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    "WMC support for Netflix ends September 15", apparently

    Except for those of us who currently have to continue using it. For DVR functionality with a cablecard, WMC is the only option for any programming that is not copy-freely.
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    Best blu-ray player for home theater

    MKV is just the container. A makeMKV full-quality Blu-Ray rip is indistinguishable from the original disc. It just gives you the option to leave out some extras to save space. If you want to reduce size with something like Handbrake, then yes, the quality goes down. :p
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    pci tv tuner

    The Ceton will not do ATSC OTA. It is cable only.
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    Sound Card Questions

    +1 on the HRT Streamer. It sounds great, no drivers to worry about.
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    Help me select a good bang for the buck TV?

    This: "Plasma TV's are a lot different, as they are considered "600Hz" panels. This is misleading, as Plasma TV's are such a different technology that it's not rated the same way. However, Plasma TV's ALL support native 24Hz playback (600 is divisible by 24)." is not really accurate. The...
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    Setting up sound for HTPC thru AV Receiver

    He is trying to get sound from his A/V receiver, not his TV. So the TV manual is of little use here. He should be able to set up coax or toslink digital audio with no problems, or even with his analog red/white RCA cables. He probably needs to configure his receiver to assign the sound inputs to...
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    HT With 4 OHM Speakers

    Maybe, but they are both owned by the same company, D & M, who also own McIntosh and others.
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    HELP: With PC 5.1 surround

    Just go digital out from sound card to digital in on the receiver. Either Toslink (optical), or coax will work fine depending on what outputs your sound card has.
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    Receiver & Speaker Options?

    It's too bad too. Jamo used to be high-quality speakers, made in Denmark. They are now owned by Audiovox, which bought Klipsch, Energy, Mirage, etc, and will probably be destroying the quality of them all.
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    HomeTheater recommendation

    A modern integrated will work great for Blu-Ray, anything like a Sandy Bridge, or Ivy Bridge, and most will do 3D just fine. The AMD Trinity's are even better for on-board graphics, and 3D, and even capable of medium gaming.
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    Ripping audio collection - What format fo you rip to?

    FLAC is lossless, but compressed. The different levels are for the amount of compression. It takes longer to compress it the more you compress it.
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    PowerDVD 10 and letterboxing

    Sure, that is a list of films that were shot in 1.85:1, which will fill a 16:9 TV almost perfectly. Many action films were shot in 2.35:1 or wider, with these you will get black bars top and bottom. Live with it or zoom and lose quality. There really is no other solution.
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    Best no sub computer speakers?

    These: I also like the Maudio AV40's, but they have had some amplfier issues. Either will make those Blose sound like an AM radio.
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    Ceton InfiniTV 4 Card questions

    From the Ceton FAQ: A: Clear QAM (e.g. unencrypted digital cable): Yes, InfiniTV supports Clear QAM channels; however, Windows Media Center requires that you have a CableCARD inserted in your InfiniTV device in order to configure the tuners in Media Center. Once your InfiniTV is paired and...
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    $25 blu-ray drive for pc

    This is only a 4X drive, so ripping is going be rather slow. Ripping is almost totally drive-speed dependent Also for playback software, XBMC is free and plays BD, but no menus, and MPC-HC is the same. Edit: You need AnyDVDHD or similar to play BD with one of the free solutions. MakeMKV is...
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    HDHomeRun PRIME vs usb/pci tuner?

    I have had the Ceton PCIe tuner for about a year and a half. Really the only problem I had was a problem with Comcast equipment, that Ceton fixed quickly for me with Beta firmware and drivers. It has not lost tuners, and with the late firmware the channel changing speed is pretty close to the...
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    speaker wire question

    If you use them properly, why would you get a dead short? Just put some heatshrink over the outside of the banana plug if you are worried. Or just use a plain wire connection, it is just as good sonically, although less convenient and you have to be careful of stray wires. As far as Matthew...
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    Question about video cards with HDMI out and audio

    If you are using HDMI for your sound, then the sound card is not in the chain at all. In fact, there is no need for a sound card in the computer at all. The vid card controls the sound, and will bitstream to your receiver or processor.
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    Value bookshelf/wallmount speakers

    Dayton B652. Around $44. Amazing speaker for the money, do a search on it. Amazon sells it in addition to Parts Express
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    Audio HTPC Case Recommendations

    Silverstone GD04 or GD05
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    1080p streaming/decoding minimums?

    My server is an AMD BE2350 dual-core, and it works great streaming full folder rips of Blu-Ray's.
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    Looking for something different than WMC to record shows

    WMC is the only program that will let you view and copy cable programming that is "copy-once" (most premium programing). If it is copy-freely you are ok with some others, I believe XBMC, and J River will do basic cable card programs.
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    Black iPhone 5 Anodized Aluminum Susceptible to Scratching?

    Next time you are flying in that pretty airliner, think about all the aluminum it is made of. Almost all the structural parts of an airplane are aluminum. ;)
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    Trade newer low-end receiver for a older high-end one?

    Pro Logic II is much better, but Pro Logic does more than duplicate the fronts to the rear. It uses complex phase and delay to achieve a real sense of depth. You can certainly hear sounds move from front to back, and vice versa. And spdif, whether optical or coax, is capable of Dolby Digital...
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    Media Server

    Just so you know, Blu-Ray ripping is almost entirely drive speed dependant, an Atom could power it just fine for that.
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    makeMKV site gone?

    Makemkv is just easy for beginners. And it is free also.
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    I have to rant on Creative/Win7/Dell!

    You can certainly spend more than $149 on an internal sound card also!
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    I have to rant on Creative/Win7/Dell!

    For music an HRT Music Streamer II will run rings around most internal sound cards, so be careful when you generalize. And no drivers required. It is also a pretty decent little DAC (it has analog output only).
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    normal vs reverse polarity

    And there is electrical phase, and acoustical phase. They can both affect each other, but are not the same thing. Changing the phase using the switch on the sub can correct acoustic phase issues.
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    Phenom II X4 B93 OEM $49.99@Microcenter B&M

    I agree. I have the "free" Gigabyte MB, got it in a MC deal last year with a 1055T for $119. Been a great board, does everything I need it too.
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    Can I use my GTX 470 as a sound card?

    I believe the 470 will not bitstream HD audio, but it should pass PCM with no problem.
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    HTPC for Comcast, whole home setup, questions and need advice

    Keep in mind that you will not have On-Demand, or PPV ordering via remote with a cablecard. Doesnt matter to me, but it can be a sticking point for WAF sometimes. ;)
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    HomeTheater recommendation

    How are you watching shows with no tuner installed? If you have an HD tuner, you simply tune to the HD channels. You can tell when it is in HD.
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    Which DAC for around $100-150?

    Love the Streamer II. Listening to it right now, in fact!
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    What are you using to rip DVDS these days?

    Yes, but it has been a trial for a few years. You can update it, just search for how. It really is basically a freeware program.
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    Where can I buy this cable?

    To the OP, that cable is only for post beeps, etc. it has nothing to do with audio from your motherboard. A lot of cases do not have a speaker anymore, so would not have a cable. A lot of MBs have little speakers like the one pictured on the wire built on the MB.
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    ABC, FOX, ESPN all broadcast in 720p, most of the rest are 1080i
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    Time Sunc issues with recorded TV

    Good, I forgot exactly where it was, I was on my main box, not the HTPC when I replied, so I couldnt check.
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    Time Sunc issues with recorded TV

    When you set your time to record before or after scheduled time, make sure to select "always", not "when possible" or something similar. This will force it to use another tuner if available.