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    Old school / melancholy gaming build

    So, yeah, i needed a 2nd physical pc in another room. My main rig is 2700k + 760 GTX, so like i said this one is for the good ol' times. Bought some stuff from ebay dirt cheap, combined with what i had laying around and voila. But melancholy struck and wanted to have some fun with stuff that i...
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    Advicec for an old Seasonic psu

    *Advice My current specs: i7 2700k @ stock (no oc plans) MSI GTX 760 (no oc plans) mITX Msi b75ia e33 8 gb crucial ddr3 1600 mhz (no oc plans) 1 x ssd & hdd Waiting for the Ncase M1 to arrive and the Silverstone sfx 600w to be available. Until then i'm using a +5 years old...