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    any way i can connect my z-5300e's to my laptop?

    I'm getting a laptop with 2 audio inputs and 1 output, and I was wondering if there was any way I could use my z5300 speakers (currently on my desktop rig with an xfi xtrememusic) with this laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. J

    Problem booting with XP

    Hi I've been having this problem where my system essentially hangs at the welcome screen for a bit then displays solely my background for a minute or two with no HDD activity, then loads normally. I tried disconnecting all my USB crap to no avail. I've also run spyware/virus scans in safe...
  3. J

    GSkill Falcon vs OCZ Vertex

    I understand these drives have the same controller so they probably have the same level of performance, but which one is the better buy? They're both at the same price point ($200 for 60gigs), but I can't find any review directly comparing them nor have I heard much about the gskill in general...
  4. J

    Does input lag matter in this situation?

    I'm considering buying the Samsung T260HD because I need a tv and a monitor to hook my laptop up to in college. I'm not going to be gaming on this monitor, only using it as a screen for internet surfing, docs, email, etc. I'm aware of how much input lag sucks for gaming, but will it be annoying...
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    Best 22"+ LCD TV/Monitor sub $400

    Hey guys I'm shopping around for TVs for my dorm room that will function both as a tv and as a monitor to use with my laptop (Which has a hdmi connection). I was looking at this because of the 1080p capability, but it's only 22". By the way the laptop I'll be using will have a smaller res...
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    Laptop 7200rpm vs SSD

    Hi I currently have a 74gig (8mb cache) raptor in my desktop, and I'm going to switch to a notebook for college. I was wondering how the 7200rpm drives (200+ idea how much cache is on them. The ones included with the dell laptops) compare to the raptor. I really don't want to notice...
  7. J

    SageTV Channel Problem

    I just installed SageTV because the Cyberlink PowerCinema 4.0 software I've been using for the past few years just started crapping out. The problem is that it doesn't recognize any channels. When I scan, the channels register under the program guide, but I can't change to any of them because...
  8. J

    Standby screws things up! (for me)

    Hey guys, haven't been here in months, but I want to revisit a problem that I forgot about a while ago (likely because I couldn't figure it out). When I place my computer in standby mode, when I turn it on, I find my cpu temp is high because the pump doesn't work -- it's just not getting power...
  9. J

    Mobo Rec

    Hey, I'm going to be using a penryn quad core cpu, 2 (or 4) gigs of ddr2, and an 8800gt (but I'll probably wait for something later) and it's going to be watercooled (if that even matters). I've been out of the loop for a while and have seen so many boards on the market. My main priorities are...
  10. J

    Audio sync problems w/ tv

    I'm using an ati theatre 550pro and an xfi xtrememusic sound card. Sometimes there are really bad audio sync issues, where the audio is off by half a second or so. It's unbelievably annoying. My friend who's really experienced with tv tuners said it was a sound card related issue. Can anyone...
  11. J

    Does this score seem right?

    5875 3dmark06 for my sig? The clock of the 7950gt 512 was like 600/850. I remember it being higher before for some reason.
  12. J

    Current best deal on 2gig ddr2 overclocking ram?

    I've been out of the loop for a while and im looking for 2gigs of highly overclockable, cheap ddr2 ram. The last i remember was the firestix and ballistix, but i cant find the firestix. Can someone point me in the current direction for the cheapest, best overclocking set of 2gigs ddr2?
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    help me build! (like the 5000000 other people!)

    Hey ive been out of the loop for a while and I think it's time to upgrade my rig (in sig). I've been thinking about getting the G0 q6600 but I'm not sure whether i should just stay dual core and oc the shiz out of it (planning on not upgrading for 4). BTW, it will probably be...
  14. J

    No boot - Help

    I just took out my pump and (after replacing it with air heatsinks last week...did the pump today. would boot before i changed the pump) I can't boot. It goes all the way to the loading windows screen and it just pauses on after a few "swipes" and hangs. If i press the restart button on my case...
  15. J

    annoying high pitched hiss while under load

    I haven't orthosed in a while, so I decided to do it after i got the diver_irql_not_less_or_equal error. Anyway, when I orthos there is this high pitched noise that is unbelievably annoying. It changes frequencies every couple if I change a webpage or something while that...
  16. J

    Won't turn on out of sleep

    For the past two days, I haven't been able to turn on my computer after I put it in sleep. I need to turn off the power supply, then turn it back to be able to power the computer on. This has just started happening. Usually, I watch tv and put it to sleep by remote when im about to fall...
  17. J

    Weirdness coming out of sleep

    Every night, i put my PC to sleep while watching TV. In the morning, i resume it and my voltages are lower on everything according to smartguardian. They are still save though. Also, it reads that my cpu temp is 50c when in reality it is like 25-30c (watercooled and cold morning air). On top...
  18. J

    Wireless N (draft) in Vista 64bit?

    Before purchasing the 64bit version of vista, I ran through my hardware to make sure everything would have a driver. Using the wmp300n pci adapter, I found that there was no 64bit driver for vista. Anyway, now I'm asking if there are any other N adapters that have vista 64bit support and...
  19. J

    Weird Orthos Error

    I just installed a few yate loons and took out some old OEM ones... Before this, (a couple weeks ago) i could orthos for over 6hrs (no error...just stopped it). Now, I run orthos and i get this error after 4 mins on core 0 "FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was -6.152755342537605e+017, expected...
  20. J

    A Loaded Choice

    OK, so I've been saving some money for an upgrade to my rig (in signature). I currently have a 20" monitor and its glossy which I love. I wish it could be bigger though(and glossy, but i know thats impossible to find). I am 16 years old and I am a gamer as well as a student. Anyway, I cant...
  21. J

    Odd CPU Usage

    Yeah... my cpu usage keeps shooting up and going right back down for no reason. I've never seen it like this. No process seems to be doing this.
  22. J

    Error on shutdown. restarts

    Every few shutdowns, my computer restarts and shows this error Its pretty annoying. BTW, i am heavily overclocked. What should I do?
  23. J

    +2.5v @ 1.28v?

    using everest home edition, the voltage monitor says that the +2.5v is only at 1.28v? Ive never even heard of +2.5v...
  24. J

    Raptor - desperately need to silence

    I've had my 74gig raptor (GD) for about a year now but ever since I went watercooling the sound has really started to tick me off. I am using an antec p160w and I can feel the vibrations from it. Using rubber grommets that came with the case (i believe), the sound is a lot worse when the door to...
  25. J

    spare power?

    Im thinking about going into a peltier solution and I was wondering if i even had enough power left in my psu (so to speak...i know its incorrect). 6 fans (including chipset) 1 sata hd OCed 7950gt OCed opty 165 2gb ddr 500 OCed dfi ultra d Swiftech mp655 (i think) pump dvd+-rw...
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    look whos back crucial annis
  27. J

    Peltier? read

    I was thinking about going peltier because I'm just not getting the temps that I thought I would with watercooling. Using the swiftech apex ultra kit (and a gpu waterblock) I'm getting load temps (4hrs) of 43c using ceramique, 1.475v bios 2900mhz opty 165. BTW ambient temps are like 20-21c So...
  28. J

    Stablility Issue

    Using the rig in my sig, I've overclocked my ram to 265mhz with 3-4-3-8 timings and the cpu to 2906mhz using a 9 multi. I've orthosed it for over 8 hours with no errors. Today, i tried to tighten the timings (over the stock 3438) and I kept getting memtest/32m superpi errors. I then brought...
  29. J

    XFI Problem

    Every once in a while, i cant open up the xfi control panel or mode switcher and I get the error "CTIntrfc.dll cannot be found. re-installing the application may fix this problem." That DLL is in the shared folder. This happened to me once before, but its really annoying.
  30. J

    PCIe X1/X4 question

    I have an x1 tuner and i was wondering if i could put it in the x4 slot. Heres a pic btw The x1 is the smallest slot and the x4 the next smallest I ask because I'm wondering whether my waterblock is blocking it.
  31. J

    Recommend me a tuner

    I have this tv tuner but i dont have any more pci slots so i need either a usb tuner or a pcie x1. I was looking at this but its hard to find in stock at a reasonable price. So, I come to you guys. I dont really record the tv, just watch it. I also might want to hook up a ps2 to it or...
  32. J

    Crucial 10th Anniversary

    I cant find them anywhere! neither chiefvalue nor newegg carries them anymore! Any next best choices <$250?
  33. J

    P5B-deluxe revision

    I want to buy a p5b deluxe and i dont need the wifi so I was looking at this. The WIFI version seems to be more popular, so I am wondering if there will be old stock of this and I wont get the newest revision 1.03g. I dont want to get fuxored and not be able to go above 2.1v Does anyone have...
  34. J

    p5b-deluxe which pcie slot?

    Im about to buy the asus p5b-deluxe and i was wondering which color pci-e slot is the one that runs at the regular x16 speed? The reason i ask is because im watercooled and if its the black slot ill have to cut the tubing...
  35. J

    Accepts PP and doesnt charge CA tax?

    Whats the best "e-store" that sells computer parts (like mobo, cpu, ram ect) that doesnt charge california tax and accepts Paypal? Monarch fits the bill but theyre apparently moving towards systems and I cant order parts (im not here to start a flame war. no comments on this.) Tankguys...
  36. J

    P5B-Deluxe Included NB Fan

    Before I buy this, I was wondering if you guys use this rather than an 80mm fan or something over it. How loud is it? BTW, I'm watercooling so i figured i might as well use it.
  37. J

    rofl MSFirefox?
  38. J

    Conroe Upgrade

    I'm going to upgrade from my sig to c2d... e6600 ~$320 p5b-deluxe wifi/ap ~$200 crucial 10th anniversary 2gb ram -$230 would you reccommend anything different for the price? I'm watercooled, and i dont know if i should save my money and just go with an e6400. what do you think?
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    Kentsfield Pre-Order