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    Little Nightmares 1 free on Steam till the 30th

    I'm completely 100% sure this is Namco trying to save face for that massive backlash that was advertised as an actual LM1 giveaway promo a few months ago, but turned out to be some sort of lottery for winning LM2, and ended up as a clickbait promo for LM2 since no one won anything anyway. At...
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    Western Digital Black 2TB SN850 $386 Amazon Price just dropped a bit from the $429 both Newegg and Amazon had it at. I think this is the lowest it's been at. Still a high price but might be worth it for some people for the fastest drive out there.
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    7970 @ PCIE 1.1 x16 on a 2.0 slot?

    How is that even possible? gpu-z and Trixx said the card is running at PCIE 1.1 x 16. Which is impossible since the P67 doesn't even have 1.1 slots. AIDA says the card is inserted in a 2.0 slot. CCC says the card is running at x16. CPU-Z also says it's at x16. Some sort of false...
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    Does the 7970 CD have an XP/32 driver?

    I have a dual boot XP/W7, and wiping the XP partition or being unable to access my programs on it would be a rather serious PITA....
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    wrong section

    where's the delete button :/
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    Gigabyte UD5 (B3) and CPU-Z 1.57

    Hi, CPU-Z 1.57 is reading the Vcore as VTT on my gigabyte B3 stepping P67a-UD5. Is anyone else having similar problems with B3 boards? It read correctly on B2. Does anyone have access to contacting the author about this problem?
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    I'm upset about one thing...

    Can someone please explain to me why EVERY board company seems to have a half-assed way of doing dual bios? It seems like ONLY ATI (AMD) got it right, with the dual bios on their video cards. Flip a switch, switch to backup BIOS. If you brick your main, boot from backup, flip a switch...
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    HS1 contest winners?

    Hmm....who were the winners? The thread is still open and hasn't been locked was just wondering if the contest was over yet...
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    Got my beyerdynamic mmx300, but...where's the bass?

    I have these headsets plugged into a creative labs X-fi / Astro mixamp. Hmm, well these headphones sound absolutely wonderful (compared to my astro a40's) for music (I don't know how to really test mids, though the mids are better too), but aren't these supposed to have deep bass (since they...
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    Beyer MMX 300

    Is $290 a pretty decent price for a set of these? I don't think I've heard anything bad about the MMX300/DT770/880/990 series...