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  1. gs274


    Since there is virtually no information on this card aside from the previews, I thought I would share some pics of the one that showed up on my door today. VisionTek R9 290 CryoVenom, $550...
  2. gs274

    Seagate Warranty

    So, I order a pair of Seagate (STBD3000100) 3tb Sata3 drives to replace my full RAIDed WD RE4 1tbs. After reading through the Amazon listing, I had the impression that these are 5 year warranty drives but, nothing concrete so I order...They arrive and are tagged as 2 year warranty on the box. I...
  3. gs274

    Wierd m/b issues?

  4. gs274

    Very wierd problem...

    So, pc is listed in sig...I've been trying to set an automated backup for the past few day (just lost a 500gb hdd loaded with disc images). After a couple hours of no activity other than the backup software (which is running on a server not on the problem machine) I'll come back to find the...
  5. gs274

    X-Fi issue...SUPRISE!

    So, I've been getting the infamous squeal from my x-fi, reinstalled the drivers's done it 3 times in the past 2 days now. I'm thinking about replacing it...either the Xonar or the card that comes with the formula motherboard. Any opinions on either? And before anyone says...
  6. gs274

    Have to upgrade...

    So, I sold my 8800gtx oc2 today...for $475. Yes that number is correct and the reason i'm in the current predicament. I was GOING to wait for the new stuff this spring before deciding on a replacement card but now need to get one asap. This IS a gaming machine, rig is in my sig as is my...
  7. gs274

    Vista Home Premium 64

    Just ordered a laptop with vista home premium 32, i've got the vista ultimate retail pack with the 32bit and 64bit discs...can I use the 64bit ultimate disc to install home premium 64 bit on the laptop using the oem license? iirc...the license is the same for either 32 or 64...but will the...
  8. gs274

    Auzentech Prelude...POS?

    Got the x-fi prelude, on a clean install of vista, drivers, patch and new alchemy installed = random pops and no working mic. Suggestions?
  9. gs274

    Beyer or AKG

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a set of Beyerdynamics DT880's or a set of AKG K 701's for about the same price...any recommendations? For music and gaming use with a headphone amp off of a x-meridian.
  10. gs274

    Best sub $250 headphones for gaming.

    I'm looking to replace my currenty gaming closed ear headset with a good set of headphones and collar mic. I use them for both listening to music (metal, jazz, r&b, rock, pop etc...cept country cuz it makz u stoopid) and for gaming/voice chat. I've looked at both the grado sr125 and sennheiser...
  11. gs274

    680i Replacement

    So, after almost 6 months of fighting with it...i'm ditching both my evga 680i board (been replaced...hmmmm 8 times now) and both of my 8800gtx. Who knows if the random BSOD or system hangs are caused by one or the other...that's why they all are going. The question is...if i'm planning on...