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    HP 2540p w/ Core i7 | Asus P6X58D Premium w/ Core i7-920

    I have a couple items for sale currently on ebay: hp 2540p Core i7 4gb ram 160gb hd w/ expansion bay, docking station, bluetooth Ends Wednesday, 8:50AM CST Asus P6X58D Premium w/ Core i7-920 Ends Thursday, 8:54PM CST
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    Multiple Items: Macbook Pro, 775 Motherboard, USB3 Card, CPU Coolers, Processor

    I have numerous items for sale on eBay at this moment, please see them below! If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me here. Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Laptop - MB134LL/A (February, 2008)SOLD OCZ Vendetta 2 Socket 775 CPU Cooler Gigabyte Technology GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard Gigabyte...
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    AMD Radeon 4850x2 - Dual GPU with Quad DVI Passthrough

    So here is a question, just found out about the Highpoint USB 3.0 cards which can do passthrough individually for each port, so I was thinking about a GPU passthrough that has 2 GPUs on one card with a PCIe bridge in between. In my brief research, I only found that the Quad DVI Radeon HD 4850...
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    Custom PCI FAN Holder?

    I was curious if anyone knew of a PCI Based fan holder? About a year and a half ago I baught a perc 5i for my PC, and since the card was meant for a server chasis and forced airflow across its small heatsink, i had to purchase a fan that fit in a pci slot next to the card and blew air...
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    Memory Errors from Memtest86

    I have now had the the place I baught my RAM from, send me two packages of OCZ PC3-10666 Platinum Series ream. When I first tried to install Vista, i would get an error saying the install couldn't unpackage its contents. Reading online, they said test the ram. So I ran Memtest86. On the first...
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    Win 7 XP Mode, How do I run it as console?

    Hello, I've just installed Windows 7 and downloaded the Windows XP Mode (Virtual PC) addon. I'm trying to get Microsoft Works Suite 2000 installed in it, but when it gets to a certain point in the installation, the install cannot continue because it says i'm running in a 'remote session' or...
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    How do you know which hard drive is bad in a HD Enclusoure?

    I want to build a NAS with a 5.25 HD expansion bay that supports hot-swapping. In the case of a HD failure, how would i know which one has died? Do you know of a expansion bay that has status leds? Not just I/Os, but one that could change to Amber to mark the failed hard drive?
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    Scripting between MS Word and MS Excel

    I want to create a script where and update Excel Spreadsheet Graph is automatically placed inside a Word document. Basically, i have to run a report on multiple servers related to Processor Time, Disk Space, and Memory Utilization. I follow this process: 1) Open the Excel Spreadsheet taht...
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    EVGA 750i FTW in SLI mode limit gtx280s with only 8x by 8x???

    The EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard supports SLI, but only at 8x by 8x PCIe 2.0 speeds. Will that bottleneck 2 GTX 280s in SLI? Funny the box says 2x16 H/W Ready!
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    Super low power AMD processor possible?

    I'm curious if it is possible to use one of the Black Edition CPUs with decrease the multiplier and voltage to get a really low power CPU? Toms Hardware did an article with an Athlon 64 2000+ that was at 8 watts, though it doesn't actually exist in retail. I was curious if it was possible to...