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    Samsung P2370 Issue NEED HELP PLZ!

    ok well..i recently bought a samsung p2370 and when i hooked the monitor up it showed these NUMEROUS vertical red lines all over the guessing its the monitor or graphics card. i'll try to get a pic if possible but at the moment it seems like i can't. This is with DVI connection to my...
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    Want to build $1,200 Gaming Rig

    Well my friend saved up 1,200 for a gaming rig. He wants the best bang for buck parts so any suggestions would be nice. he will prolly bf2 alot so i'm guessing at least 1 gig of ram or more with a 7800gt. for hard drive space i'm guessing around 250gb or 200gb. no monitor is needed but prolly a...
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    Need Assistance in Building $1000 gaming sff

    my cousin just moved into his new house and wants to build a new computer. I showed him some pics of sff cases and showed him some at frys. He seemed very interested in it and wanted one for his next computer. His budget is only 1000 after tax + shipping. He will mainly use this computer for...