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    GTX 1650 SUPER Furmark?

    Hi anyone have some furmark numbers for the GTX 1650 SUPER (score and fps)? Can't really find them anywhere. Thanks.
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    Anyone know what card would have best FurMark Score/Watt these days?

    I'd guess the Gtx 1650 SUPER, but I don't know really. All the lists online I could find of furmark scores seem to still put the 1080Ti or RTX 2080 on top, even though 1080Ti is kind of an old card now. And they're both power sucking monsters so not what im looking for. They also don't let you...
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    LONG case legs (>30mm)

    Hey guys. Where can I get some case legs that are 30mm or longer? Best I could find on Amazon were these ( but they're still a bit shorter than I need. Edit: Case is a Cooler Master NR400.
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    Fanless PSU in MicroATX case?

    Thanks. The PSU says clearly to mount it with the vent facing UP though. Do you think that'd mess up anything mounting it upside down?
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    Asus P10S-M WS power connection questiom

    Hey guys. I have a an ASUS P10S-M WS ( on the way. It has an 8 pin connection for CPU power. The modular PSU I plan on using it with has 8 pin connectors in the front for CPU/PCI-E, but only came with these weird cables that go from 8 pin (with...
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    Fanless PSU in MicroATX case?

    Hey guys. I have a fanless SeaSonic PSU I want to put in a Cooler Master NR400 case. Would it be better to mount it with the vent facing up towards the baffle, or upside down with the vent open toward the case vent in the bottom? (See pictures.) There's only about 0.5cm of airspace between the...
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    Checking heatsink for damage

    Looks like top fin got mushed down a little. Just wondering if there is anything more serious I need to check for, like damage to the heatpipes or something. Thanks.
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    Height Radeon WX 4100 GPU sits off the board?

    Hi would anyone happen to know how high the GPU on a Radeon WX 4100 sits off the board? I'm planning to replace the stock cooler on it with an Accelero S1 for a fanless build, and would like to know how much space there will be between the plate and the board. Thanks.
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    Checking heatsink for damage

    Hi guys, I live in Mexico. I ordered a heatsink (Heligon HE02) and it came with one of the fins a little bent. I know that's probably nothing, but is there anything else I need check on it to see if I need to send it back? Thanks.
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    Physical dimensions of an LGA1151 chip?

    Should I buy the 30x30mm or 40x40mm IC Graphite Thermal pad for it?
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    Ethernet surge protector compatibility

    Do ethernet surge protectors have to be "compatible" with the internet bandwith you have? I was thinking of buying an APC P6N ( but one of the reviewers mentions it...
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    Need standoffs for Cooler Master NR200?

    Hi, should I order motherboard standoffs separately for the Cooler Master NR200 or does it come with them already?
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    Arctic Thermal Pad Thickness

    Weird, fixed it: Sorry about that
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    Arctic Thermal Pad Thickness It comes in different thicknesses. Not sure which one to get. Would there be any difference in performance? Thinking of using it with a Xeon E3-1260L v5 and Silverstone Heligon HE02. Thanks :)
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    Anybody know if the screw spacing on Quadro cards is the same as regular Geforce cards?

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is that top right mounting hole slightly off from where it should be?
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    Anybody know if the screw spacing on Quadro cards is the same as regular Geforce cards?

    Thinking of installing an aftermarket heat sink designed for Geforce/Radeon cards on a Quadro P620. Would the mounting brackets, adapters and all that still fit? (Heatsink: Thanks :)
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    How to passively cool a Quadro P620?

    Hi, I'm wanting to put together a silent, efficient "hobbybox" (a workstation for d*cking around) build with a Quadro P620. Not sure how I can make the Quadro fanless though. I'd just live with one fan in the system, but I hate dealing with dust and cleaning it out, so that is my main reason...