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    Steam Winter Sale 2017

    As if you didn't already know.
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    Got my Black Friday Coolermaster QuickFire... Black Keys feel great

    I did a ton of reading before buying a good mechanical keyboard and I noticed not a lot of people really liked Blacks, saying they were too hard to press. While, I don't typically type novels, I can see their frustration in typing all day (like non-stop). But for the occasional forum reply and...
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    Want to build a smaller, quieter, cooler HTPC

    Right now I'm using an old gaming PC for an HTPC, the case sucks, it doesn't cool well, all the fans are old and the hardware is older/overkill for what I'm using it for. I sold my Xbox 360 so I have a budget of $160 for the mobo/cpu I already have a Corsair CX430. and 4gb of PNY DDR3 1333...
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    Half Life 2 Free Copy

    Still got a free gift from the last Steam sale and it's just been sitting. I realize 99% of the worlds population has this game, but if you don't, PM me and you will.
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    Rockstar really stepped up their game with Max Payne 3

    So I bit on the Amazon sale of MP3, and I gotta say, I'm impressed. I'm a big fan of Max Payne, so it's probably a little biased, but this game is really good. The odd part is, I've watched more cinematics than I've spent time playing. I remember when Valve first launched HL2, and the game...
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    Starcraft 2 $40 -

    On sale for $39.99 at the Blizz store, good until 6/13
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    Steam - Civ 5 $7.49

    Civilization 5 is $7.49 on Steam with the weekend sale. I think that's low enough for me to bite. Red Orchestra is also on sale for $9.99.
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    Steam - Ubisoft Weekend Sale

    Sort of [H]ot, Steam's having an Ubisoft sale this weekend. Thursday - Ghost Recon Complete (no Future Soldier) $7.49 Friday - 50% off Rayman Origins ($14.99), From Dust ($7.49), Shoot Many Robots (4.99) Saturday - Assassin's Creed Complete ($44.99) Sunday - Anno 2070 50% off ($24.99)
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    Tropico 4 Free Weekend on Steam (plus 66% off!) (also Company of Heroes 80% off)

    Tropico 4 is 13.59 this weekend on steam with a play all weekend for free. I bought 3 on a whim and had a blast, so I feel it's necessary to make a mention. Steam seems to be doing 2 specials per weekend and the other is CoH. The entire franchise is 80% off. EDIT: Portal 2 maintains the...
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    Post your chair

    My chair broke and I need a new one. I've seen the edges of what looked like some nice chairs in older Workstation threads, but rather than bump those, I thought I'd see what people have currently. I could have sworn I saw one of these threads before, but I cannot find it.
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    HTPC and Storage Server, should they be separate systems?

    I've got an old PC I'm gonna reassemble into a server (got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 from school, why not use it?). Also toying with the idea of using it as an HTPC so I don't have to run my 360 so much (even the S still heats my room). Any negatives to doing this on the same system...
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    Arkham City 50% off Steam ($15)

    Weekend sale. Been waiting for it to come back on sale for a while now. Also, Asylum is on sale as a pack with all DLC and City for $30.
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    I just got my new G500...

    Had to replace my G5, the wire pulled out of the end of the mouse, and it was out of warranty. Logitech CS was extremely helpful and provided me with a coupon to their store for my trouble of calling, so I "upgraded" to a G500. It's a little bigger, which is really nice, but the wheel doesn't...
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    Considering a new build with a few NewEgg sales

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc PSCS4/5, Gamimg (SWTOR, Skyrim, Whatever the new hotness is), Web Browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $400 is at the high end with Shipping INC. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S...
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    Those of you who have built a desk...

    Would two pieces of 3/4 inch hardwood (oak/birch) liquid nail's'd together need any kind of bracing for a 7 foot span? I think this is the right area to ask...
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    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    It doesn't show up yet, but: SALES OVER. YOU MISSED IT. 7/10 -LAST DAY RECAP SALE Dawn of War 2 $14.99 Sanctum $3.75 Terraria $4.99 Fallout NV $14.99 GTA4 Pack $9.99 Portal 2 $24.99 Witcher 2 $33.49 Magicka $3.39 Borderlands GOTY $7.50 Fable 3 $24.99 Bad Company 2 $5.00 Shogun 2 $29.99 Just...
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    Current rig has the weirdest problem...

    I don't really know where to put this because I don't have any idea what component may be the issue. I'm generally good at finding issues, but this one has me stumped... I just replaced my videocard, so this is the first time in months I've restarted my computer. I almost forgot it had this...
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    Steam Weekend Sales

    I can't post in Hot Deal Discussion, I'll need to ask here. I've seen some pretty good prices on weekend sales, and was wondering have Fallout 3 or CoD4 been on there recently? Anyone think they'll pop up again anytime soon? I'm really considering buying Fallout 3 soon, but I'd rather get...
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    Battlefield 1943 on Steam?

    I've been looking for a good while now and haven't found any word on it. Will it be on Steam or is it going to be like Fallout 3 DLC and only be available through MS?
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    Test connection for each XBL session?

    My 360 has auto sign in and my XBL will not connect (it says problem, please configure) and I just test XBL and it works fine, I go to sign in and all is fine. Minor gripe, but is there anyway to avoid this so it just connects at poweron?
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    I bought up a Xbox wireless adapter...

    And I was wondering if anyone knew how I can get my WEP key off my currently connected computer. It won't carry the WEP over from the wired connection I used. I don't have access to the router (its on the family computer, and I'm not an admin on it). Btw, does this thing get a ~fast...
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    So who picked up RE5 tonight?

    I did. Games almost like the demo, just tweaked. For a console game, it looks outstanding, fluent between the cutscenes and game.
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    Dell Mini 9, comments?

    I'm looking into the Netbook thing and this looks pretty nice. I need something to write papers at work and this fits the bill. I was going to swap out the HDD and memory for 320 GB Regular HDD and 2 GB DDR2 ram. Also, can Dell's bios be accessed? Also can I reformat and install Win7 without...
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    Screen has purple squares?

    I've had my new eVGA 9800+ for a little over a week and I was about to run Fallout 3 and my computer locked up and I had a pattern of purple squares (checkerboard like) covering my screen. Computer becomes useless and has to be shutoff through the power supply. Is this "artifacting"? Should I...