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    Windows 10 - Any need to install motherboard chipset drivers?

    Hi all, Just finished clean installing Windows 10 for the first time. I'm curious as to whether it's recommended to install chipset drivers for the motherboard like in the good old days or just stick with whatever Windows 10 may have used on it's own during installation. Any thoughts are...
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    Forcing monitor calibration in games?

    Hi all, Just wondering what folks use to force their monitor calibrations (ICC and so on) to work in games - which apparently ordinarily can at times ignore the calibration. I've read about a variety of utilities that can do it. Powerstrip, monitor calibration wizard, and more. Does anything...
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    30-32" Monitor, wide viewing angles, matte

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new monitor with the following criteria: $700 budget roughly. 30-32" Ultra low input lag Good motion handling Matte screen coating IPS,PLS or AH-VA (or their variants) for wide viewing angles without gamma/color shifts. 'IPS Glow' doesn't bother me as much per se. I'm...
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    Dimmer in a computer room?

    Hello, I was thinking about installing a dimmer (Lutron Maestro) in place a basic light switch into a computer room for greater control of lighting. As I understand it, dimmers can put out some noise or RF interference. This model claims superior suppression of interference with radio and TV...
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    SVS and Outlaw Subwoofer Sales - President's Day

    I keep an eye on products from both these companies, and thought I'd pass along their most recent sales. SVS SB12-NSD Sealed Sub 23-270Hz ± 3dB $599 (~14" cube. I own one. Excellent sound quality and all around performance for my small-medium room) PB12-NSD Ported 18-150 Hz ± 3 dB $599...
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    Win 7 - Sampling Rate/Bit Depth settings?

    Hi all, I just finished setting up my PC's (5.1) hdmi audio out to my Denon AVR1612 receiver, and I was wondering what sampling rate and bit depth settings most folks are using on their PC (called default format in Windows 7). I know a lot of sources are 16bit / 44.1khz, but I was feeling...
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    Different Intel Rapid Storage drivers on Intel's site?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a little guidance on this. I've noticed that Intel's download center has one (more recent) set of rapid storage drivers(IRST) listed under their own desktop boards (under Desktop Boards/Intel® 7 Series/[insert Intel made Z77 motherboard here]).The system requirements...
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    Anyone used Kingsoft's office suite (free)?

    Does anyone have any experience with Kingsoft's office suite (the free one)? I was downloading Foxit's pdf reader the other day and noticed they appeared to be offering a Foxit office suite on their site. Digging a little deeper, I noticed it was basically the Foxit pdf reader bundled with a...
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    Trouble getting HDMI sound out from motherboard

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting HDMI sound output from my Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE with ALC898 realtek onboard. From what I understand, it is possible to get hdmi sound output from the board. Basically, I'm trying to run DVI video from my AMD 7950 video card to my monitor (no hdmi...
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    Anyone still using SRT (caching) drives? Thoughts?

    Hi all, I was toying around with the notion of using an SSD with Smart Response Technology (SRT) on a new Z77 I7 build along with possibly a 2TB or 3TB mechanical drive. I'm hoping to get a fairly straight forward storage setup with the speed advantages of SSD for commonly used stuff, good...
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    The return of Wizardry?

    I saw this mentioned, and I thought it looked interesting. Looks like it will be a Playstation 3 PSN exclusive. I've enjoyed the more recent Wizardry games, ranging from Wizardry 7 to 8 and even the Playstation2 Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land game. I'm still hoping for a "true" Wizardry...
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    PS3 3.15 update Official changes: Additionally, some sources are reporting that the update fixes bluetooth sync issues (controllers losing sync and so forth).
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    Squealing sound with XFX 4890

    Hi all, I just upgraded to an XFX 4890, and I'm getting a "squealing sound" from the video card itself. When I first noticed it, I popped the side off my case and must have spent a good 30 minutes listening inside the case while reproducing the noise. I'm very sure its the vid card. Strangely...
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    Nvidia 163.71 WHQL for XP available

    XP 32 : XP 64 :
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    Need a little help deciding on memory

    Hi all, I'm putting together a core 2 duo system (Intel D975XBX2 "Bad Axe 2" motherboard) within the next few weeks, and I need a little help deciding on the memory. I'm trying to keep the total cost for the memory beneath $140 for 2 gigs. I'd like to spend less if I can do it without...