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    Overclocking on Win 10 Build 10041

    Anybody have any over clocking experience yet with the newest Win 10 build? I'm trying to find out if my cpu is locking up because of the OC/heat or its the OS itself? Using Prime95 latest stable build my AMD will run all throttles after 72C anyway. I run the Valley benchmark and it...
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    Windows Phone market share keeps shrinking!

    Windows Phone market Share keeps shrinking, now down to 2.7% Ouch! And it looks like Android keeps on
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    120Hz HDTV and HDMI issue

    Question for all you TV guru's out there. I previously had a 720P Plasma TV that displayed fine through HDMI from my pc. Fast forward to today and I just purchased a Samsung Smart TV with clear view 240 or whatever its called, that's 120Hz actual. Problem I'm having since I go through HDMI...
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    MTD Win 7 ISO Patch Integration Issue

    Hey, At the suggestion of a couple forum members I've tried to use MDT to integrate patches into a Windows 7 Pro SP1 WIM file and create an ISO image to deploy. I can get as far as creating the ISO and installing Win 7 on a test machine then the iso integrates the patches reboots, install...
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    Login Problem Help!

    Ever since the forum went down the last time and it asked me to re-enter my credentials when it came back up I can only log in to the forum with this pc. My other laptop and workstation won't let me saying the username/password is incorrect? I triple checked my user/password and flushed the...
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    Windows 7 Still Out Growing Windows 8! Ouch! And it looks like the current 8.1 growth is due to Win 8 users upgrading.
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    FM2+ mobo, anybody getting one before Kaveri?

    Anybody thinking of biting on one of these motherboards before Kaveri hits? I'm thinking of picking one up plus a 760 processor in the mean time until they are released. I'd go for Intel but dam do they lock their processors down now with no room for OC unless using the K version. :(
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    Waiting for Windows 7 upgrade path then you won't like this...

    If you were looking forward to Microsoft finally coming to its senses for desktop users after Windows 8.x then you won't like what MJF has to say about the next MS OS release if true. Yes, its as bad as you think! :( Entire story here...
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    New APU on Newegg!

    Just got the daily deals email...when are they going to be released?
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    Newegg: installing Linux on your computer is the same as breaking it

    Thought I would pass this on from the Consumerist. Funny thing is once this went public they did a 180 and are now sending her a replacement Thinkpad. :rolleyes: