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    Galaxy S III

    For those saying 1080P on a phone is impossible, this isn't the first time it's been heard of.
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    Looking for a new laptop, roughly $1100

    I'm a big fan of the 15.4" form factor (preferably with a 10-key), and 1920x1080 if possible. I specced out an HP DV6T Quad Edition with an i7 and 1GB Radeon 6770M for around 1030, which so far is the best deal I can find. I'm willing to go a little above that, but not much. I'd like to have...
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I have had a long history with AMD, and their processors have always performed just fine, and day to day I never notice the difference. Even in gaming I rarely do (for what I do). AMD's where it's at for the price (and if they're free it's even better.... haha).
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    Ah crap man that sucks. My fiancee got hers ordered but processing the payment is giving hassles like described earlier.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    I noticed that they're still for sale in the small/medium business site. Just ordered a 16GB one! $130 after shipping and tax
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    I've been wanting a tablet for a long time for work. The touchpad seemed like a great fit but since my boss won't pay for it, anything over ~100 is out of the question. Sucks that I wasn't able to get one of these. I was thinking about it, too, but apparently waited too long. I guess that's...
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    Amount of RAM?

    I gotcha cool. I wasn't 100% on that aspect of Sandy Bridge. I know on my 920 I had to increase the BCLK but on Sandy Bridge I guess you can't really do that.
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    Amount of RAM?

    Can you overclock RAM or use fast (1600+ ) RAM on locked sandy bridge CPUs?
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    Amount of RAM?

    Yeah I'm pretty familiar with Linux, it's been my primary OS for about 7 or 8 years now. I wasn't sure if F@H could use more RAM if it was available. Thanks though! :cool:
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    Amount of RAM?

    I gotcha. Ubuntu is kinda bloaty from my experience, but I am using an SSD (which means I should be using GPT) and my motherboard has EFI not BIOS, so GRUB2 is a pain to manually configure (which is what I'd need to do with Arch I think). I've been too lazy to do that. Usage should go down...
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    Amount of RAM?

    Hey all, I have a Xeon E3-1230 and it is a great CPU so far. No overclocking unfortunately but it is pushing out a 6900 WU in just about 2 days spot on, (second WU on it, I don't remember the other one, but the time was around the same). This is around the same as my overclocked i7-920...
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    Back to folding!

    Yeah I'm very impressed with it. Moreover, impressed with the way Linux handles the FAH client these days (I remember back in the day it didn't do a very good job of multitasking while FAH was running). Now I don't even notice it, which I guess is how it should work anyway. I need to get...
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    Back to folding!

    I had an i7 920 which I overclocked to around 4GHz and used it to accumulate 1 million points in what seems like no time at all, however it got way to hot, so a while ago I sold my folding box and bought a cheaper low power PC and was happy with it, except lately I got the itch to fold... So a...
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    Zotac Z68-ITX Wifi

    I'm glad it's good for you. Unfortunately it sounds like maybe there's a corporate disconnect or something, because here in America I always hear terrible news about their customer support. It's a shame because their boards are great spec-wise.
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    Zotac Z68-ITX Wifi

    I've experienced the same thing, when I was using a Xeon CPU on that same board, the voltages were set wrong and the adjustments weren't varied enough to set it right myself, so I emailed them and they basically told me that since it's not on the list of supported CPUs they don't plan to (and...
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    That is definitely a nice looking case. Seems quite well thought out! Not sure how I feel about the removable filter on the top, but that's just an aesthetic nitpick.
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    Bulldozer Clocks leaked

    It's entirely reasonable to make that initial assumption that they meant CPU price (even though it would be ridiculous). I did, because the dollar price is in huge font, and "SYSTEM PRICE" is in tiny font. It's not people being stupid it's a stupid layout on the chart (interesting though that...
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    HP DM1 or Thinkpad x120e

    It's definitely an impressive little computer. I got it running very lean in Linux (but with a lot of animations and such enabled so it is still easy on the eyes) and it rarely goes over 350MB used in RAM, for what it's worth. When I use Windows 7 on my PC at work my RAM usage rarely went over...
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    HP DM1 or Thinkpad x120e

    This is what I did. The processor you can't upgrade yourself, but the RAM you can (opening the case is stupid-easy and you have access to everything, so that's nice). DDR3-1066 SO-DIMMs are really coming down in price...
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    HP DM1 or Thinkpad x120e

    Well I have an X120e and I absolutely love it. I did ditch Windows for Linux on day 1, but I love my choice and wouldn't have it any other way. I can't speak on how things work in Windows, but... The trackpad works amazing in Linux and the two finger scrolling is very handy. The buttons/keys...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I'd like one simply because of the coolness of it. I've been more into AMD lately, so this would be nice! Also, here's what I drive around, to cover all my bases :-P
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    Intel Atom or AMD V: Which is Faster?

    After playing with my Thinkpad I can definitely attest to the E350's hype. I ran Windows only briefly (registered my laptop then swapped the hard drive out for an SSD and installed Arch Linux onto it). It's very quick and responsive. Plus the size is about perfect, and since the DM1Z is about...
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    Intel Atom or AMD V: Which is Faster?

    Probably a DV2Z, I had the dual-core version of it, and it never lasted more than around 2 hours, and nowadays only lasts about 1. UPS will be dropping off a Lenovo Thinkpad X120e today though I can't wait!
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    Silverstone ST45SF power a 2500k and HD6950?

    Well as the man said you guys should probably be complaining to Silverstone too. They might blow you off at first, but if enough people do it, then they might see there's a problem and fix the design if possible.
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    Will AMD's Bulldozer plow through Intel's Sandy Bridge?

    Didn't nVidia and Intel kiss and make up a couple weeks ago? Something about a partnership between the two, so it sounds kind of like nVidia putting a ton of dough into AMD boards may not be likely anyway.
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    new SG03 or SG04 Gaming PC

    The Seasonic has an unusual 24-pin connector on the PSU-side, so you could probably buy the short cable kit for the Strider and just change the connectors out for those that are on the Seasonic, but that is very risky if you're not familiar with it. My GTX460 works great in this computer, so...
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    new SG03 or SG04 Gaming PC

    My personal experience with the SG03: My build: SG03 case AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (overclocked to 3.36GHz) Corsair H50 Biostar TA890GXE 4GB DDR3 Zotac GTX460 1GB 1 640GB WD Caviar Black 1 2TB Hitachi Deskstar DVD-RW Seasonic 650W Gold My impressions: With Silverstone AP-121 fans, it's pretty...
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    MINI TANK from CUBITEK - Gaming Aluminium SFF miniITX Case

    That case looks awesome, and high quality as well.
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    Antec ISK 310-150

    Well, the Athlon II you have has a TDP of 45W. The HD5570 has a TDP of 43W. I'd say that you will be fine. That laptop hard drive is also light on power, so you shouldn't have anything else that'd draw an appreciable amount of power.
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    Building a file server...with a Celeron?

    Yeah the Jetway boards are tempting because of the prices and some of the features they have but I'd steer clear of them for sure. The PC-Q08 can hold 6 drives, by the way, as long as you're not using a long expansion card. If you forego an optical drive, even more. I have one and love it for...
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    My SG03 build and the quest for silence

    Just to throw in my $0.02 as well: I have an SG03 with a Biostar TA890GXE, AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (OC to 3.35GHz), and a GTX460. Temps are well within reason. (idle is very close to ambient, highest I've seen is 35C... I almost think my sensors are faulty by how cool it's running lol). I am...
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    Sandy Bridge SFF?

    I put a low-cost AMD system together as well. Hopefully Ivy Bridge and Bulldozer come out around the same time... lol. Interesting to see the real-world performance of both since all the word on Bulldozer real world performance is basically made up at this point if I understand correctly.
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    AMD's Bulldozer and Bobcat Processors Preview @ [H]

    I'm starting to get the itch for an upgrade, especially since the motherboard I have is acting pretty wonky. I hope Bulldozer starts moving closer to release, I don't want to waste money on another one, although I may have to lol. Very interesting stuff from an architectural standpoint, I...
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    One possible reason is because they tried it on the FT01 and people (me and a number of reviewers) hated it because it was damn near impossible to remove the filters without taking a large portion of the computer apart beforehand. Just my $0.02. I think I might be using this case when it...
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    PSU question

    The Seasonic fanless 400W PSU would be nice: Or this one: It has a fan, but it only turns on when it needs to. I'm assuming your motherboard has no fan on it, if...
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    Any news about a successor to SG03/04 line?

    I kinda hope they do. I used to have an SG03 and loved it even though it was a pain in the ass to put together. The small size was awesome. I think I am going to build another rig using one, since I'm not really all that happy with my PC-Q08, and the motherboard has been giving me issues as...
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    FLAC is better?

    One thing that is important to consider is not everyone's hearing is the same. A long time ago, when the only way I knew how to copy my CDs to my computer was through Windows Media Player, I thought the resulting audio files sounded great. Until I started using FLAC. It really was a night and...
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    P8P67 M Pro Build

    Jeez, April is when the new Sandy Bridge supplies are coming out? That sucks. Intel really screwed the pooch on this one, lol. At least they admitted fault though I suppose. I was hoping to upgrade to Sandy Bridge this month but when I heard about the bug I figured it was probably out of the...
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    Upgrading Dell CPU?

    Wow, sorry I did not see these updates for so long. I have been really busy at work! Thanks for the tips, Brisbane cores would be nice. I just really want to upgrade the CPU as my duties are transitioning more and more into scanning and editing very large photos (around 20 MP or so), and a...
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    Any Sandy Bridge m-ITX coming? Any news?

    Engadget reported that H67 boards seem to not be affected, according to a chat with an Intel CSR, although sometimes Engadget hasn't gotten the whole story. This kinda sucks, since I was hoping to get in on Sandy Bridge, now I think I'll wait a little while for the recall boards to clear out lol.