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    Educate me on bonding vs load balancing

    Load balancing with two connections from your ISP is pretty simple, actually. Like many have said, it will not speed up single connections, but will double your bandwidth, so that two connections in parallel can operate both at full speed. One router I know that can do dual WAN pretty simply...
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    Litecoin Mining on R9 290 or Four HD 7750s

    The 290 is faster than all four put together, but expensive and hard to buy right now. I'd run the four you have, would get you close to 600kh/sec.
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    AMD Video Card Shortage

    That's not too far out of whack of some of the ebay prices I've seen. I bet it actually sells.
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    Any harm in applying 12V/5V/3.3V rails "early"?

    It's working for me, I've got a dual P/S setup where I power up the 12V supply first, no issues so far.
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    AMD Mining Devices Making Millionaires Worldwide

    Buy gift cards @ - pretty much as good as cash if you buy Amazon ones... Instant (<60 seconds) transfer to my account. I've bought about $1k in the last week, zero issues. Great for xmas gifts too, lol.
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    AMD Video Card Shortage

    Newegg has some 280x's for $299 right now - I bought the max of 2 off their site and 5 more off of ebay. Expect them to be OOS shortly... get them while you can!
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    Best way to clone boot drive?

    It takes extra work with GParted to get all the boot sector stuff correct - not that I don't love GParted, but Clonezilla is a better option in this case.
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    Server PSU for home use?

    Interesting point on the fans - the pictures show it has a couple, I'm hoping this particular design doesn't need too much extra cooling. And good point on the RC community - I use a 300W ATX supply to power my charger for my helo lipos ;)
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    Server PSU for home use?

    I'll end up sticking the frankencomputers in the garage, so noise won't be that big of a deal, but yeah, my limited experience with servers has shown them to be way too loud for office use:)
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    Server PSU for home use?

    I've seen a lot of 1300W+ power supplies on ebay lately from reputable manufacturers like HP - made for server use. So I would guess that they're probably pretty high quality units, meant to be run for long periods of time at medium/high loads. And they're super cheap - I'm talking under 30...
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    ZFS autoexpand problem

    This is correct, and the best explanation of this phenomenon I've read. Took me a while to figure this out with trial and error :)
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    2 x 7990's quad fire for a gaming/mining rig, or better 2 x R9 290X's crossfire ?!

    I've run 7990s and 7970s in a couple of GPU rigs... the 7990s are not the way to go. They get very hot, and in some of the older versions (read: the ones that are reasonably priced around $600), the voltage is locked on the 2nd GPU. All my 7970s overclock better than my 7990s. So I wouldn't...
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    160GB HDDs in ZFS pool, slowly replaced by 4TB drives?

    You can do that, but it won't work like you think - the pool won't get any bigger until all drives in the vdev are upgraded to the larger size. So say you have a 5 device vdev, it will resilver fine each time you swap a drive, but it won't expand to the full size until you replace all five drives.
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    I've already started selling off my 2TB drives, so nope, no backups left. It's a home server, so if somehow everything goes tits up so bad that I lose the whole server, well... that's life :) But I'm not going to tempt it by yanking drives without a cause. Understand that'd be a good test for...
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    AMD Hawaii-based graphics cards to mass ship in October

    I care more about OpenCL performance (not much of a gamer). I'm curious what sort of performance increases we'll see over the 7970, which currently leads the pack for single GPUs (e.g.
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    storage server build

    If you're a social networking site, I would guess you already have a lot of bandwidth, so maybe backing up to "the cloud" would make sense - on a high speed connection, moving 20TB of data to Amazon or one of the other reliable backup providers wouldn't be too time consuming.
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    My bad, sorry. There's actually three SAS cards in the box (was doing a changeover from 2TB to 4TB disks, so I had 39 drives hooked up through an expander). Anyway, you're right, the 1068e does NOT work on 4TB disks. The 4TB drives are hooked up with the 9201-16i and another card on the...
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    I've thought about pulling a disk to see what happens, but I don't think I really want to go there intentionally :) Resilver and scrub ought to be about the same time, because the process is very similar. The server is very responsive during the resilver - it seems to run at a lower priority...
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    All right, data copy is done and I've been able to play around with it a bit. 19x4TB drives, RAIDZ3, LZ4 compression, and encryption all turned on. Can saturate my 1GBE connection to one client, which is all I cared about (both read and write). Scrubs are slow, but tolerable (just started...
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    Supports ECC, wow.
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    Serious thread: Best way to store 40 petabytes

    I'm not personally familiar with backblaze, but I can't imagine there's a requirement to power everything all the time. Why not turn on a few PB at a time (depending on what data you want to work with at any given moment). The rest can sit powered off.
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    Norco 4224 + ZFS Transfer Errors

    Just a quick note - you want forward breakout cables, not reverse breakout cables.
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    Norco 4224 + ZFS Transfer Errors

    I think you've answered your own question, the backplane is jacked up. If you've got some forward breakout cables, pull the drives out and plug them into the LSI cards directly and see if that helps (if you want to troubleshoot further before getting a new case). Monoprice has the cables for...
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    VM vs VHD(X) Location SSD VS Mechanical HDD

    I store my ESXi boot and FreeNAS images on a thumb drive/SSD. Once those boot, and my storage is now accessible, I share out a directory from FreeNAS that holds my other VMs via NFS. It's pretty automatic without anything special from me - ESXi boots, FreeNAS boots, ESXi initially shows all my...
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    Norco 4224 Chassis - Any room for an SSD (not in 24 hotswap bays)

    I just turned on mine earlier this week as well. I'm pretty tolerant to noise, but this is a whole different level. I can hear it pretty much anywhere in my house. It's not acceptable in stock form if you plan on keeping it inside where your spouse/kids have to listen to it. And it's...
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    I just built a RAIDZ3 on Freenas 9.1.1 with 19x4TB drives in RAIDZ3. I'm copying all the data over from my old array (4x5x2TB RAIDZ). I've got encryption turned on, so it'll affect benchmarks, but once I get the 22TB of old data copied over, I'll be happy to run some numbers if anyone wants...
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    Laptop CPU, SSD, and TrueCrypt

    I'd recommend finding an indexing program you trust, so that you can have it index your word documents once, then just query the index to find the results you need (which would be pretty much instantaneous). New laptops usually support SATA encryption (no performance penalty since it's done...
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    Cyberpower 1500va -900w UPS for $111 or $91 w/Amazon visa

    I've been using one of these for two years, works well with the crappy power at my house.
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    I'll take the JGS524 if you still have it.

    I'll take the JGS524 if you still have it.
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    Dumbest thing you've done?

    Haha, oh yes, I remember connecting one half of those cables backwards too.... yep, that doesn't work so well. Followup on the dead motherboard - got it replaced today, everything is fine (except the board). Happy it didn't hurt anything else, at least.
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    Dumbest thing you've done?

    I've been assembling systems since the PC/XT days. And today I just did the dumbest thing I've done in the last 20 years. I was working in a rather dark corner, and I was installing a low profile PCI express card. I had to remove the low profile bracket since the case had a full height slot...
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    Moving storage server

    Ouch! :eek: Gotta say that isn't one of the natural disasters I plan for!
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    Moving storage server

    I've done it before too.. usually just a computer or two. I figure the failure rate of getting bounced around like that as "X". With twenty hard drives, I've got more like "20X" chance of something going wrong.
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    Moving storage server

    I know I don't have a "real" backup, I get it. I've been willing to accept the loss of most of the data, the stuff that I'm not willing to lose I do have a dupe of (1-2TBish). After thinking about it a little more though, I decided that a couple of years of trouble free ops on 20 hard drives...
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    Moving storage server

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I think I like the pelican case hard drive box idea best. I know I should've done the array a bit differently, but by the time I figured out I should've gone something more like a raidz2 I had too much stuff on the server to reconfigure it. So I suppose if I ever...
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    Moving storage server

    Hey guys, I've got a Norco 4220 populated with 20 2TB drives that's been powered up and running perfectly for about two years. It's an ESXi pass through server with Solaris 11, ZFS storage, arranged in four groups of 5 drive RAIDZ1. I'm getting ready to move cross-country (from San Diego...
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    Western Digital My Book Essential 4TB

    That's the bizarre thing - most of the new drives have 3 year warranties - longer than the internal ones.
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    Western Digital My Book Essential 4TB

    Haven't seen it personally, but I asked in another thread about why 3TB drives were so cheap, and the responses I got in that thread was that they had different logic boards in some models. EDIT: Here's one....
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    Western Digital My Book Essential 4TB

    Some of them don't have a real SATA drive controller in them, the controller board has a USB interface that goes directly to the drive. Not sure you can take them out and stick in a regular computer and have it work.
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    480GB SSD suggestions?

    I'll echo the other recommendations - get two 256GB drives and save some cash! :)