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    Please delete my account.

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    Any idea what form factor this PSU is?

    Its from a PB Legend 2000. The 3 screws is similar to the SFX type, but it isn't one...the 3rd screw on my case isn't in the middle...its on the top.. Looks like I'll just have to buy an old PSU from somewhere and transplant the innards from a current one into it.
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    Any idea what form factor this PSU is?

    nobody knows? :(
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    Any idea what form factor this PSU is? Looking to do a mod to an old PB case I have lying around....unfortunately I threw away almost all of the guts a long time ago. What I'd like to try and aim for is absolutely no mods to the outside of the case. So finding a PSU that...
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    Jetway I31GM3...under-the-radar amazingness?

    I'll report back after I "borrow" a cpu and some ram... The only negative thing I have heard about this board was a slightly hot chipset, but hey..lucky me...I've got an amazing Swiftech MCX-159-R that i trimmed down to half the pin size (yes, the one with the 96 aluminum helicoid pins) that I...
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    Jetway I31GM3...under-the-radar amazingness?

    Yea....I've been out of the components scene for a while so I didn't realize that alot of the G31's had those dimensions.
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    Jetway I31GM3...under-the-radar amazingness? As far as I can tell, its an amazing board, so I did an impulse buy and apparently got the last one lol (cause its discontinued). I've got no cpu or ram to test it with, but since I haven't seen anything on [H] about it, or...
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    DNS issue ugh

    I think I've figured out what I need to do, and i'll post back in here on monday if it works :) also: i nearly perfected the logon script....and its effin crazy.
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    DNS issue ugh

    lol i haven't a clue :P its just a dell 1800 server with a basic setup and a bunch of shit plugged into the most generic looking switches i've ever seen, and loads of weird boxes all over the place that seem to be obsolete equipment. the best part is that when i first saw the server room...
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    DNS issue ugh

    @Jutsu To do that, I'd need to have as DNS#1 and autoconfigure as DNS#2, which you can't do. I'm not about to go through 70 computers and ask each of these people to find their home DNS info for me. I'm working on a vbscript at the moment that should do what i need.
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    DNS issue ugh

    wow NetSetMan is awesome :) but my only problem is that if they come back to the office and try to login, they won't be able to change these settings before they can login. I'm gonna try and figure out how to make a window appear before login asking where they want their settings to be...
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    DNS issue ugh

    see, I saw netswitcher, but once again...non-profit, and I just spent a good bit of my budget to replace the dying SCSI drive with 2 SCSI drives so they don't lose everything. I'll give netsetman a try, but i'd still like to see if someone knows of something automated like the script i...
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    DNS issue ugh

    Unlikely to happen. We are a non-profit so there's no money for equipment, not to mention the cabling is a nightmare. What I wish I could do is have a client-side logon script (that launches before login) that will see if our domain is available and adjusts the DNS to change.
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    DNS issue ugh

    My server's ip is 85.84. The building's ip is 85.1 If I leave the settings on "obtain dns server address automatically" it'll just use 85.1 which I don't want, but if I put in 85.84, then the people will take their laptops out of the office and not be able to use them. All of the business'...
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    DNS issue ugh

    I work in a building with a bunch of small businesses in it. The building has a dns server set up at to give dns to each small business' servers. Our personal server has an IP of, which we use for active directory and dns. My problem is that to be able to log into...
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    ImageShack Testing Free BitTorrent Download Service

    most private trackers just give you a key to use...sure they log IPs but.... private trackers will probably block their ip range or something....
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    Hannah Montana BR Disc Features 2-D & 3-D Viewing Options

    uhm no i'm not tyvm :eek: I really really really wanna see Meet The Robinsons in 1080p surround sound 3d, like how i did at the theatre. DisneyDigital3D is just right for cinematics :)
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    Best April Fool’s Day Pranks

    pizza hut changing to pasta hut, and them taking down their site for a day. ballzy move lol
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    April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

    unplug the vga/dvi cable from the back of the comp just enough to not get a signal. causes mass chaos for hours lol did that to the entire verizon managers office and they were on WTF alert for a while lmao
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    Legendary Modder “Ben Heck” Interviewed

    I didn't have that problem at all >.> it took a while to load, but nothing out of the unusual after that. And btw, you edited the front page post of it, but not the forum post :P
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    Top 10 Life Lessons From Gaming

    lmao I loved #10....I've been throwing balls at stuff all my life :D
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    Stacker 830 fan config advice?

    yea I'll probably start with them like that. . . .it makes the most sense.... lol thanks :) i'll also report back on which fans were best with a fan controller :)
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    Stacker 830 fan config advice?

    wow i missed that scythe fan....and they sell it on newegg too :) my main problem though is figuring out which ones i want for intake or exhaust..the only one i do know is that the top fan will be exhaust....and i'll probably have it be the scythe one so i don't have LEDs coming out the top...
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    Stacker 830 fan config advice?

    I won a CM Stacker 830 a while back from nVidia, and now I'm planning on using it in a build. Lo and behold, one of my friends gave me a spare X2 5400+ for my 21st birthday :) But the 830 is a much larger case than i'm used to. And it actually supports 120/140mm fans (lol my quantum is 80mm...
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    Ring Of Fire

    yea, i was just gonna say...i'd love to see a figure 8....or even a small grid or if there were any burn marks on the table lol LONG LIVE GLASS TABLES xD
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    Annoying Icon in Start!!

    MavsX, that's the easy way out. Plus, I just reformatted and thats when this did happen >.> LostMatt, you're right...thats what it should be. However, there was nothing there. In search of a solution i came across a page on where it shows, in that same location a "About my HP PC". So...
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    Annoying Icon in Start!!

    it goes off to a program in system32 called bootsafe.exe, but that program isn't even there anymore. I googled it and there's a bootsafe.exe program you can download, but my friend said he never installed it. it looks like that little shortcut was inserted via the registry almost.... since...
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    Annoying Icon in Start!!

    nope....but i just did a fresh install of XP and, for once, did windows update lol never had this happen before though :confused:
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    Annoying Icon in Start!!

    I've got a picture of it here: if i accicentally click it, i get thrown into safe mode....yay :mad: can't right click and delete....the only option that comes up is to run it. anybody got any clue how to get rid of this bastard?
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    Scrounging For Bargains At CompUSA

    got a slim NB heatsink for 5$ and a dlink wireless n router open box for 40$ :)
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    Naked Vista MS Says is not Recommended

    been using nlite forever, and downloaded vlite before even trying vista for the first time. it's a great idea :)
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    Best Buy Sued Over Derogatory Job Reference

    BB is already a shithole as far as their hiring process goes..... oh wait, circuit city uses the exact same application.... huh yea, they're both horrible.
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    Google Combats Domain Name Loophole

    I wish that they'd make a list of them :O
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    Duke Nukem Forever Video Tomorrow

    Yea I know bout FSO and whatnot....I'm just waiting for a retail FS3, even if it's half the FSO guys on the staff. I want something HUGE.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Video Tomorrow

    K they got this down.... now someone go make freespace 3. lickety split.
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    RIAA Says Personal Copies Are “Unauthorized”

    they got loads of buddy buddy organizations across the pond that they inform.
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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    NEDM can help capture my love/hate relationship with [H]. We've got cool guys running a place that proclaim that The Cake is a Lie, but we still find the cake crumbs in your reviews occasionally. Don't let your site and reputation get too big for you, or otherwise you'll find youselves giving...
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    Google Integrates AIM Into Gmail

    Attached my AIM MSN and Y! lists to my gmail account with a Jabber program a while back, and have already been enjoying this for nearly a year :P ^for the tutorial. You basically end up with big...
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    Microsoft Softens Response to Piracy

    My mother tried to update her old box (that i forgot about) to SP2 and found it nearly impossible to find SP2 on the MS website. Trying to run windows update just gave an error of "you need sp2 lulz". So I ran off to track down SP2, then instead of worrying about the WGA bullshite, I ran to that...