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    Adapter/bracket for Antec KUHLER H2O 920 AIO to 1070ti?

    I've upgraded and have a spare Kuhler 920 AIO and a triple fan 1070ti and I'm interested in testing the AIO cooler for luls. Is there a bracket available to mount this? I think they changed something about the 920 during its lifetime and I don't know which revision I might have - bought it...
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    MSI Radeon HD 7950 TFIII OC on eBay

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    2TB NAS, mirrored, educate me

    My better half is filling up 32GB SD cards with pictures almost weekly. We each have plenty of internal drive space (after we junk the bad pics!), and I want a second storage location for redundancy. I had a Lacie Big Disk 2TB (4x500) Ethernet but it failed (logically) nearly every 6 months...
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    GTX 460 > PSU - halp

    In an effort to prepare for BF3 carnage, and to take advantage of Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, I have ordered a GTX 460 1GB to replace my HD 3870 512MB. Within an hour I realized my Thermaltake 430W we're all familiar with won't have enough juice to set the pixels loose. Now that I've blown...
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    Can someone please fix this CSS menu?

    I'm implementing a CSS menu in a Drupal site and it's giving me fits. I've been trying to chase the demons with FireBug but I can't take it anymore - white flag! Included HTML and CSS that I've hacked up trying to chase the issue. The goal is to have the child drop down when you hover over...
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    AutoDesk AliasSTUDIO - Radeon or GeForce?

    Trying to put together a parts list for a neighbor who will be taking design classes using AliasSTUDIO, specifically Alias Automotive 2011, and I need to choose a video card. This person is not on a workstation card budget, so I'm looking into Radeon HD and GeForce GTX options. I'm wondering...
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    Any word on a CUDA add-on card?

    I know about the PhysX add-on cards from AEGIA before nVidia bought them out, but what about add-on cards that include CUDA capability for things like Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe video production products? I know I could drop coin on a new GeForce card, obviously, but I don't need a big...
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    Experience w/ WD2500KS or GA-EP45-UD3R RAID?

    Can anyone offer their experience with either of these situations? Two WD2500KS 250GB drives in RAID 0 and their performance... and/or Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard RAID performance... I've read before that the 2500KS doesn't benefit much from RAID 0 configuration. And of...
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    Bad Company 2 - MP and Map discussion thread

    So let's hear it. No need to gum up the 0-day release thread with actual gameplay discussions. Try to keep the chat about technical glitches/disconnects to a minimum and focus on MP maps and gameplay. I, for one, and disappointed in the lack of air support vehicles on MP maps. What...
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    Trouble with ext. USB/eSATA sled

    So I have all these SATA drives lying around and I wanted to be able to swap them in and out for different purposes (backup, mass storage, media). I bought a simple external case from CompUSSR with USB and eSATA ports. At first I didnt have the proper eSATA<-->eSATA cable so I went ahead and...
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    E5200 @ Stock temps?

    Anyone know what their E5200 @ 200x12.5 (stock) runs with the retail HSF? Mine is showing 46C with AS5 on it in SpeedFan. All I'm running is Firefox and Vuze (seeding). Might have to yank the mobo and put the Big Typhoon on it if I expect to see 3.3GHz... thanks
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    Build for today

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Some gaming (year-old titles), some Adobe apps, daily web browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $300 3) Where do you live? Florida 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget...
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    JVC HD-P61R1U 61" 1080P HDTV $1900 *Shipped*

    Over at the Tiger
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    Recommendations for hobby starter kit?

    I've dabbled with electronics (circuits, the like) in and out of my occupation, but it's not enough. I'm interested in getting a little more familiar with circuits, short of taking classes at the moment. I've built simple 555 timers on breadboards, have a couple years experience on Xytronic...
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    Intel C2D E6600 OEM $270 @ With 90-day warranty.
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    Antec P180 @ BBol $79.99

    This often goes for $130. The deal is a pre-order, no in-store pickup, you'll have to ship it.
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    Got bored, had 6 SATA drives...

    Made a little dump drive just for fun. 500+400+300+250+250+250! On a more serious note, I highly recommend the ASUS on-board SATA RAID for cost-effective controller solution. In this case I was using an ASUS M2N-E socket AM2 mobo which has 6 SATA ports. Really smooth operation and...
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    S939 or AM2 for future?

    More specifically, does it make sense to build a 'budget' 939 machine with A64 3200+ or will AM2 and a Sempron w/ DDR2 destroy it? I know the Sempron is meant to be lower-end, but will the addition of DDR2 bring the performance back up to A64/3200+ levels and beyond for a similar price? I like...
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    Best portal site solution?

    Tried using PHPnuke to setup a town info site, and it works fine, but the person who wants to run this site isn't knowledgable enough to administer such a complicated system. It is mind-boggling to her. Are there any simpler alternatives that provide modules such as classifieds, news, events...