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    Rest in silicon heaven my friend! i7 920 D0

    Just want to give my i7-920 a proper send off as it officially bit the dust yesterday after over 8 solid years of every day use and more heavy gaming sessions than I could hope to count. Starting the journey to 4.4ghz @ 1.36vcore on water and ended with stability issues the past year or so...
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    Gentle Typhoons discontinued

    Looks like Mark @ Frozen is sending out mails to a few people in which Scythe states the partnership with Nidec is over, no outstanding supplier orders will be able to be filled. Not sure if the replacement will be better~
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    So Shadowrun finally gets a game release worthy of it's herritage! Not

    Another shitty browser-based game, hooray! Why the hell can't we get a real studio that puts out a real PC RPG release (read: not shitty FPS game with SR IP tossed in) based on the Shadowrun universe? There hasn't been...
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    6950 & GPU-Z

    Can someone refresh me again what readings GPU Temp. #2 and #3 would be? I have a buddy's system over because it keeps crashing and this is the first thing I'm noticing is some crazy temps on Gpu Temp. #2 & #3 Date , GPU Core Clock [MHz] , GPU Memory Clock [MHz] , GPU...
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    OCZ leaving the DRAM marketplace - Dailytech

    Haven't seen this posted yet: I never counted OCZ as a primary go-to vendor for ram, so I certainly won't miss them. Now if only they would ditch the power supply line, that would be two crappy segments...
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    Motherboard NIC dead?

    I'm running a Rampage 3 Formula that's a little over a month old in a machine here, and upon a reboot today the network adapter is completely gone. I can't find any trace of it in the device manager at all, bios reset to defaults etc doesn't appear to help at all either. Does anyone have...
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    Color laser printer reccomendations

    So I've been tasked with getting a printer for the folks, but since I do all my printing at work on the Xerox workcenter, I have no idea where to start. A few things I'm trying to consider: They want color functionality It will be low use Needs ethernet Toner prices Trying to keep it...
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    Good pair of 2.0 or 2.1 cheap, but not too cheap speakers?

    As per the title, a relative is asking for what would be a good pair of cheap but not too cheap (I really love that statement :rolleyes: ) 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. This would be used mostly for skype and watching youtube type crap, etc. I told them to get a headset but they don't want to use one...
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    Case that is similar in design to the shuttle SP35P2 / SX48P2?

    I'm not sure if this question belongs in the case forum, or this thread. Does anyone know a case that is similar in design to the shuttle SP35P2 / SX48P2? I really love the shuttle form factor but the fact you can only get 2 internal drives max in anything but the current $450+ SX48P2 chassis...
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    Retail WHS : HP vs Acer

    Being the techy in our family I've been asked about an opinion on a WHS solution for my aunt, but I have to say it's an area I have never really cared about so my knowledge is pretty limited. They have apprenly been out shopping and have been told that the Acer Easystore is a much better...
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    TV Tuner card question time

    I'm about ready to get rid of my old 32" TV and go strictly to watching everything on my 24" monitor. I have one of the Motorola digital boxes that I understand will have to be connected feeding into whatever TV tuner card I get. I don't really care about recording, I just want to watch TV on...
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    .avi to .mp4 (ipod touch) transcoding software?

    Hey guys. Can anyone recommend some good video transcoding software that can pull avi's or other video formats and push them to iPod spec .mp4 files? I just got a new touch and am having a nightmare of a time finding something that will work on vista 64, without paying $50+ (unless I really...
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    Ram to pair with C2D - E6600

    I'm either going 2 or 3 gig dual channel, so 2x 1GB alone or with 2x 512 MB as well. I'm not up to what exactly is what as far as the ratings go, and I won't be doing anything close to aggressive overclocking. What rating and timings should I be looking for in ram so it isn't insanely...
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    Is there a 'new age' equivolent to the Antec 1040B?

    Getting into the initial stages of planning a new system. I've loved my Antec 1040b and am just wondering if there is an updated equivalent, that doesn't look like some gody souped up import car. Thanks~
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    DVD Writer - Won't recognize any media now

    I've got a bit of a problem with the g/f's pc that has come up, after she had a mid-burn failure. She was burning a DVD and got an error message saying the burn had failed at about 80%. After this any media, dvd-rom or cd-rom that you insert is not recognized, but the drive still shows as...
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    [Canadian] Dell 2407WFP Pricing

    Does anyone know of codes / combo's other then the $50 off / 500 that would apply to this display? I'm really getting tempted to just order this through a Seattle address and piggybacked to Vancouver via Purolater, etc due to the fact our coupons up here are pretty horrible. I can afford the $1k...
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    Vancouver B.C. area computer stores - reccomendations?

    I was an avid customer of vibe computers but they've discontinued the local pickup option after some nutjob ran a car through their wall to break in. I don't have the time nor patience to fight with a courier about drop off or pickup times (my work schedule is 'hectic' to put it lightly). Now...
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    Massive problems (win xp fresh install + sata HD)

    I really don't know what is the problem, but here it is. New computer, abit nf7-s + seagate 120gig sata HD. The silicon raid bios is detecting the HD fine but every time I try to boot to it normally I get nada. While trying to install windows xp onto it, i followed the F6 to install sata...
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    Heatsink fan air directional flow, onto chip or away from?

    Just noticed something as I was messing around with my fans, my panaflow's directional push is opposite that of my case fans and my ystek 120's. Right now it's sucking air from the cpu, should I just turn it over and have air blowing onto it?
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    dvd-rom device drivers? (win98)

    Having a bitch of a time trying to get my new Lite-On XJ-HD166S under win98, all it does is detect as a cd-rom device. Tried windows update, tried google, lite-on, even jvc's page and i'm getting nada. Just not possible to get this recognized properly? Only a 2 -3 week holdout till xp comes.
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    Will a radeon 9800pro work in an old asus p2b 440bx?

    just wondering
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    Good 80mm for ALX-800 ?

    Going to be cooling either a stock or mobile 2500 barton, opinions?
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    Mobile vs stock 2500xp barton

    Is the mobile worth the extra $30 it currently runs here in the frozen north? Am thinking maybee should splurge for it for the future, or would it be feasable to o/c it to 200mhz bus right away and just grab an aeroflow heatsink or something similar? Compaired to the retail barton it's like +60...
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    PCxxxx ram that will do 2-2-2-11 @ 200mhz fsb?

    Now that the BH-5's are gone, anyone reccomend 2x 512 sticks of ram that will go cas 2-2-2-11 @ 200 mhz? I've heard some of the BH-6's will do such speeds, just wondering for confirmation. Over 200 really isn't a factor for me, so long as the timings are tight at 200. Thanks
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    Retail 2500 barton heatsink Q

    My room is warmer then most of the house usually, just wondering if I should invest in a better heatsink (any reccomendations) or will the retail stock one be good enough? Don't intend to overclock it at all.
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    P4 2.4 vs Barton 2500 xp systems

    General purpose gaming, but still weary on the two definate "value" choices I have to pick from. Rest of the system will look like this: 1 gig corsair xms ram wd 120gig sata drive lite-on 52x cd ati radeon 9600xt This will basically be a gaming machine, be it FPS to online rpg's...