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    Is this speed fair for WDC 640 blue 5400rpm?

    I have a mbp 2010 with 2 HDDs installed: Intel 80 SSD, and WD640blue as storage drive. I was never satisfy with the 640 due to its incredibly slow speed. I used to dual boot Windows 7 and it would take close to 5 minutes to load up. I got fed up one day and deleted my windows partition all...
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    Red + and Black - speakers?

    I found some old speakers in my parent's with red and black clips labeled plus and minus on the back. I don't have much experience with these except for my logitech z5500 system. I know they take speaker wires but I don't know how to set it up so I can play music from my iphone using them. My...
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    Having trouble playing tf2 on a MBP

    Well, I have Windows 7 on my mac. Despite that windowss runs very slowly, I can still manage to play Starcraft 2 without any major problem. But TF2 on the other hand, stutters quite a lot even though I had my settings down to the lowest. I have the early 2010 15" mbp. I played through Mass...
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    X25-M + hybrid sleep?

    I have a X25-M 80GB ssd on my new MBP. I just realized that each time i close my lid, my mac writes everything into the harddrive and save to RAM (aka hybrid sleep/S3 on windows). I am thinking, should I turn it off to preserve life of the SSD? Though I read some articles recently about how...
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    Remote backup?

    I am going to college next year, and I plan to ditch my desktop and go with only a Macbook pro. I want to maybe set up a NAS using spare, outdated parts at home for my family to use. Here's the question, is it possible to enable me to backup the files on my laptop as well using mac softwares...
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    Is my drive normal?

    I installed my new 640 WD scorpio blue 5400 drive into my MBP. I ran some tests on it. For some reason the read/write rate is very inconsistant and quite a bit lower than what I am seeing online. Is there something wrong with my drive? I am running boot camp with only 100gb Windows partition...
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    Where can I buy G1 80GB intel on the cheap?

    I need(want) a SSD for my new Macbook Pro. Since OS X doesn't support TRIM, I am thinking I might save few bucks on the drive. I don't bench or anything, the speed improvement between G1 and G2 probably unnoticeable for my everyday use. Anyone know where I can get a new G1 X25-M? P.S. G1 X25-M...
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    How much does it cost to get an iphone/Android

    Can somebody give me a simpler break down of how much does it cost today to get an iphone or Android with unlimited data plan on top of what my family is already paying for regular service? I am on ATT, and best to stick with it.
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    Which hand do you use for space key?

    Kind of random question, do you guy use left thumb or right thumb for space key when typing? I used to use left for the obvious reason of a WASD gaming but some long time ago I realized majority of the keys I type are on the left side. So I switched to right and pretty much impossible to use...
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    Starcraft 2 key for Mac and PC?

    I pre-ordered the PC version of the game and wonder if the key will work on a Mac version? I ask this because I probably won't have a PC desktop anymore and switch to a Macbook pro.
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    5850 power requirement

    I want to power my 5850 using external power supply, like those of laptops. From what I am reading 5850 draws max of 150w. If I take two 12v laptop charger with output > 80w each, then convert them to molex then to pci-e power, would I be able to power the card safely? Before you ask why...
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    Best smartphone for the summer? (ATT)

    I have a iphone 2g and thinking about upgrading this summer. It seems that the verizon incredible is getting a lot of raving reviews, though since my sister will get the new iphone, I don't know if it's cost effective to switch carrier just for the phone. Plus, we are currently on ATT already...
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    Wireless storage drive?

    I will be going to college next year and will switch to a laptop only solution with SSD only. My question is, what can I use as main storage drives that lets me wirelessly transfer files? I have a pair of 1.5tb drives and would like to use them to store all my videos, picture, music and...
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    Youtube HD?

    Sorry I really don't know where to ask this question, hopefully it's not completely irrelavant to this board as we are talking about Flash here. On most youtube videos, there is often HD version of it (720p, 1080p). When I click them, the flash window remain at default size, which defeats the...
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    Best place to get outdated MBP?

    Now that the new MBPs are out, I am very disappointed to see 13" did not get i3 processor. In fact, there's hardly any change to it besides GPU, which still runs very slowly. Where can I get new 09 13" MBPs for some good savings?
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    I came across this when I look for a new laptop: It is, supposely, able to get desktop video cards work on laptops through external display. This sounds too good to be try espeically after reading a blog post saying nvidia is trying to do the same...
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    BSOD while watching flash based video?

    I have been getting some random BSOD recently for while watching flash video. My processor is clocked at 4.0 but I can pass Linx no problem and temperature is below 50 for doing everyday work. The problem surfaced after I changed video card (4870x2 to 5850) and a clean install of windows. The...
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    Auzentech Forte poping sound

    I am having problem with this sound card. Once a while (randomly), it creates this loud popping sound for no particular reason. I have already tried electrical tape to isolate the card from the chassis, doesn't seem to help. Anyone got any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?
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    Best capturingsoftware?

    I want to record some videos of SF4. I tried fraps but it lags my game too much. I don't know where the problem is since most games use less than 2 cores and theoretically I should have 2 spare cores running the capturing separately without problem. Any recommendation?
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    Overclocking 5850

    What tool should I use? My Asus 5850 is on water, so temp is not a problem. Asus bios is pretty good, the only limitation is voltage. Although it does come with an Asus in house software to overvolt it, but I find it not worth the trouble to as the interface is sub-par and cause some annoying...
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    Displaying software of another language?

    In the XP days, I used to use one of the software supplied by MS to display software other than the native English properly without having to change the region of the system. What do should I use in win7 to display Chinese characters properly?
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    Move AppData folder

    I want to move the app data folder to another drive along with the rest of my "user profile" folders to speed up the image dragging process with firefox? Is there a way to do that? If not, is it possible to reroute firefox's cache folder to my storage drive?
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    Good iphone games?

    I am looking for some good games on iphone to kill time. Looking for something challenging but doesn't require too much attention. Right now I have fieldrunners on it and it's very fun. I have tried Rolando due to the hype, but didn't it worthwhile due to its "complex" controls. Any suggestions?
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    Where are my files?

    I backed up some dvds into my computer under root of C of Win7 64bit. For some reason I cannot find them by navigating to c drive from my computer. I have tried the show hidden option but no luck. If i use software such as dvd decrypter I can find them without any problem. Any idea what's wrong...
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    Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta Give OP a rep while you are at it. I got mine. Just login and you are set. No hassle at all.
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    Windows or my hardware?

    I often find windows disconnect my usb hub. I can't find any solution to fix it. Sometimes, my keyboard and mouse are powered yet I cannot control it in windows and I get a bubble saying USB device not reconignized. Half the time reconnect multiple times fixes the problem, and the other half...
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    Any good RTS coming out? The last one I played is supcom, waiting for SC2 but it's probably not going to be out for another 10 years.
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    Local game stores

    Before Uncharted 2 arrives at my door step, I was thinking about picking up Uncharted 1 to get the momentum going. So I went to BestBuy, the closest electronic store near my house, and look for Uncharted. They didn't have it. Then I drove farther to Toys R Us, they didn't have it either...
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    What do you use your video card for?

    Just wondering what other way fellow [H] use their expensive video card for. Gaming, folding and benchmarking would be my best guess on the most popular 3 activities.
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    Amazon buy 2 get 1 free Buy any three eligible video games in our 3-for-2 promotion and get the lowest-priced item free. See details (restrictions apply). Limit one discount per household. Offer ends Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009...
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    Lead and Gold This looks like an interesting game. Looks very similar to my favorite Valve cartoon game also, which is a good thing :D.
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    HDD transfer speed over usb

    I keep on wondering how come my hard drives have such a low transfer speed with USB. I have a MyBook and a USB docking station. Both of them cannot transfer past than 20MBs. When I switch back to sata, I get at least 3 times the transfer speed (more for my faster drives). Sata is faster than...
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    S-video in?

    I notice most of my video cards have S video plug, I am not sure how it works since I never had any experience with it before. I want to transfer my miniDV tapes for my old camcorder to my computer. I don't have an S video cable in hand to test this out, but if I get one will my video card...
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    What's the hype?

    I don't see why everyone suddenly selling everything they have and run out to get the new 5870 video card. From the benchmarks on the net so far, it is the fastest single card available, but not the fastest card on the market. It's performance is on par with 4870x2, if not slight less in most...
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    Remote XP control from 7?

    Here is my situation: I have a spare old hp desktop laying around, and would like to use it as a gateway to my printer which is also 6 years old. One problem though, I have no spare monitor to go with it. Unwilling to spent more money to revive my hardware, I am thinking about remote...
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    Is it safe to have both A and N drivers?

    I need quick access to both nvidia and ati cards. Is it alright if I keep both nvidia and ati drivers and just swap the cards? Or even have both cards installed and just swap the DVI plug? I have expereiced catastrophic system crash before due to display driver problem (ati...), I don't want to...
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    Cannot boot Win7

    I am running into a problem with booting for Windows 7 (and vista). I installed XP on a separate harddrive than the two (running on ICH10 fake raid). After that, XP pretty much deleted the boot loaders (boot.ini?) of both my Win7 and Vista. After deleting XP via XP install disk, whenever I try...
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    Looks hot

    brb, cleaning my pants...
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    XP mode

    Anyone using this? From my limited experience, it feels like a more refine VPC07. Most important of all we no longer need to lock onto the virtual machine folder. It works just like any other window. There are some problems I still have. How do you set the hard drive size of xp? My...
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    Free image mount for Win7?

    I am looking for a free image mount that let me mount .iso file with windows 7. I have been using Daemon tool since long time ago. But now only the pay version supports windows 7. I heard of CloneDVD, but that also requires money. All I need is a simple software that mount ISO, no additional...