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    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349 Multiple cards. Free shipping. The previous thread was locked so I had to start a new one.
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    Dell DDR3 won’t work on other brand motherboards?

    Hi, I pulled some DDR3 2gb (1033ghz? )sticks out of a bunch of old Dell corporate desktops. I tried using the ram in a Asus amd board and a Asus intel board 2500k processor. Neither board would boot up. Both boards said they support the memory speed, but I am not sure if the processors do. I...
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    mClassic: The First Plug & Play Graphics Processor- $79 Indiegogo

    (For some reason, I have't been able to paste links to the campaign.) Maybe it is automatically blocked The campaign runs out on August 29th. It'll will sell high after that. This is upscale 480p though 1080p up to a max of 4k 30fps. I purchased to upscale my 720p PS3 and 1080p PS4 pro...
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    Any reason to upgrade to Atmos if I am only at 5.1 channels?

    Hi, I currently have a beastly 50 lb Onkyo 1007 driving a 5.1 channel system. I have tried other speaker configs up 9 channels but due to room issues and the fact that most movies have been 5.1, I haven't bothered to seriously look into an atmos setup. I am getting the upgrade itch along...
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    EVGA B-stock GeForce GTX 970 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 $90 plus shipping Add the video card to your cart and the price drops to $89.99. Shipping is free at the moment but will probably change tomorrow. (EVGA runs their free shipping deals on Wednesdays.) I don't...
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    Microcenter: Seagate 2TB Hybrid Firecudas (5 yr wrnty) w/ Free Far Cry 5, $80 or $90

    EDIT: My mistake. Seagate has the promo with Assassins Creed Origins. Higher end Samsung drives have the promo with Far Cry 5. 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch 2TB drives. These have 5 yr warranties. SSD cache (8 GB I think?) 3.5 inch, 7200 RPM, $89.99 plus tax...
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    Oculus Rift with Touch $349.99 at Microcenter brick and mortar

    Thank you for choosing Micro Center (Beltway/Rockville). SKU#699447 Rift Touch Virtual Reality System $349.99 The website didn't specifically mention the price, but after I requested by email this is what I received...
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    Should I sell my cards? When?

    I have a combination of a 1080ti, a 1070, a 1060, a 1050, two 570 4gb, and 2 580 8gb. Currently, I make about $30 to $40 a day after electricity. Checking Ebay it seems like most of these cards are priced at about 100 to 110 day ROI. Since I plan to sell anyway (at least the AMD cards)...
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    transferring ether from miningpoolhub to coinbase?

    Hello, I recently figured out how to set up miningpoolhub with awesome miner. Twice I tried to send ether to coinbase and it never arrived. Apparently coinbase doesn't except ether mining transactions for some reason. Questions: is it possible to get the money back or is it lost forever...
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    BTC market manipulation once futures start?

    What would prevent a whale from make a big bet on the bitcoin dropping and then making a huge sell order to trigger that drop? Reminds me of the story of the "Onion king" story here in the U.S. and the old comparison to Tulip futures 400 years ago in Holland.
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    580 4GB at $171 or 580 8GB at @$200

    I have an opportunity to pick up a card locally. I am mostly familiar with nvidia gpu mining so I am not sure of the current logic on AMD cards. Both are brand new with warranty. Is either of this a good deal strictly for mining? The the 8GB card needs an 8pin and 6 pin connector, but my...
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    Setup for testing video cards

    Not sure where to put this... A buddy of mine sells high end video cards and needs somebody to test the returns. He wants to give me $10 each card. Is a z68 motherboard and a dual core Pentium sufficient for running Heaven and Furmark for 30 minutes? I assume neither benchmark is cpu...
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    samsung note 4 vs note 5

    I am getting my first smartphone and can't make up my mind. Verizon is selling the note 4 for $440 recertified and warrantied for a year. I do plan get gear vr eventually. I know note 5 is about 20% faster, and it seemed a tiny bit less laggy than the note 4 but i am sure neither seemed...
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    780ti vs 970 vs 290x

    Is there a consensus on the best buy right now? Here are my options for $200-$250 used 780ti- $225 used 290x- $200-225 used 970 - $240 I currently have a 7950 crossfired with a 7870 le (cut down tahiti chip). I would like to get rid of the crossfire setup and use the money for a...
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    Skylake vs. overclock 2500k reviews?

    So, I have been reading skylake reviews for a week and still have not seen a review with an overclocked 2500k included for comparison. I have seen alot of conjecture and math to try to calculate a possible comparison, but I think a real gamer oriented overlock comparison is warranted of the...
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    Are video cards becoming a mature technology like motor vehicles?

    Okay, so AMD is in reband mode, and even nvidia is not exactly knocking our socks off with performance increases. It just seems like most products are rebrands (except for halo products that most don't buy.) Each year they add minor tweaks (via respins or memorysize/speed) to the same product...
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    Thoughts on Finch Robotics? I am building a robotics program/curriculum from scratch at my middle school for 6th and 7th graders as well as after school teams. I have a huge amount of experience with Lego robotics, but I find that students often struggle with programming and just keep trying...
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    Upgrading multiple Window 7 keys to Windows 10

    I have a bunch of Windows 7 keys. Is there anyway to gain/upgrade the keys to Windows 10 without installing the keys on a computer first? I don't have a bunch of computer anymore to install on, but I will probably get them donated to my school over the next few years. ( I am a robotics and...
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    What the benefit of a video card in an htpc these days?

    I currently have an AMD 5750 1 GB card in my htpc, but I am struggling to find what benefits in offers other than the occasional game. MADvr seems doesn't seem to recognize it after setup, I think the card is underpowered for that purpose. The 5750 provides a 1080p signal to my 4K Sony TV...
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    What s a better CPU for this computer?

    I currently have a Celeron G 1620 with a Z68 motherboard and an AMD 5750 on a Platinum efficiency rated power supply. It is currently used for DVR duties, up to 1080p playback, as well as running Blue Iris for my security camera outside the house. Overall it has been running pretty well...
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    46-50 inch TV recommendation?

    My panasonic plasma just died after three years (RIP), and the repair is expected to cost $275, so I prefer a new TV. Requirements: -46 to 50 inch -Anti reflective screen -good color accuracy (natural skin tones, etc.) -Good off axis viewing including when lying on the floor off...
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    PS3 sound through X-fi Titanium HD

    I am having a lot of trouble gett my PS3 to play through the X-fi. Cables are attached correctly. I have set up the PS3 for 2 channel PCM, set up optical in to playthrough, flipped every switch I can find in every control panel, or setting that seems related. In the SPDIF menu of the...
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    Dell Dell UP3214Q 32" UltraSharp HD LED Monitor $2600

    I know there are some who prefer to wait 3 years to get somethings similar for $1000, but this is good deal compared to the Dell website ($3500):
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    27 inch 2560x1440 IPS monitor recommendation?

    My Auria 27 incher died and I'm looking for a replacement. I know there are a lot of monitor threads, but I am finding hard to keep all the options straight in my head. Requirements: 3(+) year warranty 2560x1440 IPS glossy or semi-glossy (I have no lights behind me) minimum DVI-D and HDMI...
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    fixing a broken monitor making a chirping noise

    Hello, My 27 inch Auria monitor from Microcenter (discussed in a thread) recently died. Symptoms: Blank screen with no power on. Original external (brick style) power supply makes faint chirping noise. Replacement power supply make a similar chirping noise and monitor still doesn't turn...
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    Setting up PS4 for a rental property

    I bought a PS4 for a vacation rental property. (High end, so amenities are expected.) We have a problem of games being stolen, so I suggested a PS4 with a PSN plus account for free games. I plan to setup a master account under my name with the playstation network Plus account, and then set...
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    Wife needs a new laptop...

    My wife has been using an old Dell XPS 12 inch for about 8 years. It's been a great little laptop, but I am tired of upgrading it. I have been looking at the MacBook Pro 13 with the retina display, but am turned off by the problem of replacing batteries. What's the most recommended 12 to...
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    Computer on top of subwoofer

    Hello. In order to save space I was thinking to put my atx sized HTPC on top of my home built 100 pound subwoofer. What would be the negatives to this?
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    Verizon, can I use my 2 yr renewal to upgrade my wife's phone?

    Hello, I could use some verizon advice on our phone plan. I use a phone that doesn't have a data plan. My wife has an iphone 5 with a data plan. Our bill is about $101 a month with corporate discount. We need to keep verizon due to service issues and working best inside the DC metro system...
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    Antec blue LED 140 mm fan, Staples $8 $7.99 plus tax. I just bought 3 of these in an order with a $25 off $75 purchase coupon. It's hard to find good cheap 140mm fans and I have been happy with these. They are relatively quiet and have a...
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    Unplug cpu fan on Intel Celeron G1610

    So, I didn't like the CPU fan noise and decided to check temps in a closed htpc case without the CPU plugged in. Before with fan plugged: Idle 30, Max load 40 After unplugging: Idle 40, Max load 65 I assume is is ok to leave the cpu fan unplugged as long as the case fans provide...
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    Loud Corsair H60 fan?

    I just RMAed my original Corsair H60 after a pump failure and they sent me a newer 2013 version. The Fan that came with it (SP120?) has a very loud drone even at lowest fan setting. It's most pronounced out of the 4 fans in the case. Is this typical for this model or is there something...
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    Starcraft 2 HotS $28 shipped

    Shellshocker. Get it quick. Lowest I've seen.
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    Refurb Audio-Technica A900X for $115

    Audio-Technica A900X for $100 after V.Me rebate on or 115 with Dig5 coupon code! Free Shipping. Earlier this week BuyDig offered the A900X new for 170, and now they have refurbs for 120. Or V.Me...
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    Side-grade from 6950 2gb to 7870?

    I was thinking about selling my unlocked 6950 2gb and putting the money toward a 7870, most likely the HIS turbo: I know they are fairly comparable in speed, but Crysis 2 made my system struggle on my 1440p monitor. ( I am very...
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    Asrock Z77 extreme 6 bios flash problem

    So, I just connected everything to the motherboard, turn on the computer, and go into the bios. Front and center is the internet flash feature. So, I think, "why not? Let's see how this works." It connected to a server in the US, downloads the new bios (2.50) and then begins processing and...
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    Power supply for HTPC

    I's for a non overclocked, nongaming, guest computer/htpc. The antec has 22db (about a whisper) and only has a 6pin pcix connector for the graphics card. So, kingwin for long term or antec for cheap. I assume they are equal in quality/reliability, with Kingwin obviously having better...
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    KINGWIN Absolute Platinum Series AP-550 550W $81 plus tax

    KINGWIN Absolute Platinum Series AP-550 550W $81 shipped plus tax This is the non-modular version of the Lazer Platinum that Hardocp reviewed. Identical specs except for a 3yr warranty. Make sure to enter the promo code on the...
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    Upgrade to 2500k or wait for Haswell

    deleted and moved to other forum
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    OCZ Agility 4 doesn't work in in external enclosure

    I recently picked up a 128GB OCZ Agility 4. I have discovered it isn't recognized in either of my 2.5 enlcosures and I am not able to initialize and format it. Is this normal? My kingston SSDs had not problems with this.