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    External HD w/ network connection

    Synology DiskStation
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    win7 iso needed

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    Networking between XP and Windows 7

    This can happen if the Windows 7 computer thinks it is on a Public network. Make sure the Windows 7 PC is set to Home or Work for network location.
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    Office for Windows 10 Preview Available

    No Outlook preview. Only Powerpoint, Excel and Word.
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    New to Win 8.1 background/lockscreen
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    Win7 32 or 64-bit for 7 year old system?

    If you are using the hardware that is in your signature then go with 64-bit.
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    Single domain server - preparing for disaster

    So a couple of my clients rely on a single server that hosts their domain, user documents and one SQL database application. I currently have a file based backup solution but want to have some other type of backup that would secure their system in case of total failure. What would you guys...
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    Outlook '13 hangs on loading profile, even after wipe and restore, Word '13 freezes 2

    Try running outlook via Run: outlook.exe /safe This will run Outlook without any Add-Ons -- one of which may be the problem.
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    Lenovo Y480 laptop constantly losing WiFi connection

    I would check the wifi card physically. It won't void your warranty. There should be a panel on the underside you can take off to get to the card. Make sure its seated well in the slot and the antenna cords are hooked on real good.
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    Setting up a small company network -- need some suggestions

    DropBox. It will sync file over LAN first prior to searching on the cloud. Also take a look at SharePlan by Code42
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    Steam, Origin DDoSed?

    Probably wasn't DDoS. Most likely problem with AWS -- or weather related outage.
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    Printing from a PC not in domain

    This is the best option. Otherwise you are going to need to create a batch file that runs at logon so that he has permission to print to the shared printer.
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    Windows 8 - black flickering screen. How to fix?

    Try hitting F8 before the windows logo appears, choose Enable VGA mode from the selection screen.
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    HP Laptop - Corrupted Bios?

    Try this:
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    Cabling a house I just bought

    I'd leave the phone lines in place. Just install new panels and drop the data in with it.
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    Linux and Windows 8 don't like each other

    It is difficult but not impossible. Windows 8 and UEFI has definitely hindered Linux installs and even Windows 7 reversion installs.
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    BSOD on Dell Optiplex 745 Windows 7 install

    I used to have these in my office till we tossed them in the dump. 3 out of 5 units had blown capacitors on the motherboard. I'd also swap memory sticks. Lastly, try installing Windows 7 via USB stick instead of DVD.
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    Internet failover option - Dual WAN router

    Do the Sonicwalls still require licenses or CALs?
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    Backup suite with centralized management and VSS?

    Crashplan PRO Enterprise. You'd install the PROe Server then install the clients. Here is the catch -- no VMM backup support for now (they are working on it). It doesn't do image based backups, only files. Consider it because its easy, affordable and very scale-able.
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    Internet failover option - Dual WAN router

    I've been having great success with Cradlepoint routers. Look up the MBR1200 and MBR1400 models. I really like how smooth the failover is. When a connection goes down it switches within 3-5 seconds. Lots of options, VPN support and has a great GUI.
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    Asus AC66U bad already?

    I know this is weird but its getting hot out in some areas -- I've had issues in the past with all kinds of fans running and causing interference. Ceiling fans, stand up fans, etc.
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    "Eye-fi" Issue.

    Try turning off Windows Firewall completely, just to eliminate that is an issue. If the problem still exists at least you'll know its not the firewall.
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    Am I getting attacked on port 3389?

    Looks like you are to me. Also check out requests for port 5900, that is used by VNC, another remote desktop program.
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    1 ip address, 2 networks, 2 routers

    Why do you want the networks to be separate?
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    Hey guys please help me with this stupid router problem

    Ah ok, so look for an option that lets you enable Keep Alive. Usually you'll have 2 options with PPPoE, On Demand and Keep Alive. Choose keep alive and see if that keeps the disconnects from happening.
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    Hey guys please help me with this stupid router problem

    So now the original problem is fixed? But you are now experiencing occasional disconnects? When this happens are you just disconnected from the internet, or does the wireless itself go down?
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    Hey guys please help me with this stupid router problem

    Try a new cable, even if the one you have is "good".
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    Can a person who hack your PC, hack into your phone?

    Possible? Maybe? But not likely happening to your friend in this situation. If he is concerned that his phone has been compromised by some kind of software or malicious app than delete it or factory reset the phone. Can you go into more detail about how his PC was hacked?
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    ASUS RT-N66U: help/suggestions with Android USB tether 3G/4G fuction

    APN: Username: Mobile [email] Password: vzw If that doesn't work you are probably out of luck.
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    ASUS RT-N66U: help/suggestions with Android USB tether 3G/4G fuction

    Does the hotspot functionality work correctly on your phone?
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    Stand alone content filtering

    If you can change the local dns on the client's computer then you can use OpenDNS
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    Cradlepoint Routers

    Backup cable/DSL line won't work because in all of the locations there is only one high speed provider available (comcast, sudden link, time warner, cox, etc). No DSL. Also my experience with dual wan routers has been very poor. Any suggestions? Cell phone signals as these locations seems to...
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    Cradlepoint Routers

    Anyone seen or used these? I just installed one for a client and am now looking into implementing them for a restaurant chain. They need to have a backup internet, failover setup and these things seem to fit the bill. Experiences?
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    Macbook Pro SSD compitible with PC?

    Should work fine.
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    Windows 8 WIFI mangment

    There is no more profile manager in Windows 8. Not sure about WPS since I turn it off on every device that has it.
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    Can't connect to external website from inside my network.

    Just use your server's internal address for your website when you are on your LAN.
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    Looking for 3Dfx Drivers for Win XP

    Try these.
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    Looking for 3Dfx Drivers for Win XP

    Try turning off Steam overlay. Maybe that is screwing with it.