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    Overclocking Radio interference affects wireless

    Just thought I would pass this along. I was running EasyTune 5 and I set the CPU to my new regular running speed of 8x490 = 3920 MHz. However this time my wireless connection dropped. I actually thought I had an unstable overclock. I dropped the FSB back to 488 MHz and the wireless...
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    DS3 question:Option 1 vs Option 2 in F10

    I just went back to F10 BIOS because I bought the Buffalo Firestix PC8000 memory with the Micron D9's I am a little unclear about what using Option 1 vs Option 2 does in the F10 BIOS. Has anyone tried this and can tell me the difference between the two settings? I am trying to get the most...
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    Virtualization Technology what a great feature

    I am running Ubuntu Linux right now under VMWare server on XP Pro. Wow it is really excellent. I have a few things I need to figure out like how to get ubuntu to recognize my USB devices so it will see my printer but so far so good. This is really excellent I can run Linux under Windows and...
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    Corsair 6400C4 fails after 25 minutes

    Run at the rated 800 MHz, 4-4-4-12 timings and 2.1V operation, this set of Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 lasted for no more than 25 minutes in Memtest-86 before it started throwing memory errors. Here is a actual screen shot of the monitor I took of it running just a few minutes ago. Not sure how...
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    Overclocking work in progress

    I make no promises I will make it to 40 minutes of Orthos never mind 4 hours needed to make it "official" but this is my current goal that is running right now as I am typing this :D I don't expect to make it on my first attempt or maybe never but I have had good luck so far. ;)
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    SATA DVD burners $25 at newegg

    oh jeez sorry for the typo in the subject line that is $35 at newegg not $25. In case anyone is doing a new build I just lucked onto the retail version of the Lite-On 16X DVD burne, SATA interface, for 35 bucks at newegg. No more tacky IDE cable cluttering up the new PC woot. It is like...
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    OC 7900GS beyond 620 MHz? -- what's the trick?

    Are there some advanced settings in Riva Tuner 2.0 that will help me overclock this 7900 GS card beyond 620 MHz GPU speed? How do you up the voltage on one of these cards and how to you up it on a DS3 motherboard? I do not want to change the stock fan or modify the hardware because its an eVGA...
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    CPU-Z Bus Speed off by 1 MHz from BIOS

    When I get past a certain point on my DS3 motherboard the bus speed setting in the BIOS and the Bus Speed in CPU-Z do not agree. The CPU-Z setting often reads 1 MHz lower than what I set it in the BIOS. SP2004 does the same thing. For example I set the bus speed in the DS3 to 433 MHz but...
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    Ultra Wizard MT case & 500W P/S FREE after rebate

    Just thought I would pass on these two great deals I just did my last build with the pair of them. Both from ( Get them while they last & sink that extra $80 into your next video card. Ultra Wizard mid-tower case free after rebate with free shipping...