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    LSI HBA - supports more physical devices than ports??

    Hi All- I'm trying to solidify some understanding here, I have an m1015, and when I look at the spec page for the equivalent LSI card ( it says: Max Number of Physical Devices Non-RAID: 64 Yet, it also says...
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    Sony DPF-HD1000 10 inch Digital Photo Frame Fry's $89.99 it is the Sony 10.1 in the Cameras and Camcorders section. Direct link and product page It looks like the product...
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    Denon AVR-2113CI @ Frys $499.99

    Smokin deal on this AVR-2113CI receiver, it is this year's model, has 4k pass through for future proofing, and Denon quality. MSRP is $649, which is what the majority of locations sell it for. You can see it in Fry's ad here: It is the "Major Name Brand"...
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    [Hot] Fractal Design Define R3 USB 3 Black case $79.99 shipped 99.99 - 20.00 promo code EMCNFND226 ~$30 less than usual price, great deal!
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    Ivy bridge chipset C20X replacements?

    Has anyone read anything about what might be replacing the C20X chipsets when Ivy Bridge comes out? I've read about the Q77/75 chipsets that seem to be for 'businesses' but its not clear if those are the replacements or not. I'm also wondering if they are adding anything significant worth...
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    Fry's After Christmas Sale

    See Things that caught my eye: Corsair Force Series 3 180G SSD - $179.99 AR Patriot 16G 1600mhz DDR3 - $49.99 AR Various Blu-ray trilogies - $24.99
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    Fractal Design Define Mini / Define R3 Case Resonance?

    I am looking at building a 6 drive raid array and putting it into a Define Mini or Define R3.. can anyone that has used these cases speak to any resonance issues they've seen/haven't seen with a similar configuration? I've had 4-5 drives in cheaper aluminum cases that have driven me crazy with...
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    Supermicro X9SCM-F-O PCIE x16 slot mod?

    Curious if anyone has tried cutting open the end of the x8 slots to allow an x16 video card to fit in.. and if so, were you able to use IKVM with the integrated video chipset and pass thru the added card to a VM? Thanks!
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    ZFS grow/shrink question

    Hi I am new to ZFS and looking at building a system using it, I have a specific question about its ability to grow shrink. Id like to run a system with 2 parity drives (Raid Z2?). I am buying the 3TB Hitachi 5k3000's before the price gets too insane. My question is say I have 5 now, which I...
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    Linux+RAID card vs Solaris+ZFS?

    Hi all- I am looking into building a home NAS, the main requirements are: -Cost effective -Able to saturate a 1G link at least for reads, ideally for writes as well over SMB/CIFS to Windows -As lower power as possible -Reasonably easy to administer and able to assign ACLs to folders (so...
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    Need PCIE Spread Spectrum Disable on P67/Z68, Suggestions?

    As the title says, I need a P67 or Z68 board that has a bios option to disable PCIE spread spectrum, has anyone seen one or have suggestions? I looked through the entire ASUS/Gigabyte/MSI and couldn't find one..
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    LSI 3041E-R UEFI support on a P67 board?

    Hi all- I just installed a LSI 3041E-R HBA and am unable to get it to boot into its configuration bios, I think the UEFI on my Asus P67 board is stopping it from working. I tried flashing it with its latest bios, but this didn't change the situation. When I run sasflash -listall it does show...
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    8GB Gskill RipJaws X DDR3 1866 79.99 Newegg Shellshocker

    Get it quick..
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    Microcenter i7-2600k $229.99

    Ripped from Fatwallet, if you refresh the frontpage of Microcenter enough you'll see the ad for the price just under the header. It comes up in their system at the normal price of 279, so you'll have to get an unhappy sales rep to refresh the page and see it before they'll sign off on it...
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    Microcenter i5-2500k + Asus p8p67 289.99 in store 5/17 only
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    Lite-on 12x BDR Lightscribe Retail iHBS212 $109.99

    @ Newegg: It was 129.99 a day or two ago. I price matched Fry's to it, they had it for 149.99 :) Comes in a retail box with PowerDVD 9 BD version.
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    SNB Silver Arrow temp check

    Hey all- I'm benching an i7 2600k right now, its at 4800mhz 1.368V (cpuZ) running IBT with maximum temps using Real Temp showing 72/81/79/74.. room temperature is at 28c. Are these within norms? Using a Thermalright Silver Arrow with uncured AS5 under it, on an Asus P8P67 Pro. Also is it...
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    Overclocking voodoo with p8p67 pro?

    Hey guys- So I'm trying to make sense of this 'new world of overlocking'.. right now I'm in windows playing with the TurboV EVO utility and have set my multiplier on a 2600k to 45, it says my cpu frequency is 4513mhz. Above that my voltage is set to 1.165, but if I look in cpuz or the sensor...
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    Microcenter i7-2600k back to $279.99

    Just an FYI, I bought mine on Saturday at 299.99 so I'm headed back to get the difference.
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    Best Air Cooler?

    I'm putting together a SNB build, looking for suggestions on the best 3 air coolers money can buy. I'm putting the cooler on either a p8p67 pro or maximus iv, with all 4 ram slots populated with ripjaws x, so its important that the heatsink/fan does not interfere with the ram slots. Its also...
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    Logitech MX518 $36.99 - $15MIR = $21.99 Free Ship <3 this mouse, been using them everywhere I work and play for years.
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    Corsair AX 850 PSU $149.99 AR ENDS @ MIDNIGHT

    Good only until midnight, jump on this if interested.. Corsair AX 850W PSU, basically the same unit as Seasonic X-850. Original price $199-$10 instant-$20 promo-$20 MIR = $149.99 Promo code: EMCKJHC26
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    Fry's 4th of July Sales Good deal on the Phenom II X6 + Motherboard for $199 AR.
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    Sceptre 46" 1080P LCD $699 Costco

    Link *A 46” Panel is 20% larger in overall viewing area than a 42” panel and 56% larger than a 37” panel. Limited Time Offer: $200 discount is reflected in the price. Valid for orders placed February 27, 2009 through March 22, 2009. While supplies last. Online price...
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    Windowed gaming on a second display

    Hi all, I am running an 8800GTX with a pair of 30" displays, I like to play games in a window and often its convenient for me to drag the game over to the second display, however in XP with drivers 180.48 I get a _massive_ performance drop, from 100+fps down to 20 or less when moving to the...
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    50% Off all Books/Ebooks (* in Action books) ends midnight dec 25

    All books/ebooks/early access ebooks 50% off at Its all the "X in Action" books.. pretty great deal. Use coupon code dec25. Its the best coupon on their december countdown to new years. ** VALID ONLY on DEC 25th! Go now!
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    Logitech MX518 $20.99 AR/Free Ship Free Shipping Code: EMCAKAECF
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    DFI nF4 SLI-DR Rollcall - Help with a sleep/resume problem!

    HW: DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR, Athlon X2 4400+, 2GB Crucial Ballistix (200mhz DDR, 3-4-4-8 2.6V) Problem: Resuming from S3 Sleep in Windows Vista hangs with the diagnostic board LED showing it has just detected the CPU and is trying to detect the RAM. The memory works great, passes memtest no...
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    Q6600 safe 24/7 voltage?

    Just curious how far I can push before I should stop.. right now running a G0 (default 1.3V) at 3.5ghz 1.48V bios (1.37-1.38V reported in uGuru). Temps are 65C for the cores in core temp, 56C uGuru.
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    8800GTX electrical noise?

    For any 8800GTX users out there, I bought a new mobo/cpu and am testing it on an open air bench, and have noticed that when I fire up anything intensive in the gpu department my card starts making these strange kind of electrical noises, i dont know how to explain them but my first thought was...
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    Evga 680i A1 Raid 0 locking up?

    Just picked up an Evga 680i A1 mobo and Q6600 chip. I have 2 74GB Raptors in Raid-0 with Windows XP installed. The installation goes flawlessly, even installing all the drivers seems fine. However once I start installing World of Warcraft (no puns here please :P), the system will randomly...
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    Water Evaporation??

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    Scythe Shogun + SLI-DR ??? ANYONE ??

    I'm planning on pulling the IHS off my 4400+ X2 and wanna stick a Shogun on it because it is a screw down heatsink rather than a clip, but I am concerned about clearances with it on my SLI-DR. Anyone got any pics of it on that mobo with the Shogun aimed towards the rear so air exhausts out the...
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    7800GTX ram cooling necessary?

    So I've got a pair of 7800GTX's, one is a dell card and has the sick 512mb cooler, the other is an overclocked XFX running at 490/650. And it is overheating like mad. I've been thinking of throwing a NvSilencer or otherwise on it.. but I am concerned that I wont have room on the back of the...
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    Quake 4 Multiplayer Performance Poll

    I was curious what resolutions and settings people have found to give a constant (or VERY near constant) 60fps experience across large multiplayer games? I have been very surprised because I run a Athlon 64 X2 4400+ @ 2600mhz with a XFX 7800GTX (490mhz core 1300 mem) and have found that to get...
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    dfi sli dr can't get ram to overclock?

    I guess I'm a nub to the athlon64 platform.. so I'm in the bios, ive set my fsb to be 220, yet when i go into the dram configuration menu and i set the ratio to be 1:1 it says at 1:1 my ram is running at 200mhz? That doesn't make sense.. and the only other thing I can see to change is my HT...
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    Delta Fan Group Buy

    Anybody interested in going in on some fans? I've got a place that has some really good deals on delta's, but you need a minimum order of $25.. i only need maybe 2-3 fans, so if I can get one other person thats interested we can just split the cost (and still come in significantly cheaper than...
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    DFI SLI Mobo Question regarding ide raid

    Question for any nforce4/dfi owners, if I have an ide hard drive full of information, and i go and get another one (blank), will i be able to create a raid-1 setup with those two drives without losing any information from my drive that has stuff on it already? Also can you do the same thing...
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    Physical dimensions?

    Anyone know the actual physical dimensions of an A64 (including package), compared to a P4 (including package)? I couldn't find this data anywhere... =(
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    Raptor question..

    So I'm running a 120gb WD 7200rpm 8mb cache drive as my main.. on an Athlon XP @ 2200mhz. I'm thinking about switching to a 74gig raptor as my main drive, with a pair of 300gb seagates as backup. Am I going to notice a big speed difference going to a raptor as my main drive? Enough to justify...