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    Easiest Software To Edit PDF With Text and Images

    Someone asked me the best way to edit a pdf and given who this person is, I'm looking for a easy solution vs best. This person gets building plans/layouts emailed to him as a pdf file and needs to mark them up for his installers. He wants to notate where equipment should go etc. So, he would be...
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    Cisco SG300 Help Needed - Broadcast Storm Issue?

    I have 20 Aruba Instant IAPs with a HP 2530-48G POE switch to power them. They are connected to a Cisco SG300-52 which is my main MDF switch. I have two other SG300-52 IDF switches connected to the MDF SG300. What happens is that users start complaining about wireless access problems. I am...
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    Microsoft Office For Business - Office 365 Or Office 2016

    We currently use Office 2007 and Office 2010 on our about 20 workstations. I'm looking to move to MS office 365 for hosted exchange. I found out that as of the first of this year, Microsoft no longer support Outlook 2007 or 2010 for hosted exchange. It seems to be working just fine so far at...
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    HyperV - Copy Virtual Machines

    I am looking to make copies of two production virtual machines and then take them to a offsite location to run on a HyperV server at that location that will be used for disaster recovery purposes. The plan is to then use backups/restore to keep the data on the offsite DR HyperV server up to...
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    Which HDDs For Dell Poweredge R710 Gen II

    I am looking to get a Dell Poweredge R710 Gen II to use as a Hyperv server. I see that I can get a version with 3.5" drives or 2.5" drives. The 2.5" version seems to be more readily available. I'm just not sure about the storage options with 2.5" drives. It seems like they are more expensive...
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    Need Computer With 2 PCI Slots

    I am looking for a computer with 2 PCI slots. We use two video capture cards for our application. Any options out there from a manufacturer with 2 PCI slots? I would rather not build something. I have found these PCI express to PCI adapters and they may be an option...
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    POE Switch For School

    We are looking at getting some Aruba access points for our small school. We are getting 20 IAP-205 units and one will go in each classroom. What POE switch would you recommend for this? I am most comfortable with the Cisco SG300 lineup but didn't know if it made more sense to step up to...
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    Fortinet Fortigate - Content Filtering For A School

    I am considering a Fortigate 100D or possibly a 200D for a school. The students have chromebooks with filtering but I need content filtering for the rest of the network. How good is the Fortigate content filtering? The searching around I have done tends to talk more about filtering malicious...
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    SBS 2003 to Windows Server 2012 Std

    I am going to be doing a much needed upgrade at a office taking them from SBS 2003 to Windows Server 2012 Std. This should be more simple than most as they use it is a domain controller, and file/print server. No Exchange, sharepoint, etc. They do have one program that uses SQL on the server...
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    Which Gigabit Switch

    I'm looking at replacing a couple OLD 10/100 switches. They are each at a IDF location in the network. For smaller networks, I typically just use a Cisco SG300 and just figure out how many ports they need. Any reasons to look at something better here? I was looking at the HP 2530-24G for...
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    Need 15" Laptop REcommendations

    I'm looking to order 5 laptops for a small school. Here are the requirements: 1) Windows based 2) 15" screen 3) number pad 4) good wireless adapter that will work well with Ubiquiti Unifi APs (not all wireless radios are created equal) 5) $700 max budget for each Let me know what you guys would...
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    Response Plan If Network Is Hacked

    I am trying to answer a somewhat generic question: What would we do if our business network was hacked? Would you guys mind chiming in if you have anything formal in place as far as procedures and policies on how to respond to a network hack incident?
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    VMWare Server Hardware - Refurb Dell or HP

    I want to get a refurb server to run VMWare on. I am thinking a Dell R710 or a HP DL380. I want to add my own SATA drives to it though (3.5") as cheap extra storage. Is that possible with a R710 or DL380? Any recommendations on something you see on ebay that you would recommend? I'm OK with...
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    Moving From SBS 2008 To Hosted Exchange

    We are going to be retiring a SBS 2008 box and are looking to move email to a hosted exchange environment. Any recommendations on who to go with? How about Microsoft's hosted exchange vs Office 365. Is one better than the other if you only care about email hosting? One thing I ran into was a...
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    Xclaim Wireless - By Ruckus - Anyone Used These

    I was searching around for access points and came across a site offering Xlaim by Ruckus Wireless. It looks like these are designed to compete with Ubiquiti Unifi and similar models. Anyone have any experience using these? Xclaim Wireless I am tempted because of the Ruckus name. Normally their...
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    Dell PE T420 - Update from 5.5u2 to 5.5u3

    I am currently running a dell customized ESXI 5.5u2. What is the best way to get to 5.5u3? I believe I need to stick with Dell's version so I don't lose their customization. I see the 5.5u3 on their site but it looks to be the full esxi5.5u3 install. Thanks for the help!
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    Way To Fill Openings In A Class Schedule and Checkout

    I am looking for a way to have a place on a website that you can configure training classes that people can then sign up for and pay for. We would want to allocate say 10 opening for a course and then have the site be able to track when people sign up and sell out when all openings are filled...
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    ESXI 5.5 and APC SmartUPS 1500 - Shutdown Procedure

    I currently have our ESXI 5.5 running on a Dell poweredge server. It's connected to a APC Smart UPS 1500. I want to figure out the best way to manage shutting down the virtual machines and then ESXI when there is an power outage. I have a ubuntu vm and a windows server 2012 vm. Thanks.
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    Help With Corrupt MySQL Database - NEWB

    We were running a virtual machine with the LAMP stack. We had a weird issue that took down the host. Upon restarting everything, the ubuntu machine we were running the LAMP stack on detected a corrupt disk. I restarted it and it attempted recovery. Upon bootup though, mysql will not run. The...
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    Urgent ESXi 5.5 Help Needed

    I'm not sure if power was out so long it depleted the UPS and then the server crashed or what, but here's where I'm at. The Dell server had a warning on it saying that "memory/battery problems were detected the adapter has recovered but cached data was lost." I continued past the error, it...
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    I'm looking for recommendations on a 15" laptop. This is for a business environment but for a power user that is used to speed. It needs to run Windows so I would rather steer clear of Apple products. This user would like something thin and light but a lot of the thin and light notebooks...
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    What Color Laser Printer

    We're looking at getting a color laser printer. Budget of around $500. This will be in a workgroup setting with 8 people sharing it. If there is a all in one that is also a good color printer that would be a bonus. It's always nice to have an option to scan something in. Most of the time...
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    Recommend Me A Game

    I get together a couple times a year with a few friends from high school to play pc games. None of us really game that much other than at our gatherings as we stay busy with family, etc. So, we mainly stick to old school games we know we like. We enjoy playing Desert Combat addon for BF1942...
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    Way To Alert That Internet Is Down

    My parents have been using voip for their phone service through a obi110 now for over a year now. They are happy with it except for sometimes the internet (so also their phone) will be down for hours and they don't even know it. This bothers them as no one can call them when the internet is...
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    Program To Sync Files Between 3 Users

    I am working with a tiny business that does not have a brick and mortar office. They have 3 guys out in the field with laptops. They would like to be able to share files amongst themselves where all the changes that are made update the files on each person's laptop. What would you...
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    Open VM Tools In Ubuntu v14.04 LTS

    I am trying to setup a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS gues on my ESXI 5.5 host. I installed it and rebooted. (sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools) How do I tell if it's running or not? Anything else I need to do?
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    ESXI 5.5 - Recommend UPS Setup

    I am going to be putting a ESXI server into production. Right now, it will have two guest installs: Windows Server 2012 and Ubuntu Server LTS. I need to make sure I have a good UPS setup that will allow for graceful shutdowns in the case of a power outages. What would you recommend for...
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    Moving To A Place With 3MB DSL - Get Two?

    I'm moving to a house where the fastest internet we can get is 3MB DSL. No cable available. I actually feel lucky to be able to get that as the place I am at now we have to use a cellular hotspot. While the speed has been good, it get's expensive! Being metered sucks! So, I'm wondering though...
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    What Server For ESXI Running Windows 2012 and Moodle

    I'm looking for recommendations on what server you would recommend for running ESXI 5.5 as a host with two virtual machines: 1) Windows server 2012, second domain controller, not much else 2) Ubuntu Linux with LAMP running MOODLE I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with moodle, but...
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    Which Nas Solution - OK With DIY

    I'm looking to purchase or build a new NAS. I am thinking 2x 4tb drives in raid1 to start. My needs are pretty basic, mainly just need central storage but I would like to use it as a personal cloud solution as well. So something like bitorentsync etc. I was thinking xpenology since I like...
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    SBS 2008 - Need To Renew SSL Cert Wizard Does Not Support SHA-2

    Our SSL certificate on our SBS 2008 server is up for renewal. It actually expired yesterday. So, I am going through generating a new certificate request and going through the renewal process. That is where I am running into trouble. I am trying to renew a 3 year cert and after 2 years, SHA-1...
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    Help Needed With Network and VLANs

    We currently have a 10.10.x.x network setup. This is because there are so many devices on the network and I don't have any VLANs setup. We use Unifi APs with their guest mode turned on so that even though they draw a IP address from our secured network's DHCP server, they are only allowed out on...
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    Spyware Infection? Malwarebytes Combofix Find Nothing

    I'm working on a computer that got some kind of bug on it. I tried the following and they either removed something but not the root of the problem or found nothing: 1) malwarebytes 2) combofix 3) ADWcleaner 4) tdsskiller 5) malwarebytes antirootkit 6) rkill 7) junkware removal tool...
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    Help With Unifi AP and Mikrotik

    I am wondering if someone is willing to help me step by step with this setup: I have 3 Unifi APs that I want to use. I want to have two wireless networks, public and secured. I'm trying to get it so that those that authenticate on the secured network are able to get a IP address from our...
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    Simple Way To Create Online Form For Internal Use

    I posted this in another spot, but thought I would get better results here..... We have sales reps that currently go from customer to customer taking orders. They fill out a order sheet then either hand it in to the office when they get back or fax it in. I would like to step into the 21st...
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    Simple Way To Create Online Form For Internal Use

    We have sales reps that currently go from customer to customer taking orders. They fill out a order sheet then either hand it in to the office when they get back or fax it in. I would like to step into the 21st century and try to make this form electronic or web based where they can submit...
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    Email Notification Program

    I'm looking for a program that will alert a user on their desktop when they have a new email. We use google but the chrome desktop notifier does not alert very well. For example, if you're not sitting at the computer when the alert comes up you don't know that you have a new email waiting there...
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    Change Domain Name - SBS 2008

    This SBS 2008 server was originally put in place for a company that was then bought out and had it's name changed. We have been able to get by just using the old domain name until now because we just changed the settings in Exchange to allow for a different email domain etc. However, we are...
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    Keeping Domain From Being Viewed As Spam Source

    We currently work with an industry specific CRM system. When we send email out through their system, the email address shows as If a user replies back to the email, it works properly. However, it is setup so that if someone sends an email (copies/pastes the email address)...
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    Unifi AP - Place On Desktop

    I generally like the Unifi AP product. They are meant to be ceiling mounted though. I have times where I want to just place the AP on a desktop, or shelf etc. Basically, I'm replacing a all in one router/AP with a router and a Unifi AP. So, does a Unifi AP still have decent coverage if you...