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    How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

    3080 - Newegg as part of a bundle w/an Asus 550B motherboard (which ended up in the Wifes system). This was back around November 20th though....
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Hey, thanks for the heads up, saved me a headache! Looks like I'll be swapping the wifes x470 MB for the b500 and shuffling that to the media center instead.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Managed to grab an Asus tuf 3080 last Thursday. I had to grab it in a bundle with a b550 motherboard (thaaaaanks newegg). I'm too damn lazy to return the MB so I'll probably end up upgrading my media center with it and a spare 1700x I've got laying around.
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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    That dude. UGH. After you aggro him, run back down the steps and jump off the cliff into the water below. Wait about 30 seconds then jump your way back up....and stealth kill the fucker. Don't feel bad about the cheese, you run into him again later and he has two health bars. By then you'll...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Overclocked Up to 4.3 GHz (1.4V) across All Cores

    Wonder if these chips will clock any better (probably not)/have better latency numbers on a x470 board.
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    Corsair Obsidian 500D released?

    A few reviews are hitting (guru3d, legit reviews). I'm really liking the look of this case, but I'm not a fan of the gap between the chassis and the glass panels
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    Man, this really is a sad state of affairs...I picked up my 1070 for like $335 last August. :/
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    Dead Cells

    Game is OK, I think I've dropped maybe 15 hours of playtime on it. I'm going to let it cook for awhile...maybe see what state the game is in 6 months or so. If your expecting a 'metroidvania'...this aint it. Think a more classic castlevania with randomized levels and more modern-ish combat...
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    Prey (2017)

    I noticed in my last playthrough that turrets and operators (even destroyed ones) give a decent amount of mineral materials. Spare parts do as well, so once are all over the place late game you can get quite a stash
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    Your Closed Beta Code DUD9-6E9D-F63F-2MYB-D78R Just haven't had time to try it out :( , hope one of my fellow [H]'ers gets to use this....
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    [ebook] The Way of Kings - Free

    Give the latter books a go - they are phenomenal. I wasn't expecting much either and was happy to be proven wrong.
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    Best shooter game you have ever played?

    Wow, same here. I probably dropped 200 hours+ into that game on Dreamcast before I saw it running on a proper PC.....that was life changing.
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    Crap. I swear I'm going to be on my 2600K until it dies of old age.
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    AMD Ryzen CPU models leaked

    My guess is the non-X chips are indeed unlocked, but their power draw is capped. Something akin to this latest generation of GPU's.
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    AZIO EXO1 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse - $6.99

    Now 6.99 on newegg with free shipping. Why not? Ordered, ty OP.
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    There are still a decent amount of recent SP games that have really grabbed me. Dark Souls 3, Dishonored 2, and Witcher 3 come to mind. I do find myself dropping games half way through (Far Cry 4, Metal Gear V, Batman Arkham Knight being recent casualties), and that sure the hell never happened...
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    Greenmangaming Winter Sale has started.

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    What generation of consoles did you start with?

    Atari 2600 ColecoVision (Commador64/128 after that, followed by a love affair with my Dad's Amiga) NES SNES and Genesis PSX, Saturn, and N64 Dreamcast (Imported it, and bought a US version), PS2 (Started on PC around here...I have Quake 3 Arena for the dreamcast to thank for it!) PS3 and...
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO At $2.99 on Amazon!!!!!!

    Ordered 2, hell why not?
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    HifiMan HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones - $249.00 Newegg/Amazon

    Super tempting, but I'm too much of a bass head to jump (Frequency Response 20Hz-35KHz). Happy to see prices dropping though...maybe I can get a HE6 someday for less than my testicles and a kidney.
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    Can't Fall Sleep? Watch Napflix

    For me nature documentaries do the trick every time....especially if David Attenborough is doing narration. Put on "Life" or "Planet Earth"...out in 10.
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    Help building living room PC

    Another recommendation for the Node 605....really, the logo is much more subtle/faded then the official pics make it look. I've had one for a few years and I'm still very happy with it. It's not as easy to work in as a modern ATX case (cable management is a pain), but no HTPC case is.
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    Blowing Out The Dust - Alternatives

    A small/low-end 1.5 gallon Shop Vac is what I use. Think I spent maybe $30 at Lowes, but that was like 8 years ago. I'm sure Amazon would have something decent around the same price.
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    REDOUT tribute the the PS1 Wipe Out series

    Wish this game got more attention...mainly because I'd like the devs to continue working on it :) I just got to the 'Class 3' tier (out of 4 speed classes) Here's a 'Speed' trial on one of the faster tracks in the game so far
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    Gigabyte WINDFORCE GTX 1070 or EVGA SC - Any Reviews?

    Windforce OC is a solid card - I've had mine about a week or so. 2050 sustained boost - (although I probably need to play around with the fan curve), 9200 on memory (mine has Samsung memory, if that matters).
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    REDOUT tribute the the PS1 Wipe Out series

    Game is outstanding - if your a fan of Wipeout or F-Zero give it a go. Well worth the asking price.
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    ( Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce OC $351.71

    Yet another deal that'll last for 5 min.... - Prices Drop As You Shop $405.66 -$14.87 for opting out of free return/paying with debit -$39.08 with coupon code 'SHOP10" =351.71 Best deal I've seen so far, ordered one this morning
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    LG 34UM67-P 34” Class 21:9 UltraWide IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor $369

    I have this monitor, it's solid with two exceptions... It will NOT do 75hz outside of freesync. You can force 75 but it'll frame skip. Mine has pretty bad backlight bleed in one corner. Looking at reviews this doesn't seem to be the norm though.
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    Quake Champions Debut Gameplay Trailer

    Looking good, but I'm still not sold. What made Quake 3 so amazing was the mods....and nothing since ID Tech 4 is moddable for shit. I really hope I'm wrong and they release a modding dev kit. I spent thousands of hours playing Q3 between Vanilla, Rocket Arena, and Threewave (god I miss CTFS).
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I ran some tests yesterday GTX 970, 1080p DX11 - 49.97 DX12 - 42.82 (with exclusive full screen) 49.28 (without exclusive full screen) Just updated my drivers to 364.51 DX12 - 74.97 (!!!) I haven't tested DX11 yet, but holy shit.....I had to double check that my game settings are the...
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I beat the DLC last night and decided to start a NG+ playthough No dice, I've ran into a bug where the new HoS runesmith enchantments are stripped off your items when starting a NG+ game. Fuck that - I spent way too much times farming out gold to let that slide! Waiting for a patch :(...
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    Something standalone that can play music from a hard drive (can be a pc)

    JRiver can do what your asking. Excellent media center software - takes a little bit of reading to get it up and running though.
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    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0 is $240 now. Tempting as hell, going SLI should give me enough juice to drive an Oculus at solid frames....but by the time I pick one up I'm willing to bet the next gen of cards will be out.
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1.Absolutely 2.Nope, rather do it myself
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    Microsoft Rewrites Activation Rules For Windows 10

    So, this scenario: I upgrade my main rigs CPU/Mobo I take my old CPU/Mobo and upgrade my media center I throw away my media centers old CPU/Mobo Under old versions of windows I'm not buying a new license...just reinstall and call MS when I need to activate. Under Windows 10 it sounds like I'm...
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    Right click often has blank context menu or partials?

    This happened to me yesterday...log off/back on resolved. Figured it must be one of the shell plug-ins W10 doesn't like, but I haven't had time to troubleshoot (and it has yet to happen again)
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    Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K IPC & Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Man, at this rate I'll still be rocking my 2600K for another 2 generations at least I think once I can get a good 50% boost I'll jump
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    Is Azio MGK1 Mechancial Keyboard any good?

    Just ordered one. I submitted a price match request to Amazon yesterday for the MGK1 and they just dropped it down to match newegg...
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    If win 8-> 8.1 keeps failing, will I have problems going from win 8 -> 10?

    Edit: w8.1 System Reserved partition and w10 are the same size - 350MB.