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    Should I upgrade from my x99 deluxe 1

    I built my pc right after 5960x release with a x99 deluxe ver. 1. I was one of the lucky few who had the cpu go up in smoke either due do early firmware or mobo hardware. I've been on the replacement x99 D with modern firmware since then. From a longevity standpoint is it worth upgrading my...
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    gtx990 in early 2015

    maybe this has been shared but i didn't see it on here. i thought the next step from nvidia would be gm210? looks like we get gm204b
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    for some time now bf4 has been getting intermittent shuttering, i can't find a pattern on maps or back ground activities. they only last a fraction of a second and only seem to be noticeable when i am changed direction. it's confusing cause im averaging 130+ fps. anyone else getting this? specs...
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    one of my gigabtye 980 g1's slowly strobe

    Both of my gigabyte 980 g1 windforces work just fine however the upper one slowly flashes the windforce logo, but not all the time. does anyone else's g1 card do this? it's not a smooth transition in it's strobe, there's probably 20 shade changes between full blue and off.
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    Post your mobile cinebench r15 scores

    I picked up a dell inspiron 3147 with an intel n3530 cpu while traveling. The benchmarks aren't rewarding but i guess with a TDP of 7.5w i can't expect too much...
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    I was playing bf4 for about an hour and exited to desktop when my psu started running its fans on max followed by a small pop. At first i thought my psu went but after swapping psu's it still wont power on. All the fans jiggle when i hit the power button and the psu clicks. I noticed this...
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    new build randomly powering down

    build specs: 5960x (stock clocks) asus x99 deluxe evga gtx770sc 4gb x2 g.skill 32gb ddr4 2400mhz, corsair h100i cooler corsair ax1200i psu windows 8.1 system randomly shuts off, it doesn't have an error or go blue screen. it just shuts off as if you flipped the switch on the PSU. It...