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    How do I create a system recovery USB for Samsung tablet?

    Hey Guys! I just bought an (incredible!) Samsung Series 7 Slate Pc tablet. And now that I've installed the software that I work with (Photoshop with Wacom tablet drivers and such), I would like to create a System Recovery USB that will reinstall Windows with ALL my current software, if I ever...
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    Urgent! Computer froze and BOTH monitors went bright red?!

    Hey Guys, I have this new computer that I've used for about 2 weeks. Everything went fine until I had my first few bluescreenofdeath (in separate occasions). I researched online for a while and realized it might be because of drivers for a Wifi Card that I had inserted. So when I restarted...
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    Why can't I burn Windows 7 OS to my DVD?

    Hey guys! Im trying to reformat my computer by burning a Windows 7 boot DVD. So I have a Windows 7 iso-file which is totally approx 4.20 GB (4,521,232,949 bytes). And I have a DVD that says it has 4.7 GB on its cover. But when I try to burn the file by dragging the Windows 7 folder into the DVD...
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    Cloud Protection virus! Someone help please!

    This is the second time I've had this virus. Last time I was atleast able to surf the web and find a solution, but now I cant even open firefox without the malware/virus interrupting! I am now seated at a different computer trying desperately to search for solution, but all the websites I...
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    Do I really need i7 in a Laptop?

    Hey guys! I've been considering buying a laptop for a while now, and in my search I've felt like I hunted newest technology rather than a computer efficient enough for my needs... All I need my computer for is gaming and Photoshop work essentially. So is i7 really a must? The prices...
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    What 17" laptop should i buy for Gaming and Photoshop work?

    Hey guys! Any ideas for a stable laptop that will last hours without shutting down, whilst gaming or working. Screen doesn't have to be top-notch, since im gonna connect it to a larger, high quality monitor anyway. My budget is around $900. And the one I've got eyes on right now is this...
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    Suggestion of how I should price this build?

    Disregard this post. /verklighet
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    Buying a new computer for gaming, any advices?

    Hey Guys! With a budget around $600 - $800, I'm trying to get my hands on a solid gaming computer, pre-built. So do you guys have any suggestions? I've been looking at Newegg's Cyberpower pc's: That one in particular...
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    EP45-UD3R Drivers?

    I just installed Win Xp (32 bit) on my harddrive, where I already have Win Xp (64 bit) installed. And now I encountered an unexpected problem, I don't think my Ethernet card is being recognized by the OS, probably because the right drivers aren't installed. I went to Gigabytes website to...
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    Macintosh Studio Display adc to vga adapter?

    Hey guys, I have a Mac Studio Display laying around here that I'd like to use with a newer brand macintosh computer. So I was just wondering if this adapter would work to convert it to VGA and use it a more contemporary computer?
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    Need to find Ipod dock with speaker connections?

    Hey, Anyone know a good boombox with Ipod connections (or just an Ipod dock), that can connect up to 4 speakers? Something that can deliver fairly good sound but within a budget of $200 - $300. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks guys.
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    Monitor for Photoshop/Painter/3d work

    Hey!, So I have been searching amidst this forums for the answer to this, but since the technology seems to advance rapidly in this genre (especially within prices), I figured I'd start a new thread with hopes of some fresh insights in this topic. I wish I could go on out and buy the ideal...
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    AM I selling my computer to cheap?

    Hey Guys, I'm selling this computer right here, does the price seem right guys? Or am I selling it to cheap? Any quick help would be highly appreciated since the ad got out yesterday and I'm already getting some responses. Simply just have some doubts that's all :) Thanks guys!
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    What's the deal with refurbished Displays?, eBay offers? Worth it?

    Hey Guys! So I am considering a new computer to go along with my new build. I am, like many others, debating between the Samsung 245T or Dell 2408. Now, in an attempt to leave technical aspects out of this post, I'd like to focus more on where the winnings are in refurbished items and what...
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    First time overclocker, Q6600 Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

    Hey! So first time I attempt this. I have a hard time finding my ways around the BIOS on this motherboard since it's different from others. I managed to change the four essential things: Mutliplier: 8 ---> 9 Cpu Frequency (FSB) : 266 ---> 333 Vcore: 1.28750v ----> 1.3150v PCI express...
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    First boot, blank monitor and no post

    Hey guys! Just put together this build: Mobo: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R CPU: Intel Q6600 GSU: GeForce 9800 GTS Case: Antec 900 RAM: 4GB G.SKILL DDR2 1066 Cpu fan: Zalman 9500A Harddrive: WD 640GB 7200 rpm DVD: Samsung DVD+R After puzzling all the pieces and...
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    Zalman CPU fan connector only has 3 pins

    Sorry for the noobish question, While my Zalman 9500 have a 3-pin connector, the power for the cpu fan on the motherboard (Gigabyte EP45-UD3R) has 4-pins. Must I get a new cable or how else will I solve this? Thanks in advance!
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    Another Gigabyte EP45-UD3R vs Zalman fan question.

    Ok, so I just received my Gigabyte EP45-UD3R mobo, my Q6600 cpu and my Zalman 9500 heatsink/cooler. But the Zalman won't fit into the motherboard. To be more specific, the Clip support and Backplate sockets fit perfectly, but the cooler can't be fastened to the Clip support because the Clip...
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    30" Cinema HD with Geforce 7300 low resolution?

    Hey! Me and a friend are trying to figure out why his 30" Cinema HD is only limited to 1280x800 resolution? He has it backed up with a GeForce 7300 GT in his desktop Mac which should allow him for more res, right? Or is the monitor really limited to that resolution? Any insight would be...
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    Building new system, are these PSU's overkill?

    Hey! Building this system (any feedback on the choices are welcome) CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (link) ------------------------------ $189 Motherboard: GIGABYTE Intel P45 (link) --------------------------- $115 Video Card: GeForce 8800 GTS (link) ------------------------------ $170...
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    Western Digital external harddrive ABOUT to fail?

    Hey, First of all I wanna thank you guys for setting up and participating in such an amazing forum! Truly, this is by far amongst the best forums I've seen out there. Can't believe it took me this long to stumble across it. Okay, so I have an Western Digital 250 GB external harddrive. I've...