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    [MICROCENTER] I9 10900KF $329.99 Store pick up only

    My MC is showing availability to pre-order i7-11700K@$400 and i5-11600K@$270 for pickup in-store March 30th
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    iPhone 12

    hold my breath for touchID returning again soon or my 12 Pro arriving on Friday ? the new phone parts a done deal, it's set for in-store pickup. The lack of touchID is my concern but I wasn't willing to wait another year for a maybe, but it's only because faceID will be new (to me) and I like...
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    iPhone 12

    per-ordered a 12Pro for Friday, coming from an 8. Was holding out for touchID but wasn't willing to hold out for another year (at least)
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    my microcenter shows 1 in stock still but you can't add it to your cart for 30 minute pickup
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    Add graphics card to my PC (non-gamer)?

    yes on using both, in BIOS on most MB's you decide which is the primary video, integrated iGPU or PCIE, if you choose PCIE (the add in card) you can then select if you want the igpu disabled or not and use both. That actually sounds like software decoding pushing the cpu utilization way up...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    ditto above, just tried to login and my account had been deleted... ugh anybody have a spare IPTorrent invite, crap part is I had like 3 invited sitting in my own account - thx
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    iPad Air (2019) vs iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

    FYI The survey needs to be corrected, there isn't a 10.7" iPad. There was the original 9.7 Pro, replaced by the gen 2 10.5" Pro version which is what I"m thinking you're polling about, and replaced again with the 11" facetime instead of touch ID format last fall along with the Air coming out...
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    What happened to the i7-7700K's at Microcenter ?

    They show available and in-stock in both Atlanta stores
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    9 PC utilities available for free

    good through Nov 5th
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    Definitely NOT hot GTX 1060 3 pack

    I was hoping to pick up 1060 on sale, glad I only need one lol
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    Amazon tech on sale today only at Best Buy

    they've got the echo stuff down at what the prime day sale was, 1/2 off the big Echo down to $90
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    Mobil 1 EP 0W20 5qt - $3.85AR (Limit 2)

    had the same reaction, but none of the major auto parts places in the SE like Advance Auto, autozone, or O'riellys are listed either also, heads up the store locator is totally flaky - put in my zip, not avail within 50 miles, tried the next zip north and came up with 4 stores, tried 1 over and...
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    4tb 105 Bucks

    The pictures, not sure how accurate that is, are of 2 different models - ending with DM005 and LM024 plus the MC one is a 3.5 inch and the amazon one is a 2.5 so probably not the same drive
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    Hot: For the Chocolate Lovers "Hersey's Kisses" 12 x 7oz Bags for $13 Prime

    down another penny - 11 even for purple
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Xeon Server - $249

    that is a good deal, thanks for the heads up - I did the same, btw same stick same seller on amazon for $25/ea
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System $99.99 BestBuy Today Only

    no longer available - oh well...
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System $99.99 BestBuy Today Only

    yes, or you can just have it shipped to your house - both are free
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    LG's 2016 "Arcline" FreeSync lineup.

    Daniel, I'm using a 4790k w/HD4600 - I don't do much other than web or word/excel so it works great for the price. Since you've put so much effort into this already I figured we may as well know the answer, dug around and found a DVI->HDMI adapter and tried that, It presents the same options...
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    LG's 2016 "Arcline" FreeSync lineup.

    Daniel, I've been following this and your other "4K matters" thread with great interest since I'm in the middle of the same upgrade. You've mentioned it in both places about running 1440p on this monitor but I don't get a choice for that resolution under win 7 and was wondering how you were...
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    Norton Security Premium 10 devices $28 - Amazon 6/20 only

    looks pretty good if you've got lots of devices that need virus protection... "Norton Security Premium secures up to 10 PCs, Macs, iOS & Android devices, and includes parental controls to help your kids explore their online world safely, with 25GB of secure cloud PC storage" download code or...
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    Deadpool Movie - Free 48 Hour Digital HD Rental

    went through the steps, got the invalid promo code so I thought I'd give contacting customer support about it. Once you put Deadpool in the subject line it has a popup - Deadpool Free Rental Promo We have reached our maximum available redemptions for this promo! We'll have to cut this one...
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    Roku Streaming stick - $15 off - $35 @ Amazon

    Amazon daily deal. I use mine to make my TV "smart", this gives me netflix and a PLEX client that I can stream my local media library to
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    Pioneer Elite VSX-90 @ Best Buy DoTD for $399

    I'd say the closest match Yamaha features wise would be the RX-V679, to get in at that price point < $400 you'd have to fall back to last years model the RX-V677
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    [DEAD] SMOKING HOT! Canon Powershot SX520 HS (Refurb) $90 shipped!

    The slightly larger SX50 is also shows available again at the original $150
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    I respectfully disagree, I bought one of these last time also and the included memory IS ECC. It's not the normal registered type used in higher end servers, it's unregistered ECC. Mine came with a HYNIX HMT451U7BFR8A 4GB low voltage module.
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    LG 34UM95C 3440 x 1440 Shell Shocker combo for $499 at the egg

    OOS, guess that made the decision easier
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    if any of you guys end up upgrading the memory on your T20's (I'm sure everyone here will lol) I'd be happy to take the orphaned little 4GB that came in it off your hands to help offset the upgrade cost - I'm thinking 8GB will be fine for my use. Just drop me a PM - Thanks
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    Just went on to order mine - ALL the CPU's show sold out... Seriously before the holiday ???
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    pulled this from the spec sheet - "Processors - Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3 product family and Intel® Pentium® processors" so maybe it's not picky at all as long as you stay in the supported families, and apparently other S1150 cpu's work fine as well. This is shaping up to be a...
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    bit - $148 all in - thanks OP
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    So it has no issues recognizing s1150 CPU's other than just the 2 it says it supports ? the tech manual also says it only accepts unbuffered ECC memory, does it also recognize non ECC as well - as in just normal DDR3 ?
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    Warm- G.SKILL TridentZ 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 3000 $89

    in for 1 - thanks OP
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    500GB 850 EVO + AC: Syndicate $138

    Code isn't valid... again, but the price has dropped down to $165 Thursday lunchtime
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    whatever, rah rah - like it says " We did offer the same processors during our Summer Deal, but they still offer amazing, unlocked performance for your next rig. So, what’s new? and didn't mention also the same as last years Holiday deal... like it says, So what's new?
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    Metro Vacuum ED500 is $47 @Amazon!!!!! Hot!

    and it's showing back to $57 - oh well
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    My guess is that it's Skylake this time, last years 2014 holiday deal and then this summer's was 4790 so it'd be a 3peat if they did it again... just a guess