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    Droid X USB cable connection failure

    Long story short: I got my DX 3 month ago and for the first time or two it connected to my pc just fine with the supplied usb cable. The next time i tried to connect just the stock cable to my pc i get "USB not recognized"...and this is even without the phone even being connected to the other...
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    Can you play facebook games on a DX?

    Dont even ask why im playing the stupid the stupid things, lets just say it feeds my OCD and leave it at that. ;) Anyways, with Froyo out now, we should be able to play them. I think my problem is that I cant find how to get to the NON-mobile version of facebook on the DX. I have looked thru...
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    This should more appropriately be titled: Buyer beware... I recently purchased 2 games from gameloft at $4.99 each. Since I don't have a credit card myself, I gave a friend cash to put it on her card. A problem arose today when she noticed she was $105 short this morning. She was...
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    Good case for Droid X?

    I have gone through two Body Glove cases in the last 45 day. The first was an open box item so i will give that a 1/2 a point, but the other was brand new. They both had the same problem of the upper right corner latch breaking, so i am hesitant in getting another one although I love the feel...
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    Hulu what?!?

    Sidereel FTW! It does limit you to the amount of viewing (you can watch 74 mins and then you have to wait 54 mins, or something like that), but to catch 2-3 1/2 hour shows on the fly it's great! And did i mention that is free and there are no commercials? It does take a few extra clicks to get...
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    Best media/video player for Droid?

    Im sick of the stock media player on the Droid X. I would like one that has a full screen option like the Incredible has for video that isnt the same rez as the phone. Even if its cropped a little, thats fine. Also, what is the best program for converting video to .mp4? Thanks!
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    Droid X slower than the HTC Incredible?

    I just got back from verizon and after doing a side by side comparison, between the X and the Inc, and the X seemed about 35% slower in most functions such as opening a web browser or starting a game...can any one confirm this?
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    Droid X owners...who likes the UI?

    First Question: Who's a fan of the DroidX UI? I love the SenseUI on my Incredible, but I am looking at exchanging it for an X when they are in stock on friday. My only concern is the UI seems ugly and clink...not very refined. Yes i know you can resize widgets (that is a feature that HTC...
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    When is Verizon going 4G???

    When is Verizon going 4G? I have heard conflicting reports between "it's coming this year" and "Mid-2011" and was just wondering if anyone here had a more clear answer. Also, is there any rumors to what Verizons first 4G phone might be? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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    Who is sick of 3D?

    This post (and the comments posted)... started me thinking... Are people REALLY against 3D options with games and movies? Everytime i read something about a 3D movie/game, i hear more negative reviews than...
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    When is Flash 10.1 coming out?

    Any inside word on when Flash 10.1 will be available? Im dieing to watch Hulu on a HTC Incredible.
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    Who is using a Blackberry?

    Im just curious as too how many people are still using BB.
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    How do I start a Poll Thread?

    I checked the option at the bottome of starting a new post, and set an option of 4, however, I am unable to figure out how to list those options. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
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    Getting a new Verizon phone...

    and Im torn between the HTC Touch Pro 2, and the Droid Eris. They cost the same, and I do like the sleekness of the Eris, but if the HTC TP2 is that much better, I would gladly carry the extra bulk. I do like the physical keyboard, Im just unsure about WinMo6.5. Does anyone know if if will be...
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    VEVO is the SUCK!!!

    Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in (moderators feel free to move if needed), but i HAVE to get this here it is <start rant> What the hell is up with youtube using this vevo crap lately??? It sucks ass! I have reliably used youtube as a quick and easy resource...
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    Hacking Android 2.0 on a MotoDroid...?

    Ok, I must start out saying that the Droid is a very nice device, with much potential ahead of it (at least for the next year or so), however, it's not perfect, and i would like to exploit its potential now to minimize the few quirks that exist with it's daily usage... I have a Motodroid and...
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    Verizon: HTC Imagio or Droid?

    Ok, Im aware of the main differences between the two phones (physical keyboard, screen rez and such) however i have never used a Droid before and well... A friend of mine just got the HTC Imagio. I have played with it and it seems to be a fairly solid piece of hardware. In my hand, it felt very...
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    Multiple GPU clients running on single GPU card?

    Ok, so I accidentally started a second instance of the GPU client, and to my suprise, it started folding. I let it run overnight just to see what would happen (thinking 1 or both would fail to send at some point) and in the morning it seems im pulling the same ppd (5000-ish) as a single...
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    Windows Mobile 6.1...any good for multi-media?

    ...II have never owned a "smartphone", so forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but I am looking at getting a Samsung Omina and wonder... How well does WinMo 6.1 handle media, (online media specifically)? youtube, hulu, porn, music videos, etc...Is streaming movies, such as Netflix...
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    Can anyone recommend a good 5.25" PSU?

    I am thinking about building a HTPC within the secondary compartment of my TT Mozart case and need a PSU that will fit into a 5.25" bay. All the ones I have found are designed for GPU's and dont seem to be capable of powering a mobo with a 24-pin connection. Im only planning on running a E8400...
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    "I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you"

    I would like to stretch out my hand, and offer a [H]ard welcome to 'Overclockers Australia' for being the, um, second team to join the elite Big "B" club... Fold [H]ard Mates!!! ...Race ya to 2B?!? ;)
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    Props to all the silent folders out there...

    I know some [H]ard folders out there that never look for any recognition...and I would like to take a second to thank them all. (Special props to Razor_FX_II, who started after me, and yet is ready to roll 1 Million in the next day...kudos man! Keep up the great work!
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    Best HTPC GPU for folding?

    Im gonna build a HTPC and am wondering what video cards, preferably with hdmi, or an adapter, would fold best when its not recording. Im pretty low budget on this project so I have been eyeing the ATi HD3450 which can be had for under $50, Im just not sure how well it folds or if there is a...
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    So what comes after photo-realistic graphics???

    Im just curious what people here thought was the next evolution in gaming. . . . (the following is just a rambling I had while posting this...feel free to skip it, but please leave your 2-cents) ;) I mean, we have made great leaps from the 8-bit days, and now that we 'almost' have...
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    Bloodgod42 makes the top 5...!!!

    ...pages of the Member Stats, lol. Ok, I know it's not much of an achievement for alot of you [H]ard folders out there, but it has been one of the many "goals" i have set for myself since I in the top 1,000 of the #1 folding team on the planet! I wanted to be there before we hit...
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    Is there a list that shows PPD scores for current gpu's?

    Im looking at getting a new GPU for a htpc and was looking for a list that showed which cards do better at folding. Im looking at a lower end card with HDMI OUT, such as the HD 3450, but if there was a card that folded better, and was still htpc friendly, then i would go that route. Price is a...
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    Best video card to play MS: Flight Simulator X?

    I have a friend that just bought a computer just to play FSX...he had a Geforce 7950X2 1GB to start but it didn't even come close to providing the detail he was looking for. He has a AMD dual-core 2.6Ghz and 4GB of ram, so that shouldn't be the bottleneck at this point, or at least i dont want...
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    Anyone else here folding for the Large Hadron Collider project?

    If so, please inform me. I would be interested in participating..that is if we are all still around. lol. ? They say they have 100,000 cpu's to process the data, im sure they could use more! ; ) Im sure most of you know about this hugh scientific milestone occuring on 09/10/08, but for those...
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    Lost all my iTunes...Please Help!

    After i synced my touch, all the 700 songs in my iTunes library, as well as on the touch, have vanished. Not only that, as Im trying to rebuild my library itunes is only accepting ONE song at a time. When i originally set it up I was ablue to transfer entire cd's to it at one time. Does...
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    New 177.89 drivers increase Vantage CPU score?

    Im a lil confused... My 3DVantage score jumped from 7091 to 8259, but the majority of it seemed to be in the cpu score...14,236 to 39514. My gpu score only changed from 5594 to 6536. Could someone please explain to me how this graphic driver has such an effect on my cpu score? I would have...
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    Best motherboard to oc a Q9550?

    A friend is getting a Q9550, now that they dropped, and is looking for a motherboard recommendation. I have been too busy tweaking my Q9450 on a asus commando for the past few months to keep up on the recent release of chipsets. He wants a board that can provide very good oc...
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    GPU folding slows after 30 seconds...?

    I have tried both recommended drivers and get the same results. After i start it, it will run fine for exactly 30 seconds and then it slows to a crawl. For the first 30 seconds the graphic spins rather quickly and reports 59.97 iter/sec (4hours ETA)but then it slows down to 1.0 iter/sec (11...
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    GRID: Logitech G25 or MOMO?

    I am NOT [H]ardcore gamer, I play about 5-10hours a week, but when I do play I really like to get into the game (cant wait until we can have 'usable' light guns for FPS!). Anyways, I get into racing games about 1/3rd of my play time, so its not critical that i have the best imo, but i was...
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    Quad Core FTW!!!

    I just built a new rig and started with a E8400 oc'd to 4.2 and loved it...but then had a Q9450 fall into my lap and Im glad. Oc'd to 3.5 and it shreds everything i throw at it! I could never do this (as well) with a dualie...(Folding AND playing Cyrsis, flawlessly with room to spare:D)
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    300W Power inverter enough for 17" Laptop?

    I need a car power inverter for my 17" laptop. Will something like this work? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Asus P5N-T: Unable to change Vcore???

    I just built a new system using a Asus P5n-T Deluxe that Newegg had a good deal on. I read that its not a great OC'er, but that wasn't my main intention with this build, noise levels are, however, I bought a Ninja CU and would like to OC my E8400 a little bit, say 3.6Ghz, The problem i am...
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    What is the WIDEST case?

    Ok, im looking for the largest case (width is important, at least 10" internal, yeah, i know, that's what she says, but seriously folks...), well built (eg: Antec, Silverstone, Lian Li, etc...) in the $300 range, I need plently of room for a future watercooling hybrid project im working on...
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    Any Antec P190 owners?

    I am contemplating getting a P190 but wanted to use it with something like the Orochi, which due to its horizontal oriantation would benefit greatly passively from the air flow of the side 200mm fan. However it has a height of 155mm and Antec told me today that the distance from the cpu and the...
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    Best passively cooled "low-profile" ram for overclocking?

    I am building a quiet pc that I am going to overclock a tich, and am considering the Scythe SCORC-1000 as my heat-sink, based on my case selection of the Antec P190, which limits my memory selection a bit due to the design. My build consists of a Intel mobo with at least 1066/1333 specs...
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    A heat-sink question regarding new build in a Antec P190...

    I am planning a new build in the next two weeks and have decided to go with the Antec P190 as the building block of a quiet (or at least considerably quieter than my current system, guesstimated at 58db idle, boo). My budget is around $1000, and, after much research, have decided on the Antec...