PSU for my 15" LCD screen, that I didn't pay a cent for. Currently I have a 9600Pro, and was planning on upgrading to a 6600GT (that pricepoint at least) around feburary. I do like my LCD, and I do use it as a secondary...
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    Revolution Possibilities

    I posted this in another thread a while back, but it died down soon after. I don't believe I've seen a similar thread made, so I'm going ahead and making one. :p So, that was written a while back, and I could've worded it better, but right now, I can't be bothered re-wording. ^_^ Feel...
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    Quality All-Around-Media Player

    So, I formatted my C drive and I figure it's time to get a new media player. I require a player that supports many a file types (be it by default or through plugins), large library and playlist capabilities, good streaming (audio, mainly), low on resources, has a nice interface, and my mind is...
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    Monitor cable hack job to RCA. Possible?

    So I've got an idea where I'll put my VCR, PS2, Xbox, Stereo next to me at my computer. Now, my LCD would be perfect to sit on top of it all. So I was wondering, since I've got a couple of cables that don't matter if it doesn't go right first, if I could chop the cable, and connect an RCA...
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    A few photo's from my trip (Carcrash included)

    I'm no expert photographer, but I think these pics are rather good. At least I like to think so. : D Tell me what ya think. ^.^ As long as it's not too disheartening.
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    First time network, having problems.

    XP - 98 Well, so my mum kept nagging me to hook up her computer to mine, and I really didn't want to, seeing how I was pretty sure i was goign to have problems...well, lo' and behold...XD Anyway, all was going well, I could access her files, she could access mine (those that were shared...
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    Elfen Lied