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    mechanical keyboard or not

    Are mechanical keyboards worth it. I never used once but i dunno if i could justify the price. If i were to get one i would want to spend about 60 for a used one.
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    any game like diablo 2?

    Haven't played much pc action rpg latley. I have tried diablo 3 but wasn't too impressed. Are there any games like diablo 2 or games i should try no monthly subacription fees please.
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    recommendation for wireless more and keyboard

    Looking for a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse. My couch will be about 10' away from the pc. Need something with fairly decent battery life that only needs to be changed every 6 months. I have a older logitech wave seems to drain battery quite fast and the distance doesn't seem so good.
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    water cooling worth it?

    Is water coolng worth the money if I will be only gaming on my pc for maybe 4 hours I will not be overclocking my cpu or gpu.
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    PC gaming on HDSTV

    I have a sony 60r550a. My video card is a Asus r9 290. My question is how will gaming on it be. Will there be any type of noticeable lag on it and how will be the graphic quality on it. I just like want to game on a bigger screen.
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    is there a way to get cdkey a tablet

    I just bout a Samsung slate 7 the 64gb version. It has no OS on it. I believe it had windows 7 at one point. Is there a way to see to retrieve a Cd key from it or will I have to install a new OS on it.
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    Gaming controller.

    what is the best gaming controller for PC. Can you use the xbox one controller wireless?
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    gaming pc or xbox one

    I have a dilemma i can build a gaming pc that will serve as a media server or build a media server and get an xbox one? How are multiplayer on fps pc vs xbox one. I went with xbox one instead ps4 because more people i know have xbox. I will be using my sony 60r550a led to game. I am not an...