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    Are the 2x00 series able to output 1366x768?

    Hello Gents, I am looking to buy a new gfx card for when we get our 32" LCD in the sales (possibly a Sammy LE32R87) and want to replace the current X300SE in my HTPC to something more beefy for HD playback. So it's either a choice of: ATi Radeon 2400XT or 2600 Pro nVidia Geforce...
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    nVflash for windows and G92

    Hello Guys, Is there any update to nVflash for windows and the G92 stuff yet. I want to try some new BIOS's so need to flash but as I understand it nVflash for windows 5.33 doesn't support the G92. Short of buying a floppy drive is there anything I can do to get it flashed? Thanks`
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    8800 Series price drops?

    Hello Gents, I am in the market for a new graphics card shortly to replace my trusty 7900GT once crysis is released and MOH:A and for Vista/DX10. Now I am only gaming at 1400x900 (at the moment) but do love my eye candy being turned up but a major requirement for me is that it lasts for...
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    e4300: Gigabyte DS3 or Abit AB9 Pro

    Hi guys, Due to some recent good fortune i've got some spare cash lying around for me to do an update to Core2Duo. I am on a budget and as such have decided to go e4300, 1GB DDR2 800 (cheap stuff for a while till I can afford the 2GB OCZ XTC Rev 2 DDR2-800) and either a DS3 or AB9 Pro...
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    Mce And Dvd Decoders

    Hi guys, I have been a cyberlink powerdvd user for ages now and been very pleased with it. However I do have some issues with PD7 and dCut/Sonic necoders. Basically if I dCut a file to wmv then I end up lipsync issues occasionally and then if I encode that file to dvd it gets even worse...
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    s939 mATX with onboard TV Out header and bracket

    Hi guys, Got a Opty 146 sitting around here doing nothing so may upgrade my HTPC system with it and retire my s754 Athlon 64 3000+ AGP system. Looking to cheap as possible and with minimal components so looking for a motherboard with onboard TV Out and bracket included. Needs to support...
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    TT Big Typhoon a possiblity of fitting?

    Guys, would i be pushing my luck trying to fit a TT BT to my foxconn 6150 in my tj08 or do you think it might fit? Any ideas? Cheers
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    MCE not showing guide data?

    Have installed, activated and updated my new MCE 2005 on my system but I can't get the guide data to display. it just shows <No data available.> against the channels. I have tried 2 different attenas (to rcv from) and 2 different post codes. The second combo I know works great as my friends is...
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    Disabling the SLi pop up on startup

    Just reformatted and reinstalled my machine with the newer 91.31 drivers and now getting a frigging stupid pop up about SLi being disabled when I have a single 7900GT. IIRC there is a reg tweak but can't remember where it is!
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    Foxconn bites the dust....

    My lovely foxconn died this evening for no apparent reason :( was rebooting after windows updates and it black screened so power cycled and nothing. Opened the case and no power led on the board. Stripped down and other PSU had lying around and nothing :( was such a great board... new board...
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    Antec Aria, Abit VA10 and a new cpu cooler???

    Hi guys, a machine that I built for some friends couple of years ago needs a new CPU cooler as the fans died on the one I was using in there. So what works well in the aria with a SoA motherboard? The CPU is question is a Barton 2500+ and a Abit VA-10 motherboard. Any suggestions greatly...
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    Project Krakatoa: Silverstone TJ08 Black build

    Hi guys, thought i'd show off my new TJ08 in black as it's been built and I love this case! I have had a Shuttle SN25P, X-QPack (which most components in this build) and now the TJ08B and the TJ08 is defo my favourite followed by the X-QPack. Well here's the SN25P vs X-QPack...
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    Silverstone TJ08

    Read a recent review of this case and wow it looks good! The twin 120mm fans are great and really does look like it has fantastic airflow! It would suit me nicely as laying down on its side would fit under my PC bench on the table underneath nicelywhilst providing better cooling than my existing...
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    Asus A8N-VM CSM

    I have got one of these boards for an uncles PC and I have to say its the worst board I have used in a long time! Its got a long list of problems with the board and the BIOS updates don't seem to do much... So far whats wrong is: Can't boot with anything other than 400MHz 8 bit NB link...
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    Replacing X-QPack windows with mesh?

    I was thinking of replacing the right hand window with a piece of mesh to aid cooling of the VRMs and more importantly memory but would this cause airflow problems and have a negative effect? I was considering doing all windows but think the dust would be hell! Any thoughts?
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    TV-Out on any of the s754 6100 boards?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of the mATX GeForce 6100 boards have TV-out on them (either via bracket or back plane). To have both s-video and rca would be great but if not then either would do. So far i'm outta luck
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    Foxconn 6150... can you use SPDIF?

    Does anyone know if the Foxconn 6150 can use SPDIF at all?