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    Help finding site

    Some time ago I found a great site which went over all the different offerings of each psu seller. It told you the oem of the specific power supplies as well as all possible reviews on the side of each unit. It was a really great site and I just can't find it. Can anybody help?
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    Hitachi RMA under WD

    Has anybody done an RMA recently with Hitachi? I am interested how it went considering WD now owns them and is selling off the 3.5" segment
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    How reliable ate 3TB and 4TB drives these days?

    I ask because enwegg reviews seem to be abismal but that could only be a disgruntled subset of the ownerbase. What have your wexperience been?
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    Z77 Sabertooth Owners, any chance of lower temos with removed thermal guard?

    I have been using their thermal tool to track my temps. The top half of my board remains cool in the 20/30C. The bottom half though is almost always in the higher 40's celsius. I am wondering if the plastic protector is locking in the hear and if anybody has any experience with lower...
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    Does Intel make their own motherboards or are they contracted out to another company? I ask because the top of the line z77 intel looks almost exactly like the top of the line MSI
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    Which tablets can play HD content?

    Now before you say that they all can, I know for a fact they can't. Even some with HDMI ports can't actually play real 720P or 1080i mkv files. So which tablets can actually play 1080i movies without hiccup. I would settle for 720p as well but if it can do 1080 then it can do 720.
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    When are 4TB internal drives expected?

    When are 4TB internal drives expected?
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    Wattage of the Netgear FS105

    Does anybody have a kill-a-watt and a Netgear FS105 switch? and if you do how many watts does the unit take idle and under network load? I would really appreciate this.
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    Wattage of the Netgear FS105

    Does anybody have a kill-a-watt and a Netgear FS105 switch? and if you do how many watts does the unit take idle and under network load? I would really appreciate this.
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    Best Big Display for Text/Programming

    I currently have two Samsung 940BW's powered by a 8800GT. Each display is 1440x900. But I find I need more space. I like to watch tv/movies while I work, all while having my editor, browser, various terminals sessions, pidgin, irc, email, etc open. My current setup is just not enough...
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    Need a new Soundcard/Dac, No Gaming

    My recent soundcard died and I need a new one (pci or pci-e). I don't play games at all, just listen to lossless music and maybe watch a movie at times. So I dont want gaming centric souce, but a music one instead. I only use headphones so no need for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. I use 64 ohm...
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    DIR-655 wont upgrade

    I am trying to upgrade my DIR-655 from firmware 1.21 to 1.32NA. Upon upgrading it seems successful but then all of the locations around the routers web interface suggest I am still using the 1.21 firmware. Is this a bug or was the update not successful? If so any tips on how to fix.
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    "0C" error code on Abit IP35 Pro

    MotherBoard: Abit ip35 pro On some cold boots I get a 0C error on the Mobo's Post error display. I can only remedy this code my resetting the bios with the switch on the back. If I edit some settings in the Bios, upon restart I get the "0C" error sometimes, but other times I dont. The "0C"...
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    Replacment Gui for 7

    I just installed windows 7 ultimate on a nearly top of the line machine and I am really less than impressed. I even turned off all performance enhancements and it is just slow. Not to mention the new explorer is crap and looks to cater school girls. Has there been any development like...
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    Make sure you know what you are getting if you buy a 3G Touch.

    Today I went to the Apple Store. Got online, as I knew what I wanted. I politely asked the girl for the new 3rd generation 32GB Touch. She looked at me and said sure, and accordingly went and fetched the device from the drawer behind her. I then paid her, got on the train and went home...
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    When Monitors are just to bright?

    I have two Samsung 940BW's and no matter what I set them to my eyes really need to squint. I have lowered the brightness down to 50 and contrast 65, and while for a day or two it seems better, in the next for days I am back to squinting. My school has hundreds of dell monitors and they don't...
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    Thinkpad Vs Macbook.

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    macbook* Keyboard

    How does the macbook keyboard compare to others? The keys seem very far apart which seems like it would make it very hard to type.
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    iTunes closes right after open.

    On a Fresh install of Windows XP SP3 with the newest edition of iTunes, when I open itunes it opens quickly and then closes right away. Any ideas?
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    Windows partition manager says disk doesnt have proper format/parition.

    I have been able to install windows xp on the same drive numerous times in the past, and went today to reinstall windows after a backup hdd died. The windows drive didn't die, just the backup drive, so I installed the new drive and set it all up via another os which I mainly use. Went today to...
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    Faster OCZ Mem cheaper?

    I currently have 4 gigs of this stuff, and want to add another 4gb, for a total of 8gb. But when I look at the newegg site, it seems that they have faster OCZ memory for cheaper than the above link. I am talking about this...
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    Review: Das Keyboard Ultimate vs. Unicomp Endurapro

    I thought id post this here, as I made it for another forum but it can only help. I am going to review the Das keyboard Ultimate vs. the Unicomp Endurapro. I have recently been searching for a new keyboard to replace my Microsoft Multimedia keyboard 1.0a. I used the IBM model M keyboards a...
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    A word on Abit

    Let me first say that I have been a user of only Asus products for years. Not just 1 or 2 years but 7. While I build many computers for myself and customers of mine, I have always thought Asus made great products. Though throughout the years of using Asus products they have always had some...
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    people Linux is not a OS.

    I hear day after day, shoot I even hear and read it in the news. That is people changing there OS to Linux. People Linux is not nor will it ever be a Operating System, Linux is just a Kernel and believe it or not, the actual OS is GNU.
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    Cant watch Movies on left monitor of dual screen setup

    so I have a 8800GT with Dual samsung LCD's. I am running the newest drivers and have chosen the extended desktop option. My problem comes that I cannot move playing videos to the right monitor from the left. I like to do my work on the left and then watch a movie or video on the left. But...
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    New OCZ PC2-8000 rated at 6400

    So I just built a new system as my sig states below. I used OCZ Pc2-8000 memory. Tthough in my cpu-z shots which are below it shows up as pc2-6400. why is that? . When I change the ratio to 1:2 for DDr2-1066, my system restarts, then I tried to set the voltage to 2.1 V, but still has...
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    new Abit Ip35 pro reset Swith fell off.

    So I got my Ip35 Pro today and when I opened the box, the reset switch under the ps/2 ports has fallen off and was out of the bag. I was able to get it back on but it seems that it is quite flimsy and will just fall off again. I have not tried it yet as my cpu comes tomorrow. But should I rma...
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    Where can I buy E8400

    I cant find a reputable seller at a reputable price that still has them in stock. I already ordered the rest of my pc. so where can I get one.
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    8800GT vs 9600GT for my needs.

    My rig will consist of a Intel E8400 and a Abit ip35 pro. I don't game very much, but still like te ability to when I have the chance. I would in fact love to be able to watch HD content i can get off the newsgroups usually in x264 format. My current pc can play these videos but its very...
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    Memory for E8400 and Abit ip35 pro

    So I have decided on the Intel E8400 as well as the Abit Ip35 for its motherboard. and a 8800GT for the graphics card. Now all I need is memory, I want to try and bring this thing to 4ghz so I think I will need pc8500 or close to it. I have sen a few lists that have all the supported memory...
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    Quite 8800GT

    So I want a very quiet but very cool 8800GT, whats the most quiet and coolest(temp) model?
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    8800GT worth it over 8600GT

    Is the 8800GT worth the extra close to $150 over the 8600 GT, and if it is, is the 8800GTs worth the extra ~$40 over the 8800GT. I was planning on the 8600 XT, its cheap and I dont game much, but do sometimes, and would like to if I want to,
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    I have Norrowed it down as far as I can, Now I need your help.

    ok so I have done a lot of research and come down to the following P35 Abit IP35 pro GigaByte GA-P35-Ds4 X38 Asus P5E Gigabyte GA-X38-Ds4 There have been other boards that I like, but for some reason or another they always have some sort of problem. I have not really decided on p35...
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    Asus P35 raid offerings

    How come Asus includes RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 on the following models, P5K-E P5K-Premium But only RAID 0, 1 P5K-E Wifi P5K-Deluxe WiFi P5K-3 Deluxe WiFi
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    Hardest harware decision I have ever had to make?

    Hardest hardware decision I have ever had to make? sorry for typo I am looking to Build a new system Still currently running a system like such. --------------------- Intel P4 2.4c asus p4c-800e deluxe 9600XT 2gb ocz pc-4800 -------------------- Now I am looking to build a system with a...
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    Do I want HDCP or not? for new 8600 series.

    I am never going to buy a HD quality Movie, but I want to be able to watch very high quality movies on my pc. These are not illegal movies, just movies taken with excessivly expensive cameras. If I get a Graphics card that has this HDCP, will it not allow me to watch these movies. I was...
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    Is Asus still as good as they used to be?

    I am wondering if Asus still has the quality that they used to. They use to be at the top of their game but now they are very expensive and have alot of problems especially with DOA Units. What do you guys think? and if they do suck then who is the new Best.,
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    Chipsets: Intel Vs. Nvidia

    Whom currently makes the better Performance chipset. X38 Vs P35 Vs 780I
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    Help choosing a Motherboard.

    So I have been running a P4 2.4c for some time, since they were the big thing. But recently the usb controller on my mobo died and I am out of warranty. could use a pci card but would rather a new pc. So I have a few hundred bucks and want a pc with power but I could care less about gaming...
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    New Card for new rig, not for gaming.

    Hi I am currently running a 9600xt, dont do much gaming. Going to make a new pc, one with a Intel E8400. Havent decided on a mobo yet, but it will have pci-e. Looking for a basic card, must be nvidia that can handle some minor gaming, must be able to handle dual monitors in dvi @ wide...