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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    I had a lot more typed but erased it all. My point ultimately boils down to this: The regulators are going to define a market more based on number of consumers or sellers involved in that market than they are the technological description of the market itself. If there's a billion transactions...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    I'm not a huge fan of Valve, but the big thing they have going for them is that they don't own the platform that their store exists on. Google, Apple, MS, and Sony all own and control the platforms that their stores exist on so they can create problems for other stores coming into existence...
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls

    Yep. Whatever floats your boat. The only annoying part of the controller issue in some games is when they don't pause the game when the batteries die on the controller. They revert to KB and Mouse which for me is sitting a few feet away. Mid-combat that can be a pain in the ass to scramble for...
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls

    A keyboard and mouse sucks for gaming on the couch. I used to love keyboard and mouse but I really can't go back. Sitting at a desk for gaming for me is a dead deal.
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    The Year Windows Died at Home and Nobody Cared

    I currently, at work, have 8 windows open across 3 screens in Windows 10. That's probably a little on the low side for numbers of windows opened. That doesn't count multiple tabs in a browser. Why search for a program? 99% of my time is using the same programs every single day. They all sit in...
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    The Year Windows Died at Home and Nobody Cared

    Used it since DOS and disagree with all your points except the control panel / settings. That's a hot mess. But, the rest of the UI? I get along with it fine especially since most of my computer use at home these days is either sitting on a couch with a gaming PC hooked up to a TV ... or using a...
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    Google replacing Google pay with less functional, entirely different app with same name, old service dead on April 5 (in US)

    Yeah, we don't have that here. I'm not in the USA anyway. He shrugged his shoulders when I asked him about his driver's license.
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    Google replacing Google pay with less functional, entirely different app with same name, old service dead on April 5 (in US)

    I know at least one person who never carries a wallet and uses their phone to pay for everything. Oddly enough, that means they never have their driver's license either so I have no idea what they plan to do if they get pulled over by the cops.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Steam wants users to browse past as many games as possible hoping that browsing turns into sales. They hope that eyes on goods turns into sales. Steam's goal isn't to make it stupid easy for me to find the specific type of game I'm looking for it is to get maximum eyes on maximum numbers of...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    See, I find Steam's store front to be a big steaming pile of shit. Finding games I want to play usually involves digging through a pile of crap I don't want to maybe find the few that I do. Everything for them exists in a big ass bucket and filtering is done by whatever tags someone applies to...
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    Yep. While other people's mileage may vary, I haven't seen any more bugs than I did in any of their previous titles. Also, Skyrim as an example had far more bugs for me than Cyberpunk has had and got nowhere near the same bad press.
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    Well, that's sort of the point. The video game industry is chock full of unmet promises from devs. None of the media or long-time game players are so naive that they should be shocked by a promise that wasn't kept. But, sometimes they do get a little over-excited and it spins out of control and...
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    Frankly, I think the public criticism of the game is more to do with the unmet promises and people getting overly excited than any bug issues. While I recognize there are bigger issues on consoles, on PC I really don't have any issues preventing me from playing and enjoying the game. It isn't...
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    I agree. They may have overpromised but that's not abnormal for the video game industry, and many others. Hardly going to net any charges by a government.
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    Why? They sold a ton of copies. Unless I'm mistaken they're hardly hurting for a dollar at the moment.
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    Sometimes companies buy other companies just so someone else doesn't get their hands on it. The "value" of the company is never just measured in what it brings to the table for you but also what it brings to the table by your competition not having it. And, I don't mean just increasing license...
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    The Verge: Westworld showrunners are creating a Fallout show for Amazon

    As long as it doesn't have a plucky, rebellious "hero" who, while they are utterly incompetent and make horrible decisions ... somehow, they're loved by all and treated like the golden child. I fucking hate that story. Sadly, it is far too common these days.
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    Hard Drive Upgrade/Addition

    I'm currently running an Asus Z270-K board with a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro for the operating system and basic programs and a 500 GB Samsung 850 Pro for the games. As games get larger I'm having to do more uninstalls to free up space on that 500 GB drive so was looking at installing a third drive...
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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    Star Trek the original series just had them on screen doing their job. The story wasn't about the fact that there was a black woman on the bridge, or an Asian, or a Russian. That wasn't the point of the story. They weren't superheroes, they weren't brilliant at everything. They just were. Every...
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    Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent about Polar Vortex Affecting Cars

    Yep. Lexus has them these days which pop out electrically. I hope there's a manual override. Nissan has them on the GTR. They also show up on tons of higher end stuff. Gah. It is bad enough opening a regular door in icing conditions but these things make it worse. I can't fault Tesla...
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    Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent about Polar Vortex Affecting Cars

    The door handle design is seemingly all the rage in more expensive vehicles. More complicated than it needs to be as far as I'm concerned, but several manufacturers use the whole flush door handle design element now.
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    Locking Out Law Enforcement Is an 'Unintended Side Effect' of New Android Security

    The problem is that once that access is there then all other governments will want access to it as well, including the governments you might not like. Companies aren't going to be able to do business in those nations if they refuse to give them the same access that they give the US government...
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    Here's the simple solution. If you can afford the degree then go get it. It isn't going to hurt your job chances and it may help. If you can't afford the degree then try to get certifications in the areas you're interested in. Again, it can't hurt your job chances. No matter where you fall on...
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    Members of the staff making the show said the former is my understanding, or at least they used similar messaging on purpose. The latter is you imposing your beliefs onto others without supporting fact. Can you not see the difference?
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    Yep. Some things you can do yourself as self-taught but after a point it becomes difficult. In many fields you'd end up working for 20 years to gather up sufficient experience to offset the university degree.
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    That's a nice self-fulfilling big of reasoning there. No matter what people dislike about the show you can declare their reasons just a smoke screen for racism and sexism.
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    If someone requires a piece of paper to prove knowledge ... get one. Doesn't have to be a full four year degree. Yes, a lot of time HR needs to check a box about educational experience so having a certification can check that box whether HR knows the difference or not. If that's the way the game...
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    NVIDIA Stock Tanks 15% as the Company Cuts Q4 2019 Financial Guidance

    With 2080's and 1080's running at $1600 to $1800 CDN ... not a chance I'm buying a new video card anytime soon. I had planned to upgrade but not at these prices.
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    Google Slapped With $57 Million GDPR Fine

    When you read criticisms that say "too many boxes to check" and then turns around and says "not enough granular controls" you start to realize that they can and will interpret their rules to fine companies no matter what they do. They want more, and less, control at the same time. They want it...
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    Qualcomm Wins Preliminary Court Case Banning iPhone Imports in China

    The hardware is built in China but the software is not. The software has to get into the country somehow. These are software patents.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Launches in September 2019

    The mechs walking through the buildings without any pause kind of made me groan. That ties in with the problem the entire trailer seemed to have, that mass didn't really exist and that inertia effects either won't exist or haven't been implemented yet.
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    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Turns down UK Parliament Request to be Interviewed

    Yeah, yeah, a lot of people don't like Facebook. Whatever. Still, being called to a thousand hearings by a thousand governments is not going to do anything to fix any issues they might have with the system in place. They only want him to show up for a news bite of them challenging the head of a...
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    Google Responds to Antitrust Charges

    To be fair, they can't force manufacturers into contracts like you say because they're the only manufacturer. They are even more restrictive than Google about what gets on their devices. If they ever became dominant they'd be fined far more than Google and the restructuring for them would be far...
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    Tech Companies Have a Unique View of Their Net Worth When Paying Property Tax

    So if you get a raise at work your property tax should go up? If you want to make property tax based on the "value" of the inhabitant of the building then it would apply to everyone, including personal residence. Property tax is USUALLY based on the market value of the building. If you tried to...
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    Minnie Simpson Hates the Internet

    While these people may not directly use the internet, they end up using the internet in many indirect ways. Their bank is online and everything they do at the branch is transferred over the internet from the branch office to head office. "Using the internet" is not limited to sitting down at a...
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    Tesla Updates Autopilot Nag - Whiners Start Whining

    It doesn't really dial down their attentiveness as much as people think it does. The problem with the term is not what it means, but that people are morons and assume it means something it doesn't. Autopilot still has to be checked constantly, waypoints updated and confirmed, and a pile of other...
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    US NTSB More Upset with Tesla...Again

    They don't seem to like the idea of asking politely for access to the data. They seem to prefer making demands and accusations when "please" would likely go a very long way.
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    US NTSB Shakes Finger at Tesla, but Why?

    It all depends on the autopilot. Early aircraft autopilot was crude as heck. Modern autopilots ... not so much. That said, even modern autopilots need you to pay attention. You might not need to pay attention at the same level during cruise that you would while driving a Tesla but ... then again...
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    Arizona Shuts Down Uber Self-Driving Cars

    A good system should be able to detect when its sensors are getting dirty. Typically, in any transmit-receive type sensor you can gauge when all the signal returns are getting weak. The software should detect that the returns are being obstructed and either very weak or totally obscured.
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    Arizona Shuts Down Uber Self-Driving Cars

    Couple points: 1) The video is way darker than the actual road is at that time of night. People have posted videos of that stretch of road from their own dashcams and it appears a LOT better lit than the video from the Uber car. That video is potentially just a really bad quality video. 2) I...