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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    Im glad you agree EGS is complete bloatware. It takes 75mb to run a single page, where as steam fits a whole store as well as many other features into just over 3 times the memory usage, this is great considering it offers at least 10 times the functionality, steam programmers did great, epic...
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    me either, thats a mistake
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    Pentium 166mmx to AMD k6-2 450mhz
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    Looking for a RAID 6 solution to easily grow under Ubuntu 18.04

    Expansion is an issue, but IMO bitrot is also an issue so i can deal with the lack of expansion, everything should be backed up anyways so really expansion is a non issue to me, when i need to upgrade ill just kill the array buy new drives then transfer the data back from backups.
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    Need some guidance in streaming 4k movies

    Your shield will work fine, good choice, its what i use on 3 TV's to stream 4k from my server.
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    Asus RMA- what on earth

    Agreed, my current mobo will be the last asus product i ever own.
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    AMD shareholders sue AMD

    This was obviously going to be the outcome, anyone who thought otherwise was not being rational.
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Not surprised. So much tech calls home to china its insane, the fact that no one is worried about this just shows how ignorant the general population is regarding security. On my local network i employ both a Pi-hole DNS server to eliminate many ads and malware/spyware related sites/ip's as...
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    Why is Win 10 / UEFI boot so fragile?!

    This is very likely your issue, i ran into this as well. The boot loader was likely on the HDD, and you wiped it when you reformatted it.
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    Why Don't ISP's Do More to Protect Customers?

    Yes for sure if it can be disabled then thats one thing and then yes having filtering would be fine, if you can pick and choose whats being filtered. My particular ISP wont even admit they are filtering anything let alone let you disable it. Luckily there is another company laying fiber in the...
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    Why Don't ISP's Do More to Protect Customers?

    ISP's should screw right the hell off and stay away from my data. Im already forced to use a VPN to access some IPTV services as well as certain sites they decided i should not have access to. ISP's need to have less to do with "protecting customers" not more. Im an adult, i can make my own...
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    Processor to Watch Netflix HD on.

    Yes for sure it should be enough, you said HD afterall and that starts at 720p which this will be fine for. Now if you are actually refering to 4k then no way it will handle that.
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    New Earthworm Jim Game Is in Development. Exclusive to new Intellivision Console.

    Why not make this for a real console? everything ive read about this amico makes me think its going to crash and burn.
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    Im aware, i have a vega 56 undervolted and running almost as fast as a stock vega 64. Doesnt change the fact that top end GPU prices are insane. What we really need is AMD to get back into the game and stir things up on the top end, letting Nvidia run away with it looks like its having dire...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I agree with the OP, Nvidia got to greedy, and top end GPU prices are insanity.
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    Windows 10/Ubuntu network No talky!

    enable smbv1 again. Microsoft again decided it knows what you are doing better than you and disabled it automatically a few updates back. This is the main reason i hate MS, they always think they know best and show no respect to the user and the users system/network configuration.
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    Netgear R7000 wifi over loaded?

    I do think the R7000 can get overwhelmed and may be a little underpowered. When i was using it as my router and after i upgraded the internet to 600mbps speeds it struggled with heavy downloading, and the first way i would notice this is wifi speeds dropped, so it appears when its loaded to...
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    Large scale drive destruction

    Thermite is not that hard to make.
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    Large scale drive destruction

    Either my 12 gauge or my .308
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    Razer Synapse really causes issues

    This is what i do as well, the software is a steaming pile of crap, but my mouse does remember its last settings without the software.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Either your data is important or it isnt, its that simple. If its important then you really need 2 copies of it, with one being off site. Relying on smart data giving you a warning is in no way a backup solution. RAID is not a backup solution either, it just helps with uptime. As mentioned...
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    Are TN panels as bad as they used to be?

    Yeah they still suck. I got a 144hz TN monitor for gaming because i was getting tired of not having freesync. Before i was using a dell IPS monitor meant for photo editing(i calibrate it every year). And on its own the TN may not be so bad but with my Dell sitting beside it with the same...
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    Network Card But Nowhere to plug it in

    It goes in that middle yellow spot, if you are using that for your GPU thats going to be an issue.
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    There were some slowdowns there, dips to 60-70, not noticeable due to freewsync, but i was still floored that 10+ years later with good hardware you still cant max crysis. Also annoyed the 24Hz bug is still there, that drove me nuts for the first 10 mins till i figured it out.
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    LSI 9201-16e on consumer hardware, fault

    Yes im running 2 SUN pulls in my NAS.
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    I only played the first few levels, also only at 1080p.
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    What modern keyboard switches come closest to old IBM model M?

    The unicomps, since you know they are identical....
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    Really need some help with a build

    Turn off sleep mode, just another thing on the long list of things MS cant get right.
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    Monitor arm/mount that has clamp oriented vertically?

    obvious troll post, vesa mounts are exact squares....
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    Yeah crysis is still hard on the CPU, i loaded it up the other day to try on my new GPU and could only pull about 110FPS on my 144Hz display, one CPU core was maxed other 7 were sitting there doing nothing, GPU only loaded around 60%. Guess a 3.9Ghz Ryzen 1700 still not enough to max crysis at...
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    Dell's stupid instructions for applying TIM.

    There is though, if you take a straight edge to the CPU heatspreader and remove all excess TIM where exactly is the TIM that is supposed to fill the gaps on the heatsink contact area going to come from?
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    LSI 9201-16e on consumer hardware, fault

    Then i would try flashing it from a dell system before giving up on it.
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    LSI 9201-16e on consumer hardware, fault

    Where did the raid card come from? ive seen some Dell pulls that will only flash from a dell system.
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    Dell's stupid instructions for applying TIM.

    Obviously, but personally i put excess on the CPU intentionally so that when i scrape it off i have enough on the straight edge already to spread onto the heatsink surface as well. Then once both surfaces have TIM i install the heatsiink.
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    Dell's stupid instructions for applying TIM.

    Right, the heatsink also does a great job of dropping globs of sometimes conductive tim onto the mobo around the socket. Spreading it first with a straight edge allows you to safely remove the excess before that becomes impossible.
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    Dell's stupid instructions for applying TIM.

    Ive used all kinds of things, my initials, heart shape, star shape, even drew a airplane once on a rather large CPU. Of course i spread it evenly with a stright edge before installing the heatsink