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  1. RangerXML

    Corsair 32GB DIMM 2666 MHz PC4-21300 DDR4 DRAM Memory (CMK32GX4M4A2666C16) Black

    The second set of RAM, 32GB.
  2. RangerXML

    Corsair 32GB DIMM 2666 MHz PC4-21300 DDR4 DRAM Memory (CMK32GX4M4A2666C16) Black

    The second set of RAM, 32GB.
  3. RangerXML

    CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) CL15 Memory Kit - Black

    One of two kits of extra RAM I got from upgrading ppls computers.
  4. RangerXML

    SMSL M500 MQA Balanced DAC and Headphone Amplifier ES9038PRO DSD XMOS XU-216 US

    Great little full MQA DAC and headphone amp. I already have a dedicated amp so I ended up not really using it, but its a balanced DAC that works great with stuff like Tidal Hifi using the full MQA decoding/unfolding...
  5. RangerXML

    Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition (2013) real Cherry MX Blue Switches

    My first mechanical gaming keyboard, with them Cherry MX Blues. Was the last generation of Razer using real Cherry MX switches.
  6. RangerXML

    Corsair CH-9145030-NA/RF K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Blue

    Just as described, not much to add, just wanted to get it to try it out and it works, prefer my custom keebs.
  7. RangerXML

    TADA68 and KC21 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Numpad, Sticker Bomb and PBT Carbon Japanese Keycap set.

    This ones a threefor, a Tada68 with Mod-M tactile switches, a KC21 with Gateron Brown and a PBT Carbon Japanese Keycap set.
  8. RangerXML

    Custom Massdrop Drop Alt Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w Lubed Switches & New Stabs

    Customized with lubed Halo True switches, new Gateron Stabilizers and foam.
  9. RangerXML

    Rifters and Vivers rejoice, BigScreen is releasing free on Steam Thursday :D

    Social VR environment, or virtual LAN environment. Gonna be fun to give this a try with a couple of my friends. BigScreen Beta on Steam
  10. RangerXML

    [HOT] GoG, Street Fighter Alpha (Zero) 2 $1.99, (DRM Free, but old school PC port) WARNING, This is a old PC port, no support for modern xbox controllers, its gonna take some fiddling to work right. This is absolutely one of my favorite fighters, and I was blind sided today when I saw it was available on GoG (always...
  11. RangerXML

    Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition pre-order up on Steam! I really wasn't expecting this title until next year sometime. For those that don't know, this is a fighting game, based in a DC world gone horribly wrong.
  12. RangerXML

    Calling by phone to get you to download their viruses.

    Just a friendly warning, a foreign call center is calling around, telling people that they are infected and asking details of any possible illegal activity (which I'm sure will be used later), trying to get you to go to a website and download software. They claim to be with Microsoft, but are...
  13. RangerXML

    GTX Titan price flux?

    Anyone else notice that while NICX ($50 off) and Amazon ($6 off) have had discounts in the last week on GTX Titan, Newegg is actually raising the price of the base model to $1019 ($20 price hike) on both the Asus and eVGA base models? Super Clock and Signature seem to be unaffected, making the...
  14. RangerXML

    Chrome Remote Desktop down for anyone else?

    I'm sitting here trying to remote into my desktop at home when all of a sudden it goes down. Anyone else having the same issue?
  15. RangerXML

    So ya, GTX 560ti and I need a good 3rd party heatsink and fan.

    My friends computer started making loud whining sounds, asked me to clean it. When I open it I find a defective GTX560ti SC DS fan. Normally, not a problem; this time, problem. He bought 2x eVGA GTX560ti SC, about 6 months apart and was running them in SLI. Normally he is good about registering...
  16. RangerXML

    What not to do with a Shuttle SZ77R5

    I put to gather a nice Shuttle for a friend, minus the video card, which hadn't arrived yet. What I didn't know at the time was that my friend had ordered a card that was much larger then the standard GTX680, the eVGA GTX680 Classified. Here follows a picture account, what not to do. Good news...
  17. RangerXML

    Windows 8 Pro Upgrade transferability?

    So I've been googling this for the last hour and I've been finding 2 conflicting reports as to how transferring your Windows 8 Pro Upgrade license from when the $40/$15 upgrades were happening to a new machine. I'm planing on building a new machine in about a months time. I have 2 Windows 8 Pro...
  18. RangerXML

    GTX Titan suggests a minimum 600w, but...

    I'm interested in putting a Shuttle system together for my next build and that is a max of 500w. Anyone have any experience with this? I would be limited to 1 HDD, 1 BD-ROM and no dedicated PhysX card. So its not like I'd be putting my stacks of HDDs into this case (my prior system has along the...
  19. RangerXML

    Tweetdeck is going away, what are some good replacements?

    So Tweetdeck desktop and mobile apps are going away in favor of a web based solution. The desktop and iOS versions had been seriously lacking for a while now anyways, desktop streams constantly stopping and iOS never getting full iPhone 5 support (Android still did its job). I need a desktop...
  20. RangerXML

    What is the current best setup for Nvidia Surround?

    I'm about to buy two more matching 1080p 120hz monitors to go with my current monitor, I want to run an Nvidia Surround for my gaming. I do not run 3D a lot, but I would enjoy the 3 monitor experience. I am currently on a GTX480 and am looking at my options, and they are as follows, and cheapest...
  21. RangerXML

    Is TMT6 a joke?

    Chrome initially had its issues to with a ModernUI launch, namely no way to control which one you launched into, desktop or modernUI, but later they added a nice toggle. I got the email offer today to upgrade from TMT5 to 6 for $10, I mistakenly took it. There is no control, I can't figure out...
  22. RangerXML

    A good up to date CompTIA A+ resource?

    I know the A+ is looked down upon here and I'm not looking for grieve, so please keep it civil and throw a guy a bone. I'm taking the A+ on Friday, just so I can get my foot in the door some local places. I was looking for some practice tests and stuff, but all I can seem to find is stuff that...
  23. RangerXML

    Weird Issue with Chrome for Windows 8

    Before when I installed Chrome in Windows 8 through their special Windows 8 link I got a Windows 8 App version and a desktop version, but after Chrome updated to version 23 I have on my desktop the desktop version and on my notebook the Windows 8 App version (WTF). Now normally this isn't that...
  24. RangerXML

    Battlefield 1942 released FREE on Origin The original Battlefield game...not including the WWI game, is now available on Origin for free. EDIT: I was a bit worried since its under demos, but I just opened Origin on another PC and it is infact added to my Library, w00t!
  25. RangerXML

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Season Pass DLC (PC) $39 after coupon from Gamefly Use code "BETATHANKS" without the quotes on checkout for 20% off. $49 - $10 (20%) for $39 on checkout. I have no idea when that coupon expires, but your getting a total of $20 off the DLC. There will be 4 DLC...
  26. RangerXML

    Anyone know when (time) will start letting us download Windows 8 Pro?

    I saw the Windows 8 Professional offer is up on and it does now say click here to download, but when I go there it says not available yet. Anyone know the time when its going live? I wanna know if its realistic to still install it tonight...
  27. RangerXML

    Nvidia 2D Surround

    I'm looking up requirements for just 2D Surround and while 3D requires all three monitors are the same, I keep finding reference online that 2D doesn't but I can't find it under requirements on the Nvidia's website. Could someone please assist me in finding some solid information?
  28. RangerXML

    What is a good and cheap 120hz 3 Display set up?

    I got a hand-me-down x58 SLI mobo and I finally wanna take the plunge into the 3 display world. I have a Acer GD235HZ and I really thought that the price would of dropped by now, after 3 years to something reasonable, in fact I was monitoring the price when it was at $230 and now its back up to...
  29. RangerXML

    Star Trek Online Season 6 is up!

    But then again, nothing seems to be working. Servers are burning and the website seems to have been taken out by demand as well.
  30. RangerXML

    Any deals on the Acer GD235HZbid?

    I went looking for a good deal on the Acer GD235HZbid 120hz 3D display so I could get a surround set up going, but the cheapest I can find is still $250 per plus shipping @ Tigerdirect. I was actually hoping that by now it would be at about $200 shipped, bought mine at the same time the GTX480...
  31. RangerXML

    Windows 7 problems remembering multi-monitor screen orientation and position

    Here is my current set up: This isn't the first time I've had this issue and I've resolved it before (I do not remember how). Every time I reboot it changes the position and orientation of my second and third screen (resets them). Now when Windows boots and the Welcome screen is up and the...
  32. RangerXML

    For some reason, my Play button is getting 2 inputs for every one push.

    Really annoying and I can't seem to isolate the problem. Only started these past couple of months, but now it seems I can't use the play button on my desktop. I have a Logitech G15 and a G930, a Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard and a Microsoft Ergo 3000 keyboard and all the media play buttons seem...
  33. RangerXML

    What are some must have Android Tablet apps?

    So I got my Android tablet set up and I realized I loaded up mostly the same apps I installed on my iPhone/iPad, right down to Solitaire. Are there any specific apps to Android that I should look out for, two I already picked up are AndroZip and ASTRO (File Browser). One specific thing I'm...
  34. RangerXML

    [H]ot Steam Call of Duty Weekend Sale

    Sale news feed, CoD War Chest $15 (COD, UO and 2) CoD titles 50% off (CoD, UO, 2, 4:MW, WaW, MW2 and DLCs) CoD: BlackOps 33% off (not...
  35. RangerXML

    Did Google remove the Google Voice app for Android?

    I just picked up a Lenovo Tablet K1 and I've been trying to find a good Googke Voice app so I can sms my friends, but I can't find it. I tried following the Google link from the Mobile page, but its a dead link.
  36. RangerXML

    PlaySega D-pad broke, looking for a good replacement.

    I like the floating D-pad and 6-button layout, but with the d-pad snapping inside I'm now concerned about quality. I see a lot of the Saturn/Genesis 6 button style controllers, but I get a lot of mixed reviews. I mainly use them to play fighting games like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition...
  37. RangerXML

    Windows Media Player becoming unreliable

    Anyone know what is the matter with WMP? I loved it when it came out with Windows 7, but the reliability has gone out the window. First thing to go wrong was the SlideShow plug in which once it was disabled WMP worked again. Now the Streaming is completely buggy (I can stream music off my iPhone...
  38. RangerXML

    Steam Modern Warfare series 50% off COD4: Modern Warfare $14 COD: Modern Warfare 2 $19 DLCs $7.50 each MW and MW2 are good buys for the single player alone, MW is a must, MW2 reviews were...
  39. RangerXML

    Will we ever see Nintendo games officially ported or developed for PC?

    Here is my question to you all today and I want your honest opinion. Will we ever see Nintendo games officially ported or developed for PC? I know there have been some one offs and odd ball games for the PC before, that is ancient history, I'm talking about full fledged Super Mario Brothers...
  40. RangerXML

    SSFIV AE preorders are up on Steam!

    Looks like its coming, this just makes it feel so much more real. Anyways, what character do you guys play? I mostly play for fun so mostly Sakura, fun to race around and love the charging Dragon Punch. Use to be a serious Makoto player, but to be frank she is horrible in SSFIV...