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    Christopher Nolan Declares War on Motion Smoothing, Other Crappy TV Settings

    Can't agree enough with this, this effect is totally awful for non sports, and I end up being the one that has to turn it off anytime Im at someones house where it has defaulted to on
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    Eight NVME Drives RAIDed on AMD Ryzen Threadripper

    Cool, but what would really require that level of performance that would be being performed on a consumer/workstation platform
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    Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Reported

    That is sort of like saying we should never put a person in a rocket until we are 100% sure the rocket will never blow up... you cannot remove risk, and particularly in this case Tesla needs the data from people using it to hone the algorithms and help them deal with the crazy number of corner...
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    How Much Does Kyle Hate AMD?

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    Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories

    I disagree strongly. Any time you take a team and physically spread them out you lose efficiency, knowledge sharing, camaraderie, and energy. If you could put the entire team responsible for a product in it's own location then sure, that could dampen the loss, but otherwise it is just begging...
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    Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories

    More like, instead of buying a way north of a million dollar house, you invest a few hundred grand in a human quadcopter, and then buy a <$1M house further out. The spread could be huge, assuming the transport cost is in low hundreds of thousands.
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    Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories

    This isn't just for fun either, it is actually business imperative for Google because housing prices are so out of control in the bay area that employees don't want to live here. Enabling fast, easy daily commuting from much further distances could completely change this.
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    Blizzard Comments On Shutdown Of Unauthorized WoW Server

    You missed Kyle's point, Blizzard is trying to claim they can't come up with a way to legally protect IP they want to protect, while letting someone run their own server, ie: "And while we’ve looked into the possibility – there is not a clear legal path to protect Blizzard’s IP and grant an...
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    John Romero And Adrian Carmack Together Again?

    Now if only they can get John Carmack on board...
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    Samsung Shipping 15TB SSD For Enterprises

    You mean 3 or 4 of these, so you have redundancy =)
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    The X-Files Returns: Inconsistent, Messy, And Promising

    I loved it, can't wait for the remaining episodes, and hope that the ratings are good enough for Fox to order a full season for 2017!
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    Mushkin Previews $500 4TB SSD

    That is still two orders of magnitude higher than a spinning disk
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Its more about what the active set of data is, and how many active users you have at any time is. You can have an enormous array with little ram if you rarely access anything.
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    Parents Far More Worried About Sex Than Violence In Movies

    You don't need to repeatedly watch it happening on screen to know what an STD is and what to/not to do to prevent getting them.
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    Of course it has a stand, it says specs about it all over the page: "Fully adjustable quick-release stand, including height-adjust (130mm), pivot, tilt and swivel capabilities, adds flexibility and comfort to your viewing preferences"
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    Should You Buy A Sound Card?

    ^^ This. It made a big difference for my Sennheiser headphones, wish I had done something about it years ago.
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    Websites, Please Stop Blocking Password Managers

    I see this garbage frequently on bank and health care related websites, arguably two of the most important places to want people to have unique strong passwords.
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    Amazing Pics of Abandoned Russian Spacecraft Factory

    That was an amazing set of pictures.. thanks for finding and posting this!
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    DOOM E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer

    It seems obvious that, at least their marketing team, believes the primary innovation or buying decision for this trailer is the 10x gore factor. I'm not really sure which segment of the market this is appealing to any more, but I'd prefer more interesting gameplay rather than the ability to...
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    New Method Of Liquid Printing Creates More Accurate Results

    Because who could imagine a computer dynamically adjusting its behavior while it is working :rolleyes:
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    New Method Of Liquid Printing Creates More Accurate Results

    This seems kind of ridiculous to me, I obviously haven't seen it in person, but in the video it looks pretty bad. Why wouldn't they go straight to creating a moveable inkjet or paint sprayer that sprays directly to the 3d surface?
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    R.I.P., Windows Media Center

    I still use mine daily as well, however it looks like there is a good, and actively maintained replacement coming - I highly encourage everyone interested to support it:
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    Analyst: Google Fiber Threat to Cable Is ‘Like Ebola’

    Too bad Google's ebola hasn't spread out from its actual headquarters.. tons of people here who would sign up in a heartbeat.
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    Lol I knew it the second I read it =)
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    +1, good times.. thanks for the retro overclock!
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    Blu Ray causing Windows StartUp Hang

    Resurrecting this from the dead... did you ever find a solution? I've had the exact same problem for years and never seen a solution.
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    Microwave Weapon Made With A Stick And Soup Can

    Ya that guy is totally going to be sterile.
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    ASUS Launches RT-AC87 Dual-Band Wireless-AC2400 Gigabit Router

    We have a AC68U at our office and love it, we all get full internet speeds (50/10) from about 40 feet away through multiple walls and other people. Not sure why you think it is junk.
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    Crucial M500 960GB $440

    I've been waiting for exactly this drive to go on sale, bought! And to think, I paid more than this for my 160GB Intel X25 SSD in 2009.
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    Winamp Is Officially Dead

    Ditto, sigh. I also loved picking out skins back in the day.
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    ZFS AES without AES-NI hardware support

    Resurrecting this thread, I have a E3-1240v2 running Solaris 11.1 and a pool with encryption set to on, and according to the dtrace listed above it is not even querying the function to test if the Intel AES instructions are present, and write performance is abysmal (~177MB/s). This is running...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Hi I have lots of questions relating to encryption... 1) Has anyone run any benchmarks of the file/lofiadm encryption solution Gea has integrated in to Napp It? 2) Related to the above, it would seem that this solution will require 2x the amount of caching/writes required since it has to...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Thanks good tips. Another question, has anyone tried installing ESXi to an m1015 in IR mode driving a pair of drives in raid-1? I bought a ( and the fan in it is obnoxiously loud, and the unit is pretty slow...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Is there anything I should do for new disks I am adding to an array? IE when you receive new disks do you run a full surface scan or anything on them to ensure they work before putting them into production? And if so, how?
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    Dell U2711 refurb $399 shipped

    Is the 2711 better somehow than the 2713HM?
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Thanks PigLover and Gea, great ideas.