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    Need some help on proxmox VM

    I am needing some help on proxmox networking. I have ubuntu VM installed on proxmox and I cant get the ubuntu to ping out of proxmox to my network. But from proxmox to reset of my network I can ping out. What am I missing here? I only have one nic card on this so here is the Proxmox network...
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    how can I copy whole SD card to my NAS

    Hello Guys I am just wondering if somebody can point me in the correct way on doing this. I have a SD card (16gb)that got RetroPie on it and I need to transfer the whole SD card to my NAS for backup then Add it to larger other SD card that is 64gb.
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    Adding MoCa adapter to OTA antenna setup

    Right now I have MoCa adapter netgear mca1001 and I just want to know if I can connect OTA antenna to the adapter or not? Because I am just using the moca adapter just carry internet on the line right now but I want to add OTA tv to it I got Mohu Sky amp OTA antenna. Whats the proper way of...
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    Fiber media convertors are not passing any traffic

    I have cables to go fiber media convertors is not passing any traffic and when it's connected to 200ft cable it links up just fine but not doing anything. Could an broken fiber not causing it to pass any traffic?
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    Anybody got an good voip troubleshooting guide

    I am just wondering if anybody had any good voip troubleshooting guide that they would like to share?
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    1and1 domain problems

    I am having domain issues with 1and1 I dont have any web hosting with them just transferred an domain name to them. I cant add any more IP's to the domain name since I am hosting my own servers and they told me they can only do one ip on there control panel and there was no way for them over the...
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    will pci x work in an pci slot?

    I am looking to buy some intel gigabit pci-x network cards and I want to know if they will work in an motherboard that only have pci slots in it.
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    cant ping on the outside of the network on ubuntu 14.04lts server

    Guys I have been beating my head on this for couple hours now I just reinstalled ubuntu server onto my computer and the issue is I can ping outside of the network if I am using DHCP but when I try to place static IP address it wont ping outside of the network but can ping internal network just...
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    problems with buffalo linkstation LS210D

    Guys I am having an issue with my buffalo linkstation LS210D keep redirecting to an different external IP address from what I put inside of mikrotik routerboard and I even tried it with an linksys cable modem it does it with that also so is it something wrong with the linkstation IP?
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    question on how to erase IDE ata flash memory

    Guys I just want to know how I would be able to erase IDE ata flash memory module that is on an 44pin setup?
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    pfsense install problems

    Guys I am trying to install the latest pfsense onto an neoware ca17 with 1GB DOM and everytime I try to install it gives me: g_vfs_done () :ufs/pfsense [READ(offset=........., length=2048)] error =5 Do I need an larger DOM or whats going on this this? If this isnt the correct forum...
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    postfix custom automatic message

    Guys I am looking to be able to send an automatic message like no reply or “Please do not reply to this email. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.” from one specific email address? I am using postfix/dovecot/mysql setup.
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    sendmail relay to postfix server question?

    Question to ask is there anyway to get sendmail relay to postfix server or not?
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    cant send fax with pdf on piaf

    Guys can anybody tell me how to fix the issue I have with piaf sending out faxes with pdf it gives me warning cant.... that is all much of the message I can see.
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    barracuda spam/virus is blocking emails to an online printer

    Guys I dont know if any of you guys have ran into this problem before but I have barracuda spam and virus and when I try to send an email to my HP printer at I am getting 550 5.7.1 command rejected. But I can send an email to my hp printer from like but not from my...
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    550 with Barracuda Spam& Virus Firewall

    Guys I am having problems sending out emails from my postfix/mysql to barracuda Spam& Virus Firewall 300 I get 550 and the email server and barracuda is setting with internal IP of 192.168.60.x address and with 2 different real world static IP's. How do I correct this issue?
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    need some help on dell powerconnect 2724

    Guys I am needing some help on finding an sfp fiber transreciver for my dell power connect 2724.
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    toshiba satellite l455d-s5976 will not boot

    Guys I have an toshiba satellite l455d-s5976 laptop it will not boot up and when you press the power button you can hear the cpu fan turn on then 3 secs later it shuts off. There is No boot screen at all. Could it be CMOS battery dead or is the motherboard dead?
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    Win7:dual monitors with desktops on it?

    Guys I have an hp computer (old one) and I just bought an dual vga pci video card for it and I like to know how do I get desktops on both monitors without having one monitor just having the start up task bar and other monitor having all my desktop icons? Because I would like to have both...
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    Comcast to acquire TWC

    Well looks like comcast is buying up TWC: but TWC rejects charter deal of 61 billion dollars:
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    problem ringing into extension on PIAF

    Guys I am having an problem with an extension not ringing in from other extension but I can dial out to other numbers and other extensions just fine and I am also running the extension on an desktop computer and connected to piaf via openvpn connection. What am I doing wrong here? openvpn is on...
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    linksys wrt54gl with openvpn?

    Guys I am just wondering if anybody could guide me an way to setup openvpn onto my linksys wrt54gl? Because I already have openvpn server onto my pfsense I already got my certs from the pfsense firewall/server now I just need some help getting these onto my router for the client?
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    whats best router to connect openvpn server to?

    Guys I am looking to find an best wired or wireless router that is able to connect to my pfsense ovenvpn router.
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    pfsense openvpn connecting problem

    Guys I am running 2.1-RELEASE (i386) of it and I am also running windows 7 and everytime I try to connect to it I get this error "Connecting pfsense-udp-1194-vpn has failed".
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    news that Comcast/Charter is looking to bid on TWC

    Guys I dont know if you heard this morning about Comcrap aka Comcast and Charter is looking to place an bid for buying or merging with TWC:
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    open source backup server?

    Can anybody tell me an good open source backup server? Because I am looking to start backing up my mail server and billing server soon and I need to find an good open source backup server.
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    anybody good setting up barracuda spam&virus?

    Guys I just got my barracuda spam&virus 300 machine today and I need some help on setting it up? My machine is behind mikrotik router and it does have its own public IP address. I think I got everything setup right but the machine doesnt scan emails or anything and I am using...
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    thin client cant see cf with cf adapter but it can see hard drive

    I have an HP thin client and I bought 4GB cf card with cf adapter and when I plug the cf adapter with card in it to the motherboard via 44 pin cable it dont show up but when I plug in 6GB 2.5 laptop ide hard drive via 44 pin cable it shows up. So what can be wrong or what I am doing that isnt...
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    anybody know where I can get like an user portal?

    Guys I am just wondering if anybody tell me where I can get an user portal displays like local/national news with weather etc... at?
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    cooling fan for Dell Dimension 8400?

    Guys is there any cooling fans that will work for Dell Dimension 8400 except the factory ones?
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    What usb ethernet adapter will work with pfsense?

    Hi Guys I am just wondering if anybody could tell me what usb ethernet adapter will work with pfsense?
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    Openvpn setup question

    Hey Guys I just want to know which software I should go with for openvpn either these 4 chooses: Smoothwall, PFSense , Mikrotik or Zeroshell which one should I go with? This is going to be connected to PBX box that is PIAF.
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    I cant access PIAF on external IP

    Hi Guys I can not for the life of me cant access my PIAF box or register any extensions on an external IP's and the box is setting behind mikrotik routerboard with nat ports open and still cant even get it register any extensions or get to the login page from external IP's but I can get into...
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    Getting Bad Request Invalid Hostname

    Hey Guys I just got done installing windows server 2008 sp2 (IIS 7) and with website panel and I am getting Bad Request Invalid Hostname when I try go to and 9002. What did I do wrong here or what do I need to fix with this?
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    Is there open source Webmail that can work with mobile phones?

    Hey Guys I have an open source mail server which is iRedmail which is postfix/dovecot/mysql and I have roundcube for webmail but I am looking for an webmail that is open source for mobile phones. Is there any out there for this?
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    Is there anyway to turn thin client into 3g/ethernet router

    Hey Guys is there anyway to turn an thin client into an 3g/ethernet router? is there any open source router distro that allows 3g usb connection then turn it into ethenet router? I know this is an long shot but its worth asking about it. I know there is 3g routers with wireless I already...
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    need some help on routing couple wireless routers on same network

    Hi Guys I am just wondering if anybody can help me route 2 wireless routers on the same internal network and main connection is coming from Mikrotik Routerboard. Problem is that I cant connect any computers if I am on my main wireless router (Netgear router) and the lan IP address is...
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    HP dc5000 tower wont post or boot

    Hey Guys I wanna pick some of your heads about an issue I am having with HP/compaq dc5000 microtower. The tower wont post when I have memory and hard drive in it will just turn on because the case and cpu and psu fan will come on and the power LED light will be on also but the HDD LED wont come...
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    Is there an open source software for user portal?

    Hey Guys I am just wondering if anybody can point me to an open source software for user portal? what I mean is page would have like top national news,local news,weather, Virus/Malware alerts, Directory etc.
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    postfix change?

    Hey Guys I dont know if this is correct forum for this but I have postfix and I want to able change the wording of this: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender: This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or...