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    Stomp type switch question

    I'd like to build a little floor switch using a stomp switch like you'd find on some guitar pedals. What I'd like it to do is for it to switch between one of two outputs. So there would be one input, and two outputs. When the switch it pressed it would move between the two different...
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    Kaos' Workstation Worklog

    Figured I'd keep a worklog for my workstation update that I plan to work on over the holidays this year. I have an IKEA Jerker that has been great. I've been using the shelf to hold my monitors so I can slide the keyboard under them when I'm working on notes or on a conference call and I need...
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    new to Jquery...making noob mistakes (noconflict)

    I'm very new to jquery and javascript in general. I'm trying to add functionality to a page I'm working on. I've got standard jquery UI elements, a "nyroModal" box and a customer date/time picker. I can usually get one item to work, but not all three. I did some research and have been trying...
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    Viewer for remote files

    Hey all! I've taken on a little project for myself and came up with some of how I want to handle it and just wanted to run the concept as a whole past some other technical folks before going too much down a bad path. Need: Web based viewer for text files. Only a few of us actually have access...
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    Starter setup - <= $200

    Hello there! I'm rather uninitiated when it comes to audio. I'm just starting to put together a christmas list at my wife's request and started looking at my setup at home for things I'm missing. I've got a great chair, a great desk, decent enough monitors, a keyboard/mouse I like. Where...
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    PLSQL Help - using loop values in a new query

    I'm trying to do the following: select all of the users on the system loop over that list of users and see if a certain table exists if it does print out the username Pertinent Info - using Oracle11g, accessing via "All Around Automations PL/SQL Developer" right now, but later...
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    Anyone still using a cube? I was given one...

    And beyond using it for a little web or fileserver I can't imagine it's got enough horsepower to do anything modern (like be a home theater box). People still using these for anything other than file/web servers?
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    perl and parsing big files

    I have 3+gb text files (~2.5million records) that I need to parse out some data from. Ideally this would need to occur in < 60 seconds. The lines I care about all start with one of two patterns: "TOT" or "TRL". They're essentially "trailer" records and the file contains many of them. I...
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    Advice: Java lib for screenscraping?

    I'm new to java and like to work on some self imposed extra curricular work in order to make the material more relevant to my everyday uses. I have a need at work to write something that signs into a couple of sites "click" a few links and make sure the page loads. I do this manually now...
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    Version control on single files?

    I'm researching adding some form of version control to some scripts that I manage for sanity's sake. I have many shell scripts in a single directory that all operate as a single standalone script (essentially, each one is unique). When I make changes I'm usually changing one at a time...
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    Web Devs: Browser Ext to modify site CSS upon load?

    I have a god-awful web application (or rather...the template we get when we log in is god awful) It's set to fixed width and really doesn't lend itself well to how we need to use it. After contacting the group internally that supports the application, they noted they won't create any new...
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    CSS - make one type of element different than others

    I've got some CSS that I'm working with while I'm learning. Basically when I hover over a table row it highlights it (changes the background color). I've got one row I dont want this to happen with. Here's the relevent CSS: #jl { font-family: "Arial", "Helvetica", sans-serif...
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    I did this "wrong" in python I think. Suggestions?

    Someone came to me today for some help with parsing out a file. I'm just learning python so they said it would be fine if I tried to do this in python. The basic idea is that they wanted a file that is grouped like this pushed into pipe delimited format STRING OF TEXT A ACCOMPANYING...
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    Same piece of SQL against multiple databases.

    I work in an operations group - part of the job function is that we have to run any ad-hoc SQL that needs to be represented as a change on a change control call. Lately we've been getting requests to run the same SQL in anywhere from 2-60 different oracle databases. (for the case of an...
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    Your favorite functions to source in or put in bashrc

    I've been writing a set of little utility style functions for work lately. My employee review is coming up and I was calculating the amount of time (an thus money) that they save our group. Some of them save 10-15 seconds per use...and I found that if I use lowbal number for how much they're...
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    sending scripts to background using &&

    Posting from my phone on the bus - just got to thinking... can you send two scripts to the background even while using '&&' example $: ./script1 && ./script2 & or would it be $: ./script1 & && ./script2 & I would think the first would be correct?
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    Working with excel protected files

    I'm looking into automating part of something we do here on a constant basis. We have people that sign onto a site, download an excel file (97-2003 and 2007/2010 format), open the file (password protected) then save the file without the password so we can run some other stuff against it. I...
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    Perl ranges - my code is working, but I know it's not efficient

    I've been dealing with an issue with my ISP for some time now where my ping speeds are extremely slow, when they send a tech out he just shurgs his shoulders and say it looks fine now so I asked them if I recorded some statistics on the ping speeds if that would help. I did this test behind my...
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    Arch Linux

    I'm considering Arch - beyond the install guides and the stuff I can find on Arch's site - does anyone here have any insight as to what I can expect coming from a debian/ubuntu background?
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    sed/awk/grep help

    I've got a particular log file line I'm trying to parse out and having some difficulty with. Environment: Debian Linux, Bash Shell I have a file that contains a record similar to this on each line /home/user/run_folder/logs/20101014//export_01_start-101410-0230.log:Thu Oct 14 02:31:01...
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    Best study book for 70-432 (SQL 08)

    I'm wanting to study up on SQL 2008 as we'll be using it more in the coming years in my role. Mostly this pertains to installation, configuration, maintenance. The 70-432 exam seems to cover this, so the study material for the test should be a good place to get the knowledge, bonus is that my...
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    Has anyone ever configured a 7940 to work with SIP?

    I recently was given a 7940 Cisco IP phone. The person who gave it to me said it was bricked but recoverable, and would require a TFTP server to do so. I can set that up on my nix box, no problem. I was wondering if anyone has gone through the process. According to this page...
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    Question about wire to tiny speaker

    So I have a turtle beach headset for my xbox. I've had to repair the thing a few times over the 2-3 years I've had it and last night the audio stopped coming through the left headphone. Unfortunately this is where the mic noise comes through as it kind of leaves me stuck for...
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    Learning C#: If I don't use it, I'll lose it.

    I'm trying to teach my self C sharp (again). I've started about 4 times now. I don't work a job where I'd actively use it from day to day so it's hard to commit chunks of time to learning it. I do however read through tons of log files a week of various types. Another guy here has already...
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    Suggestion for a web based streaming audio server?

    So I've gotten rather pissy with my media/fileserver running on windows and the bluescreen on boot was the last straw. Since I kept the data on separate drives from the OS I was OK there. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04. I was able to move all my data around and set the drives up as ext3 and I have...
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    Project: ?

    I don't have a project name for this one yet. I haven't really built or used a desktop in about 2+ year now. My desktop died and work was already a laptop and all I had left was my it became my main box along with a docking station and an external monitor. I kind fell out of being...
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    Inexpensive Source for Auto Paint?

    Im looking for some automotive paint at a decent price for a project Im working on. A friend said that he'll supply prime and clear coat and time etc to do the paint job on two of my cases, I just need to supply whatever paint will be needed Im doing the inside of my HAF-932 in black and I...
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    This table is driving me nuts

    I have some very basic data that I am trying to put into nested tables using php. here is what they're coming out like though The columns in the nested table are WAYYY too wide and they don't have the same number of rows so they come out being aligned very...
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    A little help with php

    I just started learning php on monday for something fun to do. I'm working on a little "tool" that will basically take information from a user and format it into a block of text they can copy and paste. Pretty simple. I learned enough css to apply it to my program but now it seems to be...
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    Redirecting console output in

    I have an application that I am working on to help me work a little more efficiently at work (accomplish multiple tasks within the same interface) One of the things that I do alot is telnet to a port to see if there is something listening on it. It's easy enough to just pop open a cmd shell...
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    changing file extensions:

    Im trying to teach myself, and the way Im doing this is that anytime I need to do something on my computer and it's not part of windows or some big software package thats out there, I figured I would write a tool to do it. So i had to renam a whole directory worth of files the other...
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    make a LAN device think it's a WAN device?

    I have a router my company gave me that I am locked out of and have no control over, when this is hooked up the e/01 and e/02 connections utilize a tunnel on the device so my machine and IPphone can stay on the company network while im at home. the problem is that I have fios and this is an...
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    Back To School :)

    Im going back to school shortly (for CS)...being a hardware and network type, Ive been stagnent on new things to learn lately and the development process has been kinda fun to learn from coworkers and from some of the resources I've been using. I already have a degree in networking, so Im not...
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    MSSQL Query...having some trouble

    Im trying to cobble together what I think would be an easy query but Im having a hard time..what Im looking for is just a list of all the duplicate entries select contact_code, company_code from contacts where contact_code not unique Ive tried using != instead of not as well... Im...
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    I left work for a long weekend on thursday (and left behind about 12ghz worth of machines folding in the test bay)...there was a power outage at 6ish on thursday...all my machines except my primary workstation weren't on UPS's so I lost about 10ghz of folding power/time this weekend....SUCKS!
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    weird one...trying to help a friend

    I got a buddy who called me out of the blue (havnt heard from him in a while) and he left me a message saying that he's trying to hook one of his remote user's laptops up to the domain at his office and the lappy is getting the right IP/SN/GW from DHCP and can't ping the server. The server...
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    I wish I could

    I have a client that has a Dual Xeon 2.0ghz server with 2gb of ram...he plans on using it as a fileserver....what a waste! Maybe Ill try to ask him about dropping a client on there.
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    T Socket Water Block

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    Finally got my fisrt few WU's done!

    :) :) search for KaosX although its incorrect on the processor count...maybe I should make my slower machines work on "timeless" (if thats the term I think I heard) Wu's at any rate...there are some points on the board for 33...
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    Portable mail

    So I want to be able to use something like portable thunderbird with me wherever I am....normally this would be simple enough...but I am cross platform...(win/linux/osx)...does anyone know of a way (or another app) that has clients for all 3 and would share mail data so no matter what system Im...