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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    I love Hardforum, because it helps me spend all my money. I wish there was a hardforum paypal account I could just throw tons of money into and have them randomly ship me crap I don't need. I also love that it's called HARD forum, it makes me think of sex, and computers, and then computers...
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    my 8800gts

    i've got the same thing going, evga 8800gts and a thermaltake 250w. but running it through a killawatt meter it only reads 50 watts at idle and like 80 at load. am i doing something wrong, or could it be the watt meter?
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    Help a Noob setup his NV CP

    Alright, so i'm a noob and alot of the threads i read on here eventually get too complicated. how should i have my CP setup with an 8800gts if i'm running at 1280x1024? if i leave it at let 3d app decide, i get a little over 31000 3dmark03 marks, but if i change it to high quality, i only get...
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    driver bug still exists...97.44 and up....mem stuck.

    okay, i am a total noob. does this mean if i'm using rivatuner to oc my 8800gts with 97.92, then my mem is really getting oc'd?
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    8800 GTS Overclock

    nice clocks. i'm at 650/1940 right now stable, but i'm still doing more oc'ing. been running overnight atitool and bumping it up a little every night.
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    8800GTS overclocks... Odd

    i'm playing it safe right now at 602/954 with my eVga 8800gts, passed atitool overnight and has been working great. only thing that sucks is i have no internet right now so i can't get my 3dmark06 score. is there a work around for this? also, when testing in atitool, is there a way to make...
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    DFI-Street Gives DFI the boot

    my fingers are crossed that my expert board plays nice at least until a new forum is up and running. all the hard work in the oc forums, f**king gone!
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    G80 SLi problem...

    check bios!
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    Something to make you laugh

    thanks, it will definately be nice once i get the 8800gts that my wife is buying me for christmas. the hdds are 6 - 250gb drives. 4 in raid 5, and 2 in raid 0 for os. one arrived broke and one still hasn't arrived. i'd love to upgrade to 750s, but the cash isn't there yet. i'm thinking by...
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    Something to make you laugh

    in lieu of my coming 8800gts, i figured i would try my current setup with 3dmark03. i've slowly been building my new computer for the past year, and now have everything but a decent video card. here's my setup. DFI Expert Opty 165 @ 2.7 2GB G.Skill HZ DDR540 @ 3-4-3-7 Nvidia FX5200...
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    Problem in ITunes

    my wife bought me an ipod for my birthday, so i've begun importing songs into itunes. after i import some songs, there are these annoying little boxes immediately after the title, artist name, and album name. the only way i can get rid of them is to right click and select get info, and then...
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    Is current nTune broken?

    still waiting on my 8800gts, but for the tiem being i'm running an fx5200 in a PCI slot. playing around i wanted to see it automatically oc my system, so i chose custom and unchecked the PCI-E box. the program spent 20 minutes overclocking the PCI-E bus, and didn't touch anything else except...
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    Top 5 Power Graphics Cards by PCWorld!

    it's the same thing with bose speakers. those who are uneducated about them, think they are the best because of random mag reviews and the sears salesman saying they are the best. then they end up paying $3000 for a bose system, which in a head to head review, wouldn't be able to best most...
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    Top 5 Power Graphics Cards by PCWorld!

    kind of related, but i always read Home Theater Magazine, and there is a speaker brand called definitive technology, which make good speakers, but they always have the same person review them and they also always score like 96% and higher. no coincidence that def tech takes out 3 or 4 full page...
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    New to PC Gaming, need recs...

    thanks for all the replies guys. how would HL2, FEAR, COD, and rainbow six vegas do with a controller? i just don't think i'll be able to switch to using a mouse. plus your stuck to being glued to the monitor. i'm guessing mouse action sucks on bedsheets and couch cushions. i definately...
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    I'm so excited I may actually wet myself...

    hdds are so cheap right now. why have one 160gb? you can get 2 brand new 250gb hdds from newegg for $160. so through them upgrading from the 160gb to 2-250gb hdds in raid 0 should only cost another bill. i'd also look at an upgraded hsf, like a zalman
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    New to PC Gaming, need recs...

    alright, i'm really new to pc gaming as in i've only played simcity on the pc, and diablo 2, and also minesweeper. i have an xbox and was a hardcore halo2 online player, gta, racing games, and splinter cell. anyways, my computer is almost ready to handle a sweet game. i just bought a 360...
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    Monsoon II CPU Cooler Review

    quick tests yesterday and today with the monsoon 2 prove it is an amazing cooler. problem is my opty 165. before, i could hit 2.6 w/ stock cooler @1.5. full load, temps around 50C - 55C. yesterday i popped the IHS off the opty, lapped the vigor base and modded it so it would contact the...
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    CoolerMaster CM Stacker 830 & Fan Orientation :(

    i'm a noob, but i like airflow. my stacker has 2-120mm exhausting air over the hdd cages, one exhausting out the top, psu exhausting out the back, another 120mm in the back exhausting, and three on the door for intakes. the 3 intake 120mm fans are running 12v, the rest except for PSU are...
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    Stacker 830 Inverted ATX: Fan directions

    i'd keep the PSU the way you have it. i love my 830.