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    Please delete my account.

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    Any idea what form factor this PSU is? Looking to do a mod to an old PB case I have lying around....unfortunately I threw away almost all of the guts a long time ago. What I'd like to try and aim for is absolutely no mods to the outside of the case. So finding a PSU that...
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    Jetway I31GM3...under-the-radar amazingness? As far as I can tell, its an amazing board, so I did an impulse buy and apparently got the last one lol (cause its discontinued). I've got no cpu or ram to test it with, but since I haven't seen anything on [H] about it, or...
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    DNS issue ugh

    I work in a building with a bunch of small businesses in it. The building has a dns server set up at to give dns to each small business' servers. Our personal server has an IP of, which we use for active directory and dns. My problem is that to be able to log into...
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    Stacker 830 fan config advice?

    I won a CM Stacker 830 a while back from nVidia, and now I'm planning on using it in a build. Lo and behold, one of my friends gave me a spare X2 5400+ for my 21st birthday :) But the 830 is a much larger case than i'm used to. And it actually supports 120/140mm fans (lol my quantum is 80mm...
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    Annoying Icon in Start!!

    I've got a picture of it here: if i accicentally click it, i get thrown into safe mode....yay :mad: can't right click and delete....the only option that comes up is to run it. anybody got any clue how to get rid of this bastard?
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    Unable to change background

    If i go to change the background, I'll select a different file and hit Open, and it just goes back to the display properties page with nothing changed, and no new picture showing...any ideas? :-/
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    Start Menu programs problem

    Usually in the start menu, there is space to drag 4-6 programs that you use often. I have the space, but cannot drag anything there :( I even went and found the setting for it, and have it set on 4, and it STILL won't let me add anything there :(
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    XP: How do I move boot files from one drive to another?

    You the autoexec.bat, boot.ini, config.sys, io.sys, msdos.sys,, and ntldr ? I had an installation of XP on my C: drive and it got infested with a virus when someone didn't mention they unplugged the hardware firewall. After ridding it of virii, I still didn't trust it...
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    quick pelt question

    I was lookin at doing a setup w/ this type of setup: Where the psu is almost sitting right ontop of the heatsink... I'm a noob to this kind of cooling, but would a peltier be ok to use here, and what about this condensation nonsense i hear...
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    Creative Zen Vision M 30GB Black $168 after rebate LAST DAY

    Not sure how good of a deal it is, but I was looking for 6-8GB units and came across it. The store has a pretty good rep on epinions and such. They shipped it out less than 2 hours after I placed the order. EDIT: Ignore this...
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    Free Mag Subscription EDIT: It's for a 12 month subscription to 'Games for Windows' magazine. Thanks Gilthanis for adding on my oversight, so others don't think this is some sort of scam/spyware infested site :).
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    Does anyone know of an alternative to Web2Messenger?

    ^What the title said....
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    A8N-SLI Deluxe Beta Bios?!?

    I went to check the asus site to see if they added anything for the Deluxe, and lo and behold...they added something a while ago...back in Nov. 6th... 1805 beta bios...any idea what's so special about em? Or....:eek:....what is so evil about them to leave em in beta and not have 17 up there at...
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    Anyone have any recommendations for a 5.1 headset?

    My little bro finally broke my Inland Bass Vibration 6000 headset and I was looking to upgrade to a nice 5.1 headset. Just in case, I have a Audigy 2 ZS....
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    1.2 petabyte harddrive?

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    iPod Shuffle gen-2 help

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    slightly luke warm deal on Verbatim flash drives

    At Office Max, they have very pretty 2gb and 4gb Verbatim Flash Drives on sale... the prices are 35$ and 65$ respectively, but any google search for the 4gb drive always gets me results that are '130-170$' they must be nice... I might go grab one tomorrow...i needed something...
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    RSS feed?

    Maybe it's just me, or the stupid page, but your RSS feed is always like 5 hours behind what the main page is. Or maybe it's evil firefox! :rolleyes:
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    ROFL....Newegg = ahahahah Supposedly it's been around for a while, but I LOLd pretty hard when i saw it a few mins ago :D EDIT: lol they also have these
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    2 More m-ITX boards on newegg The second is the same as the first, except it has alot more features :P
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    Want to playtest future Valve products? linked from the Fortress Forever forum...
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    iPod Shuffle gen-2 help

    *not sure where to put this, so move it wherever* My lil bro just got one for his birthday today. I followed the and install iTunes, then plug the player in. It asked me to update the firmware to 1.01, so I did. Then it said it would restart iTunes. After it restarted...
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    I know that we're all sick of hearing 8800 news repeated over and over and over and over and over and over again (even though it's gonna pwn hard), so is there any info out on their midrange next-gen cards? I haven't seen any yet... The way that I'm looking at it is this: If I can get...
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    Best speakers for g/f?

    She only wants cheap ones, and I'm cheap myself... I saw these and thought that they might be good, and I wondered if anyone bought a pair :P
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    Wireless Networking Noob FTL!

    Aight...I've had Verizon FIOS for a good while (wooohoo!) and it's been giving me godly upload speeds. But, if I were to play games, it'll work for a bit, then do a 2-3 second frame stutter about every minute or so. Not sure if it's router or W-NIC issues, but I need help and have no idea...
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    Can you help me ID these cards?

    I've got 2 old as dirt cards laying around. I'd like to get a computer working for my uncle, who doesn't have one. He'll just be doing IE and Word, so they aren't a problem for the 400mhz computers that I'm throwing them in. But I'd still like to give him the best out of the bunch, so assist me...
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    Cell Factor questions

    I've got 2 questions (and something odd to share) that I was thinking of when watching that Cell Factor trailer on the main page. 1. What resolution do you guys run the demo in? I'd imagine it to be fairly high to get an enjoyable experience with all that nonsense flying around. 2. Does the...
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    Commell to announce Core 2 Duo mini-ITX mobo soon

    I may be one of the few interested in m-ITX mobos, but this sure peaked my interest more. I emailed Commell today to ask them if they were considering making a m-ITX mobo that supports the just-announced quad-core processors, and they replied with: "We are looking into it, for both AMD and...
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    LC n00b Help!!!

    I'm currently working on a parts list for a mod that I've started to work on. After figuring out that air cooling would be completely idiotic in my semi-SFF case, I've started to look into watercooling. Spacewise, I have 3x 5.25 drive bays and about 100mm of space below them before you hit the...
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    Green UV Paint + Black Metal = ???

    Just wondering what effect clear-drying UV paint would have on the inside of a case that was already painted black. It just sounded like a good idea 5 mins ago :P
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    I think I've finally figured out my SFF build :P

    Well, as I've been roving through the SFF world of products, I've probably come up with 4 builds that I wanted todo at one time or another. However, as my current computer will need replaced ASAP, then I felt that it was time for me to figure out something beautiful. Here is the current parts...
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    Thermaltake = RMA

    Anyone have experience with TT's RMA? I'll be sending it back later on today, that shitty 680W PSU of shittiness :P Honestly...I was playing 2 days ago and it crashed...I thought 'Oh well...prolly just Steam again' so I rebooted and started playing again...but realized that SLI was disabled...
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    Newegg carries first AMD mini-itx board....ugh I hope that they start carrying more of them, but jeez....300$?!?!
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    Microfly Question

    Is it true that you can only fit (at max) a 5.5in PSU in there without modding? I thought that this was for the similar cases without the extra length, but not the Microfly....
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    Anybody heard anything good/bad about the Asus M2N-MX? No reviews, no sites have touched it. It has the PCIe1x in a spot where you could get away with a dual slot cooler too. It has 10/100/1000 ethernet cause it's the 430 chipset. 2 things that I don't understand about it...
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    Will this PCI card work in a normal system?

    I've been looking for a wireless solution for my SFF system. I've been looking for a way to run Firewire to the front ports. I've been wanting a gigabit ethernet jack on the back of my comp for LANs. Unfortunately, I also want a dual-slot video card and an Audigy 4. So there goes the...
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    Any good Core Duo compatible m-atx boards?

    I browsed around on newegg, and they all looked pretty junky to me. Did I pass up a good one, or should I stick with my current plan of going with the Biostar 6100 AM2 m-atx board...