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    Used DDU, now no display at all

    So I decided to switch out my GTX 660 for an R9 290 I recently bought. I decided to try out Display Driver Uninstaller since it seemed like the new best way to clean out drivers, but after seeing the cleaning and shutdown go quite smoothly I have not been able to get any sort of video out from...
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    Slight Production Defect with Rosewill RK-9000BRI?

    I ordered the RK-9000BRI that was on sale last week at egg, which came in today. I am typing on it now and it feels great, a lot smoother and better than the ABS M1 it replaced. However, I have noticed at at the rear of the unit near the USB cable there seems to be a rough burr on it. It's...
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    New Galaxy GTX 660 w/ Noisy Cooler?

    I picked up the Galaxy 660 that was on sale last week, and installed it today after receiving it. I looked over the card when it came in and it seemed ok, but when I installed it onto my rig and booted it up I immediately heard a loud clicking/buzzing noise that wasn't there before. :confused...
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    New Sandisk Extreme Giving Low Speeds in CrystalDiskMark?

    I bought a Sandisk Extreme 240 during the Black Friday sales as my first SSD, and after quick formatting it and then updating to the latest r211 firmware that runs TRIM correctly I decided to start doing benchmarks to confirm things were working ok...
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    Do Short Power Outages Hurt PSU Functionality if They Don't Kill the Unit?

    Hey all, I'm just curious to know if short power outages that do not kill PSUs might harm their operation(voltage regulation, ripple, efficiency, that kind of thing) once power comes back up. By that I mean short outages that last maybe a second to a few seconds and then turn back on again. I...
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    Is 91% Isopropyl Alcohol Still Alright for Thermal Paste Cleaning?

    I am going to be switching cases soon, and I thought it would be wise to take the time to clean off and reapply the TIM to my CPU cooler along the way (didn't do a good job the first time around so have been meaning to do that for a while now) . This would be my first time doing this, and I do...
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    Computer seeming to hang on boot. Faulty hard drive? Graphics Card? Something else?

    Today, while doing some house cleaning, I had to shift a computer a little in order to reach some spots it was in the way of. Unfortunately, I did it while the computer was on, which is probably not the best idea, though it is something I have done before with no ill effect to my tower...
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    Unlocked Nexus S 9020t on T-mobile talk only prepaid plan possible?

    This sounds a bit silly, but I've been talked into (ok dragged by my family) grabbing a smartphone. I've done my research and concluded that I'd like to get my hands on an unlocked T-mobile Nexus S (emphasis on "unlocked" as we're going abroad on vacation next month and would like to use our...
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    Did trying to reposition my CPU cooler fan cause my Computer to get BSODs on startup?

    Last week, I put the finishing touches on my build, a 2500k cooled by a Thermalright True Spirit 120 on an MSI Z68A-G43 (G3) running a GTX 260 192(a temporary) holdover and 8 gigs of Ripjaws X 1600. The build went together well, though I will admit that the cooler installation, being my first...
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    Z68A-G43 (G3) owners, can you boot with your ram sticks in Dimm slots 2 and 4?

    Hey Guys, I've been putting together a budget-ish build lately, actually literally just bought the processor and I have a question to owners of this board. I've been kinda set at getting this particular motherboard, and I have a good idea of what components I want in this build but I do have...
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    4 gigs of ram ok, or should I spring for 8?

    Hey all, I have this 4 gig set of Crucial Ballistix I bought as a shell shocker way back early this year in anticipation of an imminent new build. As you can tell, it's a 1.65v set, but I was assured that you could run it at 1.5v. However, that build never happened then, but I'm reealll close...
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    Mount and Blade Warband Digital Download $4.99 at Amazon Just stumbled across this deal. I know quite a few people were organizing Warband group buys so I thought this might be a good alternative.
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    WD10EALS vs Samsung F3

    I've been on the market for a new drive for a while now, and with the 4th of July that means sales on hard drives. I had been holding out for a deal for a Samsung F3 in particular, and it seems that Ewiz had answered that little prayer when they were going for 65 bucks. However, Newegg then...
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    Borderlands(PC) - 19.99 at Gamestop!

    Scooped from sportzguy over at SD. Enjoy. :)
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    Dell 2410WA on wiki, is this some sort of joke?

    I was just looking at the comment section on a recent anandtech article, and someone mentioned a 24" E-IPS 2410WA on the Dell monitor wiki. I went over there to confirm and sure enough it was there. However, I searched google for any mention of it elsewhere and so far there doesn't seem to be...
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    Enhance ENP-5150GH for $14.99 + Shipping, $12.89 w/ Coupon

    Scooped from AT, is offering the ENP-5150GH for 14.99 +shipping, though apparently you also get a %10 off code when you register, which I can't confirm because I haven't done that yet. :p Also comes with 4.1% Cashback, under "Computer Geeks". Couldn't fit that into title. :p Oh yeah...
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    Sapphire HD 4870 512mb $169.99 AR w/ FS

    Wow, this thing must be at HD 4850 prices by now :)
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    Antec EA-650 $49.99 w/ FS When you absolutely, positively, need to power that mid-budget 4850 setup.
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    What can anyone tell me about this non-ref Palit HD 4850? Just curious, I found this card while looking through Newegg today and was somewhat intrigued. I know Palit does these kinds of cards a lot, and I know people were waiting on some non-ref cards so this got my attention. Of...
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    Will my CPU bottleneck a potential high end card?

    Ok, so I'm in the market for a new video card at this time, looking at either an HD 4870, GTX 280, or maybe a 260(not very likely with the rumored extra shader card coming out soon, maybe). Problem is, I don't know if my CPU, an E6550 @ stock, is going to bottleneck these cards. Before anyone...
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    Corsair 550VX $64.99 AR w/ FS

    This deal just came in, it couldn't have been more than a few hours old, and it wasn't there when I looked at the page like an hour and a half ago. Some people were asking in the PSU forum about lower priced power supplies so I thought putting it up here would be useful. :) See it here.
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    Really noob question, how do you pull apart Molex daisy chains?

    After recently moving my components to my first aftermarket case, I decided to experiment with my cable management. I connected two case fans' molex connectors, but later decided that the arrangement wasn't for me and tried to remove the connectors from each other. Problem is I don't know how to...
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    Hooking up Power Supplies without them being in the case, doable?

    Let's say I want to test a power supply, but my present rig already has one in and it's either very hard to pry out of the case or I'm feeling lazy(or both). Instead of doing that, what if I set the new power supply beside the case, hook it up to the motherboard/hard drives/DVD drive while the...
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    It's that time again, CM 690 $30 shipped AR...

    For the remaining five people in the world who haven't gotten one yet. :p
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    Getting random reboots! Don't know if it's PSU, memory, or something else.

    Recently, about one and a half to two weeks ago, I installed a new hard drive in my PSU upgraded Dell Inspiron 530 w/ Vista Home Premium. That went ok, past the fact that it's tough to move around in such a small case! However soon after that, I began getting an occasional random reboot in WiC...
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    Koss SB 45 vs 49, which is better?

    I know that there was a topic on this recently, but I don't think people will appreciate it if I bump it. ;) The SB 45s are recommended by the sticky thread at the top of the forum page, so that's a known quantity. However from what I gather the SB 49s are newer, cheaper and are slightly...
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    IP35-E in stock again at the Egg!

    I don't know what the heck is going on in Abit, but before Newegg took down the page for the IP35-E I had put it on my email notification for no reason in particular reason(ok, I was waffling in between making my first DIY build or not depending on some family issues :p) and today, as I was...
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    Longer term storage of steel cases ok?

    If I wanted to put a recently acquired steel case away for later use for say, a year or so in it's original box and perhaps in a relatively cool and dark place, will there be any conceivable problems arising from it's long stay cooped up in it's box? I've heard of steel cases of rusting after a...
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    How do you change out a case power switch?

    Just a bit curious but I'm thinking I might have to do that sometime down the line. Is it easy? Hard? Would I need any kind of tools past a screwdriver or whatever basic tools I have lying around the house? Would anyone know where to find a guide for this kind of thing? Edit:Oh, and to avoid...
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    Antec Nine Hundred $62.99 AR w/ Free shipping @ Rebate starts tomorrow though. :p Well actually you could argue later today, since I'm posting this at 3:24am EST. :) Edit: It seems they screwed up the rebate link, it's actually here and working.
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    Corsair 620HX $89.99 shipped AR :eek: , excellent price for an excellent PSU! True it's all rebates(3 of them...) but the price is still stellar if you're looking for a new power supply.
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    No internet over wireless router.

    I have a Belkin F5D7230-4 version 1111 wireless router, which has been working well with Verizon DSL for the past year or two. Recently our family switched over to Roadrunner cable, which offered much higher speeds for only a bit more in monthly payments. The new connection is great with it's...
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    550VX cables + Me being an idiot = Motherboard with busted caps, PSU reusable?

    Hi, I'm a recent lurker turned brand new member. So, I had recently purchased a Corsair 550VX PSU. Great unit, rave reviews and very cheap when I got it. I had a month and a half old Dell Inspiron 530 that I intended to use it on. Looking back, at the time I brought it I had debating building...