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    Cat 7 or Cat 8 ethernet ?

    Getting some home networking done in my home. I have charter with 400mb/s downloads. I should only need around 12- 15 foot of ethernet cable. I currently have 2 100 foot ethernet cables and 1 50 foot. The two 100 foot cables are cat-7 and cat-8. The 50 foot is cat-5e. With these options which...
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    Competitive Gaming Displays?

    Looking for a budget display for competitive gaming.. 1080p , 24 - 27 inch, 144 - 240hz, 1 ms response. I only have two questions: is it worth buying into g-sync for high performance and low quality also is a TN display sufficient or would IPS be worth the extra cash?
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    EVGA 1080 FTW

    I prefer maximum performance at the loss of quality. Right now i dip as low as 80 fps for most games on low settings. Some larger scale fps i have to turn down resolution to 1400x900. My question is, is it worth upgrade to a 1080ti or a RTX to stay competitive?
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    ASUS Maximus Hero VIII

    I've been seeing a lot of these boards up on craigslist for sale. I got mine on newegg for 100.00 refurbished about a year ago. Its Z170 and I'm wondering if it's time to upgrade or if it's in good shape to use for a while longer till some updated tech is released. My main goal is steady 144hz...