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  1. J

    New to mining. Have any newbie guides?

    So I am looking to mine with my primary PC. I do not use it much. I figure CPU mining would be better because I have an AMD 3950xt, vs only a 980TI for a GPU So just looking at the best options are, etc. Ill take any advice you can give me. I appreciate it.
  2. J

    With ATT internet, how do I add my own wireless router?

    So do I make my wireless router just an Access point, or do I disable wireless on the ATT router and let mine be the broadcast router? A bit confused on that.
  3. J

    NAS question

    I am looking at the Synology DS2419+ with an atom Intel Atom C3538 Would that be fine for data storage for a plex server? Meaning my desktop is the server, the NAS is only for storage and for whatever Plex needs. Is that a sufficient CPU for the task In your guys opinion?
  4. J

    Looking at the Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core for plex..Will that CPU do well with transcoding?

    So I currently have a 4790K and transcoding sucks. First time with an AMD, and someone said that they have come a long way. So would that CPU do well for plex?
  5. J

    Best Software raid OS for Raid 6

    Sol if I have a PC that just had hard drives connected to the MB, and no OS, what software would be the best choice>
  6. J

    So a quick question on CPU, NAS

    I have a 4790K with 32GB of RAM. Would that CPU work well with Plex and streaming, transcoding, etc?
  7. J

    Some new to NAS assistance please

    I have an Asustor with 10 bay so all inclusive. Had it 6 years and is ok. But I really need a NAS with more power. This only has a celeron 2.0 GHZ. So I can buy an I5 Asustor 10 bay at $2300 bucks, or build my own. So I know I need parts and a case to handle that many drives. My big...
  8. J

    Can windows 10 be installed on a new chromebook?

    I was looking at google's own chromebook for $249. Can windows 10 be installed on it?
  9. J

    On an MS surface 3 laptop, the partitions have been wiped. How do I reinstall windows?

    So all partitions got wiped. How do I reinstall windows? Can I use the windows boot assistant?
  10. J

    New NAS Raid. Says synchronizing. Can I use it?

    SO I just built this Raid and the NAS says synchronizing. Am I able to copy data to it or should I wait until the Sync is done? Not even sure what the Synchronize means.
  11. J

    How long of a USB 3 cable can be used for an external hard drive?

    So I Need four, at least 20 FT, USB 3 cables for external hard drives. Is that too long of a cable or will that work ok?
  12. J

    A question about a server

    So I have an Asustor NAS currently with a Celeron 2.0GHZ proc and 8GB of ram. I have a friend that has offered this to me: But only supports 4 internal drives. The question is this. I have 10...
  13. J

    New Surface Pro 7, no sound from Bluetooth headphones

    So I just bought this device. I can pair the headphones, and the bluetooth utility sees them and shows I am connected.But the headphones show up under other devices and not under the audio section. Has anyone else had these kind of issues?
  14. J

    So for externals, leave on or turn off when not needed?

    So I have 12 drives in 3 externals. I have been turning them on when needed, and then turn them back off. But someone told me it would be better to just leave them spinning. Does it really matter either way?
  15. J

    Are any of these true wireless ear buds any good?

    I see a crap ton out there and bad reviews on even the major brands. Does anyone have a pair that they love and that simply works? If so, please tell me what they are. thanks
  16. J

    So about this 3.3 Volt deal with Hard drives

    So I shucked a drive from an external to use in my NAS. The drive shows green, but my NAS does not see it. So I bought an actual Enterprise NAS drive last night. But worried that this drive might also have this issue. Reading up on this 3.3 deal worries me. Do all new drives have this? Should...
  17. J

    Question in regards to NAS to folder backup

    So I have a NAS with a total of 30TB of data currently. I have a backup setup with 8 drives combined that will have enough room to copy all NAS data over for a secondary backup. Question is this: What would be the best method to keep the data between the 2 accurate? Rather than just recopying...
  18. J

    So what is the currently latest AMD Socket called?

    I am looking at AMD for my next build. But I am having issues determining what the latest AMD Socket set is. Could someone help me please? I still am using an Intel I7 4790K currently.
  19. J

    What to use to fully test a drive?

    So I have a suspect hard drive. What do you all use to do a comprehensive test on a Hard drive?
  20. J

    Any Unlimited online backups for NAS?

    Are there any Unlimited online backups still out there? I have been looking and I can't seem to find anything that has that ability. You guys have any?
  21. J

    Android google music question

    I listen to a lot of older music with some re recordings or remasters as well. The older music tends to play a lot softer than the newer stuff. I do not see where I can normalize the volume. Is this not possible?
  22. J

    Win 1809, older version of IE11

    So I have 2 machines. Both have Win 10. One has 1809, and one has 1803. The 1803 has an IE version of 11.590.17134.0. The 1809 machine has an older version of IE11. My issue is the 1809 PC does not show any updates available, and I do not see where I can update IE11 to the latest version for...
  23. J

    external cases for 8TB drives

    I have an external, b ut it won 't detect my 8TB drive. Would you guys know of one that would work for that 8TB?
  24. J

    A weird question on backups

    So a friend of mine is moving to Germany. He would like me to back up his data from his desktop to my NAS. He is unable to bring the PC to me, so we will need to do this over each of our internet connections. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?
  25. J

    Is this normal for an IPAD?

    So I have an Ipad pro 12.whatever it is. It is from 2015. If I watch movies on it and have it on high brightness, I can plug it in the whole time, but I always end up running out of charge. Without lowering the brightness, is this pretty typical? I ask because my galaxy Tab s3 did not have...
  26. J

    Madden 2019 for the PC

    Simple question. How do I kick a field goal?
  27. J

    Help with Ipad charging

    So I have an Ipad Pro from 2015. It is one of the large screens. Well, it charges slowlyusing the stock charger. Is there something that I can get to charge much faster? I do not know much about apple products. And thank you for the help.
  28. J

    Win 10 1809 update, yellow exclamation point on network. But it all works

    So right after I updated to 1809, I get a yellow exclamation point showing I have no internet connection, but I actually and everything works fine. Have any of you seen this before and resolved it?
  29. J

    What do you guys use to convert a DVD to AVI?

    I cant seem to find anything that actually works without a bunch of shitware, etc. Any ideas? Does not need to be free.
  30. J

    Bootable drive that will let me delete partitions

    Is there such a thing? I look around and everything I run into costs 60 bucks for it. Any ideas?
  31. J

    So has most everyone moved to Win 10 now?

    I ask because I am still running Win 7. Can I ask if there any other advantages to Win 7 besides privacy? Or is Win 10 better now?
  32. J

    is there a way to create a bootable USB that will allow partition management?

    I need to know a way to create a bootable USB drive that will let me use partition programs. Anyone have an idea on that??
  33. J

    Iphone restore merged my contacts

    So I backed up a users phone through Itunes. I then wiped the phone and set it back up. Then did a full phone restore from backup. Once done, it all got configured and her exchange email came back, etc. But her personal contacts and business contacts merged into one contact list. So all are...
  34. J

    An interesting scenario and ask for help

    So I have a large network. I have a machine that it on the network, but has spyware. All I have is an IP and MAC address for the device. How would I go about finding which network port that machine is plugged into?
  35. J

    Is there an end all router with great wireless range?

    I am really in need of one single router that has excellent wireless range. What do you guys recommend?
  36. J

    Xerox 7346, is there a way to backup all settings?

    So I am getting a Xerox 7346 printer replaced. I would like to back up all settings and restore to the new printer. Is this possible? Google is not coming up with much.
  37. J

    in Windows 10 can't boot. how to get firefox favorites?l

    So my machine won't boot but can get to the files. how can I get my firefox favorites?
  38. J

    help with an old Sun server

    I need to be able to get to the command prompt. The only connection that I can use is a serial connection that looks like an ethernet port. So I guess I need a USB cable that I can plug into my laptop and I need the other end to plug into this serial port. Not sure what I need. All I have...
  39. J

    Are there any android tablets that work well outdoors?

    I have went through a lot of tablets looking for one that works well outside. And quite frankly, have not succeeded. Do you guys know of any that do work outdoors for tv show watching, etc?
  40. J

    Ok, another tablet question, but this is for the laptop that can become a tablet

    So those types where you can fold the keyboard back and it becomes a tablet, I have ignored them because the keyboard is what will be touching the surface where I lay it. And when I pick it up, I will feel the keys, etc. And then I risk the keyboard getting damaged or dirty. So am I right...