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    Restore Metadata of Documents after Mac OS Upgrade

    After an OS upgrade to High Sierra (my sister has an older Mac) she lost all the metadata… … Most importantly giving the date and time… of her documents. She is visually challenged, an organization of her files according to her own inclinations is important to her. Is there any program, as there...
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    Virtual CD/DVD Drive

    A game, for which I have all the discs, will not play on one of my laptops, which has no CD drive. I understand that I can create a virtual CD/DVD drive, to which I can copy Disc one, and that will allow the game to run. The problem is that most of the virtual drives I've found are...
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    Legacy Card With Windows 10

    I have an HP 8740W with a mobile ATI 7820 which I want to upgrade to Windows 10. There doesn't seem to be any official driver for Windows 10, and some have suggested using the driver for 8.1. If I use the 8.1 driver, will I have any problems, and will Windows Update overwrite the driver...
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    Help with iPad Mini 5

    I'm waiting for my iPad Mini 5 to arrive, and wanted some advice about cases. For extra protection I plan on getting an OtterBox when it comes out, but I also need a solution that would allow me to carry the iPad in an interior coat pocket, or an enlarged jacket pocket. Are there any...
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    Windows 7 Update Problem

    Taking an HP Elitebook out of mothballs, I needed to do a for Windows Update. There were 10 important updates, and seven installed. However, the following did not: Security update for Microsoft. net framework 3.5.1 for windows 7 and windows server Security update for windows 7 X64 based...
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    Radical Motherboard Upgrade

    I'm looking for a motherboard/modder expert who might help with a radical upgrade for an HP HDX 9300. This is one of a kind 20.1 inch screen laptop, with a fully adjustable display that can be moved close or far from you, and angled any way one wishers. It's really a portable desktop...
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    Nvidia Quadro 3700M MXM Swap

    Here's an interesting problem. I have a semi legendary 20.1 inch screen HP HDX Pavilion 9300 lapop which has a flawed MXM card, the Nvidia 8800M GTS, which suffered from the same failures that plagued the 8400 and 8600 cards, but it was never recalled.. Even though this is an old machine, it...
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    Laptop Motherboard Transplant

    As this is the master motherboard forum, undoubtedly populated by some modders, how possible is it for an older laptop to receive a complete motherboard transplant? There is a unique 20.1 inch laptop made by HP 10 years ago that would be an amazing vehicle for a newer motherboard. Has anyone...
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    Best Imaging Software 2018

    What is the best imaging/backup software in 2018? Best, in my view, would be the most reliable, failure free and most accurate application. Free would be great, but I'm more concerned with finding the most trouble-free software. I've heard good things about Aomei.
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    Largest iPhone

    I am a Windows phone userwho may need to migrate to a different OS. I'm considering Apple because it appears to be more secure than Android, but I need a very large display. What is the largest iPhone display paired to a good camera?
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    PS3 Controller with Windows

    I've been trying to use a PS3 6 Axis to play Mafia 2 on a Win 10 PC. Connected by USB, it is fully recognized by the PC, but does nothing in the control. Someone suggested downloading a new or custom driver for the PS3 6 Axis, but I seeno way to do that.
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    Kobo e-reader

    What is the status regarding conversion of Kindle books to Kobo? I have books in both formats, but would like to read everything on my 7.8 inch Kobo. It's great that Amazon increase the size of their the reader, but it still ain't 7.8 inches.
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    Looking for 8 inch Windows tablet with phone app

    I need a convergence device which can run full Windows programs, and also support phone service, with the display around 8 inches. Does anyone know of such a device?
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    Best Flicker Free 32-36 inch 4K Display

    Does anyone have an opinion on the best non-PWM (non-Pulse With Modulation) 4K display in the 32 to 36 inch range?
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    Best keyboard with a TrackPoint?

    What's the best keyboard on the market…mechanical would be nice…with a TrackPoint? Having once started using a TrackPoint on ThinkPads, I vastly prefer it as a pointing device.
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    Spybot Anti Beacon

    Spybot Anti Beacon looks to be a very good program for blocking Windows 10 telemetry, with the new version doing the same for Windows 7 and 8.1, which have been retro updated to include telemetry enabled by default. Depending on where I read, there is either a new version 2.6, or a beta...
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    HP 8740W and Spectre/Meltdown

    My HP 8740W has an Intel Q740 CPU, but HP has not issued a fix for it. How can I protect my PC from Spectre and Meltdown?