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  1. grim4593

    Anyway to backup Firefox profile with all addons, userscripts, etc (latest version) nowadays ?

    I normally just copy the "C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox" and "C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox" folders. It worked as recently as the last major Firefox update.
  2. grim4593

    I know this is not possible yet but will it ever be? Being able to use 2 cellular providers data connections (4g lte or 5g) to fill in dead zones?

    You can do this today with a wireless hot spot and wi-fi calling. Just get a hot spot from a different provider than your cell phone. Expensive, but if you really need redundancy...
  3. grim4593

    Opinions on IoT...

    A agree with Kardonxt; with all the devices on our LAN it is likely a lost cause. Thermostat, light switches, printer, chromecast, computers, Apple and Android tablets, TVs, gaming systems, etc. Sure, the Google Home is a bit much but our phones are already listening. Sure, I can get some...
  4. grim4593

    Opinions on IoT...

    We've had a Google Home Mini for a while and we tend to use it more and more as time goes on. Our Florida room (three seasons room) wasn't wired up with lights or switches so we use pedestal lamps with twist switches below the bulbs. I bought a Wi-Fi switch and a few Wi-Fi outlets so now when i...
  5. grim4593

    motherboard only has 3 audio outputs but apparently supports 8 channels - does a PCI bracket or case extension exist?

    Don't forget a standard 3.5mm audio plug carries two channels - so 3 physical ports can provide 6 channels, or enough for 5.1.
  6. grim4593

    Best/worst computer brands.

    Might be hard to find these days but this one is never obsolete:
  7. grim4593

    MSI 5600 XT repair : unknown IC need help!

    For what it is worth I tried looking for about an hour and I couldn't find any references to that chip package.
  8. grim4593

    Discord has apparently reached out to Microsoft to discuss its sale.

    Considering that when Discord turned their lights on they instantly took a huge part of the market they deserve to make a little money. I considered Nitro but I don't feel I really get anything out of it. The issue is that anyone who buys them is going to ruin it until the next big thing comes...
  9. grim4593

    I9 11900k unboxing

    The retail box looks pretty good and at least it stacks well. And isn't a dodecahedron - that packaging and shipping was excessively wasteful.
  10. grim4593

    Fan control question

    The motherboard will send a PWM signal to the computer fans and they will run at the corresponding frequency. So if your motherboard is putting out 30% the Corsair fans and EZ-DIY will both be running at approximately 30% of their max RPM. The fan curve is not necessarily linear so if you have a...
  11. grim4593

    Fan curve question

    Here is mine:
  12. grim4593

    Fan curve question

    I used to zero them out at low CPU temperatures but I had found that turning them off would cause my hard drive temperatures to drift unacceptably high without front intake fans running. I have SSDs in my machine but still have a couple of 4TB drives for bulk storage. Right now I have a fan...
  13. grim4593

    Logitech G Hub - Still Sucking?

    I set it to single profile mode and it works pretty well. I don't want it to detect games and change keybinds automatically - I just want it to stay out of the way.
  14. grim4593

    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    grim-desktop - Self explanatory grim-kids - Self explanatory plasma - (VPS) No idea why... Bumblebee - Spare desktop / backup PC - Case is black and yellow.
  15. grim4593

    Grounded Wrist Anti-static Bracelet vs Non-Grounded?

    Wireless ESD wrist straps cannot disipate static charge because there is no way for the charge to flow. Some videos which include testing and teardown:
  16. grim4593

    Woot: 3D Printer SainSmart Ender 3 Pro - $180 and Creality CR-10 V2 $390.

    No idea since it is my first printer. I have heard that can be pretty audible so if you run a long print and have it in your bedroom you will notice it.
  17. grim4593

    Woot: 3D Printer SainSmart Ender 3 Pro - $180 and Creality CR-10 V2 $390.

    Good find! Also if you are looking at the Ender 5 Pro they have a pre-black Friday deal for $80 off at their site for $302:
  18. grim4593

    A "[H]ard" surface mouse pad?

    If you can find a Corsair MM600 aluminum mouse pad it is a great product. It is solid and durable with a different texture on each side. I game on my couch with my mousepad in my lap - it has zero flex and the textured surfaces have held up well over the years. It is currently not available on...
  19. grim4593

    Creality Ender-5 Pro

    I was thinking about getting the Ender 5 Pro for my 12 year old son for Christmas. I would use it too of course, but I think he would use it quite a bit more given his interests. In your experience do you think this printer is a good candidate? My previous 3D printer experience is from a...
  20. grim4593

    Firefox on Android gets Major Update...

    I use Keepass on my desktop and Keepass for Android. I sync it over google drive and it supports unlock with fingerprint if you are into that.
  21. grim4593

    4k Monitor Scaling Options

    I RDP from a 1080 machine to a 4K machine daily. It automatically scales everything down and it looks normal. When I log on to the 4K machine locally it returns to 4K without issues, sometimes right after log in you can see the windows readjust their scaling. Once in a while a program won't...
  22. grim4593

    Soooooo, anyone now considering an 8K TV after the 3090 DLSS demo?

    I don't much see the point. It is still a pain to get 4K content these days since a lot that is offered is still only 1080p.When all you can buy are 4K TVs in stores I hate how major studios still want to charge a premium for 4K content. I have the perception that 4K content on Youtube is...
  23. grim4593

    Geforce Experience and Overlay Preventing Monitor and PC Sleep Issue (still exists) Windows 10 v2004? Alternative FPS counters?

    Odd, I have used the Nvidia video recording and FPS overlay since GeForce Experience was released without issue. My screen turns off normally but I don't put my computer to sleep so I can't speak to that. Before GeForce Experience I used to use Overwolf and Replay Hud - they might be good...
  24. grim4593

    Multimeter Suggestions

    I have a Uni-t UT139C. I had gotten mine for $38 on Amazon but it looks like they are selling for $53 right now. It has auto ranging and all of the nifty features you'd want in a multi meter for home, automotive, and lab usage. Fluke's are great and in a professional setting it makes sense to...
  25. grim4593

    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    That makes a lot of sense. At my home we have 2-3 iPad chargers, 3-4 iPhone chargers, 3-4 misc USB (Android/other) chargers, 2 QC chargers, etc. We don't need more.
  26. grim4593

    Correlations between doing well at certain types of games and aptitude

    Yeah, that is a good point. People are more likely to play what they are good at.
  27. grim4593

    Windows boot manager borked, win10

    Normally I wipe the original drive once I am sure I have a working OS. That way you don't have to worry about conflicts. Then I use it as backup space or extra storage.
  28. grim4593

    Correlations between doing well at certain types of games and aptitude

    Anecdotally, it would make sense that people that are good at MOBAs or RTS games would have a higher IQ. In both of those genres you need to be multitasking or thinking ahead. I would be curious if there is a correlation of actions per minute vs aptitude vs IQ. Not to say that you can't think...
  29. grim4593

    Windows boot manager borked, win10

    You might be able to fix it by disconnecting the old drive, boot off of a Windows installation USB, go through the menus, and select boot repair. Theoretically it would install the boot manager on the SSD and remove any dependency with the original drive. I would highly suggest backing...
  30. grim4593

    Windows boot manager borked, win10

    I've seen it before where the boot manager ends up on a different drive than the OS you actually boot off of. What I suspect is that even though your active Windows installation is on the SSD the main boot manager is on the original drive.
  31. grim4593

    games that were on your school computers

    We had Deep Freeze installed on our computers and admin blocks. We normally played Starcraft, Tron (Armagetron), and one of the iterations of Worms. So one of the benefits of Deep Freeze was that when the computer was rebooted all evidence of our gaming activity was wiped out as well. Our CAD...
  32. grim4593

    Where to source economical but reliable small LCD or similar display screens? (for example to pair with a raspberry pi for custom projects)

    I don't have a RPI but I have gotten similar products from Adafruit or Sparkfun. You can get functional displays starting around $15 if they are in stock but if you start to approach tablet sized (7+ inches) the price starts to enter the cheap monitor range.
  33. grim4593

    Escape From Tarkov

    They do have an "offline" mode that you can use with your PMC. It is pretty useful to learn maps and to train against NPC scavs but you gain no loot or experience. Since your inventory and health reset after the run there is no draw back to dying or using ammo/supplies. If they wanted more sales...
  34. grim4593

    Escape From Tarkov

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the game. It has a very steep learning curve because there are no tutorial aspects whatsoever and they pretty much throw you to the wolves. Basic game features like a compass and usable map are missing but they clearly spend a TON of time on realism...
  35. grim4593

    Intel gives up on benchmarks

    Benchmarks are only as useful as the comparisons between products are relevant to the users buying the products. It is fairly straightforward show a comparison between benchmarks for performance, power draw, speed, etc., that are (relatively) easy to collect data for and report on. Yeah...
  36. grim4593

    any program that allows me to re-orginize this list?

    Is there a reason you can't just import into Excel and set it as space delimited? It isn't completely automated but it is better than doing it by hand.
  37. grim4593

    Recent PC Games are buggy ... this has to stop

    Generally I don't much care about minor bugs - sometimes they can even be funny like the ragdoll physics in BF1. The only time I get riled up is when there are game breaking bugs that stop progress (e.g. GTA4 boat ramp glitch insta-failing story mission) or a combination of bugs that makes the...
  38. grim4593

    Simple webserver without HTTPS no longer possible?

    Setting up HTTPS isn't too bad, the only real downside is that you have to renew the certificate every three months (which can be automated). I've not done it for IIS but it should be a low level of complexity these days. I use my website for very similar operations.
  39. grim4593

    Windows 10, Admin Acct or User Acct in 2020?

    Unless you are in a corporate environment or you are sharing the PC with others it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a separate User and Admin account as long as UAC is enabled. I am not an expert in elevation exploits but I would imagine that any malware that could bypass the UAC approval...